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  1. New to line 6 and just got the HX stomp. Fantastic device for sure. I'm using my Yamaha Thr as the monitor. The way I have it hooked up is with a 1/4 inch Y with ring and tip leads to an 1/8 inch stereo connector into the aux input of the thr this bypasses all the amp functions of the thr. Am I gaining anything by trying to use the stereo method or should I just go mono with one 1/4 inch stereo to 1/8 inch stereo. I had the y cable on hand so I thought I would try it. Please let me know your thoughts on the best way to cable this setup. Im thinking about purchasing some real monitors but I just use it for home use so I need low volume and its hard to find any good ones that aren't overkill on wattage. If anyone has any suggestions for optimizing my HX stomp condo setup please let me know. Thanks
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