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  1. Or you could use both DSP channels separately and have top for clean and bottom for distorted etc. A snapshot could toggle all of the units on each DSP. No major benefit except it might be more logical to troubleshoot/tweak.
  2. JimDiGritz

    Pre-amps - any tips?

    Cheers guys, since I'm only using studio monitors and headphones I'll continue to experiment with pre-amps as essentially just another selection of drives!
  3. JimDiGritz

    Pre-amps - any tips?

    I've spent the last few years using Helix, but have never played a real amp (unless you count a few minutes at a Guitar Center). Whilst I conceptually understand the various physical stages in an amp (signal, pre amp and power amp) I'm not sure what a Pre-amp as a separate block in Helix can actually do. I've used them as an alternative to a drive pedal in front of the Amp block with mixed results - am I missing some interesting? Cheers
  4. Without warning my 5 way blade switch on my Standard no longer switches the Variax model. It works perfectly switching the magnetics, however the selector doesn't no change the Variax model. I've opened Workbench HD and can see that it doesn't recognise the switch position. I can change the model in the interface. Anyone else had this? I found reference to a similar sounding issue in the JTV59 forum, but nothing on the Standard. Jim
  5. JimDiGritz

    That's it???

  6. JimDiGritz

    Help needed with Signal chain

    Thanks guys, I think that on reflection I'm gonna stick with my setup as is, but when I get more than a 5 min session I'll swap headphones to the output and use the Helix as a soundcard. rd2rk is right, the XLR in is for a Mono mic on my 502 - I naively assumed that the 3/4" jacks wouldn't color the sound, but it's very noticeable. I am using decent quality short (1m) cables. Thanks anyway!
  7. JimDiGritz

    Help needed with Signal chain

    Thanks Dunedin, sadly my job and use of PC means I'm using Audio on it 12+ hours a day (from Video Editing, Conference calls to a little evening Gaming)... the Helix is a very expensive soundcard... I'm torn between either having 100% quality sound from my Helix or the Zero hassle of the Mixer...
  8. JimDiGritz

    Help needed with Signal chain

    Thanks Silverhead. I bought the mixer because I really don't want to have to leave my Helix on 20hrs a day to function as my Soundcard when I only play guitar for an hour or so... I was trying to avoid lot's of switching given that I play in 10 mins chunks throughout the day!
  9. JimDiGritz

    Help needed with Signal chain

    I've been using the Helix (Floor) for a good 18 months and am loving it. However today I had a bit of a revelation that made me reconsider my signal chain, however it's also left me needing some help. Firstly let me explain the use case: I work from home on my PC, and have a decent Studio Monitor and Monitor Headphones. My requirement is purely to play at 'bedroom' levels, particularly with backing tracks (eg YouTube). I get an hour or so a day between work to jump into a jam track or practice. Most of my use is on headphones however if I get some family free time I'll crank up the Monitors. My setup for the past year or so has been: Helix 3/4" out Stereo (2 x Mono) into BEHRINGER XENYX 502 Mixer PC Audio out Stereo to (2 x Mono) 3/4" into BEHRINGER XENYX 502 Mixer BEHRINGER out #1 3/4" Stereo (2 x MONO) into Mackie Stereo Monitors BEHRINGER out #2 3/4" Stereo into Headphones This allows me to switch and Mix volume between PC Audio and Helix on either (or both!) Monitors and Headphones. Works perfectly... EXCEPT I've had the nagging feeling that my HELIX is a little muddy compared to the examples online (I appreciate nothing is exactly comparable, but...), so I plugged my Headphones DIRECTLY into the HELIX Headphones Out and... WOW! Crystal clear and bright. Now what? I can't achieve the above flexibility if I use the Headphone Out, but there must be a way to do this... Can anyone offer any suggestions... how are you managing PC audio and Helix audio??
  10. JimDiGritz

    Helix nails Iron Maiden with harmonies

    Thanks Ben, now I can screw up the chorus on both guitars at the same time...
  11. You should also consider getting a small mixer and running the Helix alongside your PC audio (if you have that setup) - nothing more fun than dialing in a tone (Even Parfitt!) and playing along with a track or finding a cool backing track on YouTube and just noodling. Plus, stereo! Other than the volume issue (I rarely get my monitors above 30% volume), that's the main reason I'm sticking with 4" monitors. If I ran a FRFR cab or traditional amp I'd still have run monitors for my PC (and would have to manually adjust 2 volumes).
  12. JimDiGritz

    Helix as Interface for Rocksmith

    Uninstalled RS a while back but this thread made me install it again. Works with Helix however apart from the guitar, the entire game volume is super low - I have to put -40db on the Helix Global EQ and crank my mixer volume up to 100%..
  13. JimDiGritz

    Leslie West / Mountain Tone

    Thanks soundog - this is as close as I can get https://uk.line6.com/customtone/tone/3849005/ I'll have a play with some other early 70s patches! Jim
  14. JimDiGritz

    Leslie West / Mountain Tone

    I'm pretty inexperienced with making Presets on the Helix and am struggling with the Leslie West / Mountain Tone as in Mississippi Queen. I've had a go but just can't get the tone dialled in.... According to most sources (eg: https://www.guitarplayer.com/players/leslie-west-decodes-his-mississippi-queen-tone and https://uk.line6.com/data/6/0a0643392bdc57b744bb9359f/application/pdf) Leslie used a Sunn Coliseum P.A. head and four 4x12 cabinets - the Sunn is Solid State and as I understand it it wasn't designed as a guitar amp.. I'm struggling to figure out a good Helix patch for this - and quite surprisingly my search for a pre-made tone to reverse engineer has come up blank! My real world knowledge of amps is very limited and I'm not sure any of the amps in the Helix are even solid state! Any tips or thoughts appreciated! James PS I'm willing to shell out a few $'s on a commercial patch if I have to.....
  15. JimDiGritz

    What happened to my tone?!?!?!

    Hey Thibault, I bought your Big Preset pack last year and I was wondering how I update with your new presets? I've downloaded the zip file again today from the email confirmation and I can see that the Bonus Pink Floyd folder has been modified on 2nd Jan 2018 - do I have the latest version? Thanks and great work! Jim