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  1. After my 3yr old Helix Floor died, I decided to plow ahead and buy Native and a Focusrite 2i2. Less HW to fail right? This worked well for a few weeks now Native won't work. I'm suddenly getting a decrypt error. I can't use it at all. Can't change presets (any, not even blank or my own). I also can't export my presets since I get the same error. Honestly I've had it with Line 6. I bought a Variax Standard and it had to go back to have a new main board (luckily THAT was still under warranty). Then my Helix Floor dies (my thread has had a few other people with the same issue), now Native craps out. Well after spending $2k+ with Line 6 I'm done. Let alone the money spent in the ecosystem with preset suppliers like Glenn Da Laune and Fremen. Fair warning to anyone considering a Line 6 product.
  2. Sorry to hear this dude, sadly whilst waiting for a response my whole Helix has packed up with an intermittent cutting out issue - I started a thread here: So it's now boxed and ready to ship back to the service centre when Covid lockdowns end - I'm fully expecting a big bill. For your sake I'm hoping that this isn't connected with the same headphone out issue... Meanwhile I bought a Focusrite interface and Helix Native and am having fun...
  3. Just a thought - I've just had what appears a very similar issue with a Helix Floor (on 2.82 FW) Jim
  4. So my 4yr old Helix Floor has properly given up the ghost. I'll ship it back to the UK service center but with Corona and what might be a massive repair bill I've just put the unit back in it's box for now. I'll get it fully refurbed and probably list it on eBay. I just jam at home (with backing tracks etc) via PC headphone and monitors and only bought the Helix Floor because L6 hadn't released any of the smaller devices or Native at that point. I'm really happy with Native and my Focusrite interface. The only thing I miss is the Wah/expression pedal. I assumed I could just buy and plug in a USB expression pedal and assign that to the Wah variable in Native. Are there any gotcha's here?? Whilst browsing expression pedals I also stumbled across this Line6 FBV Express MKII https://www.thomann.de/gb/line6_fbv_express_usb.htm - it appeared to be the perfect solution (eg an expression pedal, a couple of assignable switches for the odd Overdrive Block/Snapshot change - it's also a L6 product so I thought it may have some additional features...). However after 5 mins googling and diving into some TGP 'discussions' I'm not sure it will actually work as I expect. Has anyone used Native with the above or another simple footswitch & expression pedal setup? Thanks Jim
  5. Thanks for the replies. I mentioned overheating only because it seemed a potential cause since the problem occurs after a period of use (maybe 2 hours?), and switching it off and letting it 'cool down' (say overnight) seems to work. It's uncovered and sitting on carpet, and it's not been moved/relocated in the last 4 years. Good idea to try one of the Returns - but since the Tuner also stops registering any INPUT when this happens I'm thinking it might be electronics related.... I haven't swapped my Monitors out since they are also playing sound from my PC via a Behringer mixer (which I did also troubleshoot by plugging the Helix 3/4 outs straight into the monitors) I'll raise a ticket but the answer will be to ship it to the service company and pay the money... I just wondered if anyone had had similar issues.... Jim
  6. I've had my Helix Floor since 2016 and other than the Headphone Out crapping out to left signal only it's still working perfectly.. until yesterday. After an hour playing or so I started to get the sound dropping out. It starts with the odd drop out for 1/2 second (almost like a kill switch), then the dropouts become more frequent and eventually the output drops out completely. Here's my troubleshooting so far: Swapped all 3/4 cables out Rebooted (seems to work again after a 20 min or so cool down but the problem reappears) Reinstalled 2.82 firmware Tried a Variax guitar (same problem, so not likely to be the Guitar In signal...) Carefully took the bottom plate off and used an air canister to blow out any dust - it was actually pretty spotless inside! I've also just realised that the tuner is also not registering any signal, so it can't be just the output.... With Corona I can't ship it to the service center, plus I'm not sure it will be worthwhile since roundtrip shipping will be £80/$90, plus a potentially huge repair bill... Any thoughts? Jim
  7. I hear you, I'm out of warranty too and I don't fancy sending it back for an expensive repair at the moment. I've re-routed via a Behringer Xenyx mixer which is fine, however the reason I went to direct headphone out is that the mixer seems to lose some of the high end....
  8. Hi, no I use my Helix as an external PC soundcard as well as for guitar (so I can also hear YouTube etc). ALL sound that comes out of Helix Headphones has a distorted/crackling right channel...
  9. So without any changes to my setup I'm suddenly getting a muted but distorted effect in my right headphone output channel. This affects both guitar and PC audio (I'm using the Helix as my soundcard). I've tried rebooting the Helix as well as my PC. I've tried different headphones (they all work perfectly in other devices). The sound from the main 3/4 Output (which I have going direct into studio monitors) is fine. I'm using 2.81 and have also just updated to 2.82. I've raised a ticket, but anyone have any ideas to troubleshoot before I send it off? I bought in 2016 (so out of warranty) which probably means a lengthy and expensive trip to the UK authorised repair centre.. Cheers
  10. I've just seen this thread - Not sure if I've just wasted £60 on an XLR mic now....
  11. So I went out and bought an XLR mic so that I can get vocal and guitar on separate paths and into Skype as one signal. Now what? How do I set my audio input to the Helix as well as the Output? I mean I tried the obvious of setting the Input in the Sound Control Panel as Digital Audio Interface as per the image, but am getting no sound at all on the input... On the Line 6 preset Guitar + Vocals both paths are set to Multi - is this right? Surely this should be really easy??? Jim
  12. I booted up Reaper after a short break and the Audio warning popped up telling me that the Audio Device wasn't found. I've seen this before so I opened the Audio Preferences and went to select ASIO Helix as the Driver/Device. Bizarrely, now the only Helix option available is ASIO HX Stomp.... I have never owned an HX Stomp. As you might expect, if I select this I get no sound... Can anyone help me troubleshoot this? I'm on Helix 2.8, HX Edit works fine and whilst I can't exactly remember whether I've used Reaper since the upgrade to 2.8, I think I have. Any ideas appreciated! Jim
  13. Thanks, but I really don't want to have to buy an XLR mic specially just for this purpose - I thought I could use the combination of equipment I've got already but seemingly not!
  14. No, Helix Floor Yes I've got Guitar on Top path (which works) and Aux on Bottom Path (no sound from mic). I tried 4 different mono and stereo 3.5mm TRS to 1/4" TRS adapters into the Aux - none worked. I really don't want to have to shell out on an XLR condenser mic!
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