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  1. It happened to me again last night. But I have not been able to determine the sequence that causes it. I do know that it occurred when switching presets, but I don't know other details. For instance, was it because I switched to a specific preset? The 1 thing that did occur to me is that the present I switched to used an IR and not a stock cab. I power cycled the LT and it was fine once rebooted. I will continue to watch for it, but it is definitely a thing and not my imagination.
  2. If it happens again, I will try to get more details (patch I made vs. one that I edited, what happens when switching to a different patch, power off/on, etc.).
  3. Well, it in some ways makes me feel better. I was so confused initially when seeing it happen, then assumed it was a purposeful change between 2.7 and 2.71. Although, for the life of me I could not come to grips as to why they would make such a change to essentially make the 6 button looper function similarly to the 1 button looper. Then it suddenly went back to normal behavior so I wrote it off as if I was "seeing things"!
  4. Well I don't know what happened to give me the differing behaviors...whether it was my error or not! But my 6 button looper blocks are now working as they always have. I had updated from 2.7 to 2.71, which is what I attributed the issue to. Very mysterious!
  5. I am (embarrassingly) going to say this was user error. I was away for the past week, but just used my Helix and the looper is working as it had in the past. I think maybe I had too much wine on Christmas when trying it last!
  6. I am away, so not in front of my Helix, so cannot be 100% sure this is accurate. But yes, the loop still plays when I navigate over to stomp more and/or change to a different preset. However, when I go back to the 6 button looper, the record button is not "ready" for an additional overdub. And if you click it, it starts a brand new recording, erasing your old one. The only thing I've found to do is to click the play/stop button, then do an overdub, but it is not as smooth a transition. You used to be able to just click the overdub again without "risking" your existing loop.
  7. In all seriousness...what would be the benefit of the new functionality? As I mentioned before, it seemingly negates the advantage of having separate stop and overdub buttons.
  8. UUGH! So was this an "upgrade" from 2.7 to 2.71? I assume that's the case as I just updated to 2.71. Doesn't this negate the main benefit of the 6 button looper (as compared to the 1 button model)? Let's hope it is a mistake/oversight.
  9. I updated to 2.71 the other day, and I THINK that the 6 button looper buttons have been modified. They don't react as in the past (unless I've been sipping too much egg nog these past few days). Now, after recording a loop then going over to stomp mode, when you return to the looper the overdub button is no longer ready to accept an overdub. If you step on it, it starts recording a new loop and you lose your old one. In the past I would be able to record a loop, change presets, use stomps to change delays/reverbs/overdrive/etc, and then go back to the looper to add a new layer. What I am finding now is that I have to hit the stop/play button 1st. Anyone else seeing this???
  10. jdag

    one switch looper

    You are hitting on 1 of the primary reasons that many people prefer loopers with at least 2 switches, where the 2nd switch is a dedicated stop. The HX Stomp only offers the 1 switch looper option. The Helix, LT, and HX Effects offer both 1 switch and 6 switch loopers. The 6 switch does in fact have a dedicated stop switch and is much easier to use.
  11. Well...there goes $100 ;-) Bought it.
  12. jdag

    Helix and Helix LT Price Increase

    I am still seeing the same price at SW, MF, and GC. ZZ has a higher price for some reason. Are you sure you aren't looking at the GC/MF sites where they show the Helix LT and Gig Bag combo?
  13. jdag

    Little Black Cap in Helix LT Box

    Only if that put me at risk of other people hearing my playing! Thanks for the help guys!
  14. jdag

    Little Black Cap in Helix LT Box

    Perfect...thanks! I thought that might be the case, but it did not fit easily over that jack. I was just able to wiggle it on now. Is there also supposed to be a cap over the Digital Out port?
  15. I rec'd a Helix LT yesterday and there was a small black rubber "cap" that was in the box (technically in the large plastic bag that the LT was in). I cannot figure out where that cap came from. It is about the size of 4 dimes stacked together. Any ideas what this is? Thanks, John