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  1. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It turns out I had a ground loop problem between the Helix FX Loop, my amp, and my attenuator. I bought at Rocktron Buzz Kill AC Hum Exterminator, threw it in the loop and presto! Problem solved. Thanks so much to codamedia and rd2rk for spending so much time and effort helping me! You guys are awesome! You went out of your way to help a total stranger. The world is a better place because of people like you. Seriously, thank you!
  2. Right! I was showing how it squeals and distorts when I use the Helix before the amp and after the attenuator, but not when I only put the Helix after the attenuator. Also, the first recording was just the squeal because I had the cab block on the Helix bypassed. When the cab block is on it filters out the squeal through my interface. Although I can still hear the squeal in my room because it's coming from the amp. I recorded it via the S/PDIF out of the Helix and into my interface.
  3. So I recorded a few sound samples. The first one is just of the squealing with the cab block bypassed. When the cab is turned on the squealing gets filtered out in my interface. I still can hear the squealing physically coming from the amp itself though. The second is the Helix before the amp AND after the attenuator The third is an example of the Helix ONLY after the attenuator. It sounds fine. It's a little darker sounding than I'm used to. That could be because of the Helix cab block that I'm not used to using, or cable capacitance, but either way I'm not experiencing the squeal and distortion when hooked up this way. Squeal (No Cab).mp3 Helix Before Amp AND After Attenuator.mp3 Helix After Attenuator.mp3
  4. I tried unplugging the Helix USB cable, and it didn't stop the squealing and distortion. I also tried lowering the levels of the SEND and RETURN. That didn't fix it either
  5. I think the noise is coming from the amp. I can hear a faint squealing coming from the amp even without a speaker cab attached. I do hear it through my monitors and headphones through the interface, but I think that it's just picking up the noise from the amp.
  6. I've already tried all the loops and I get the same issue. I haven't tried lowering the level on the SEND or RETURN yet, but I figured that wouldn't be the problem since I'm getting green level indications and not red. I'll give this a shot just in case, but unfortunately it'll have to wait until later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for all of help!
  7. I've done this. Going straight into the amp with the attenuator in the return it works great. Then when plug the guitar into the Helix and send to the amp input like you suggested I get a high pitch squealing and a distorted nasty tone. It also works great if I go into the "guitar in" on the Helix, then from "send 1" to the amp input, but instead of returning the attenuator to the helix I plug directly into my interface. I can do either the Helix in front OR after the amp just fine, but I can't do both in front AND after without the squealing and distortion
  8. Yes, I do have the loop set to "instrument level." Also, I don't think the level hitting the front of the amp is the problem, because I'm able to set the Helix up to go into the front of the amp just fine. It works either going in front, or after the amp. I'm just not able to do both without getting the terrible squealing and distorted sound. I'm wondering if I have a ground loop problem going on in the FX Loop, but when I push the ground loop button on the back of the Helix nothing changes. Thanks for all the help! I really appreciate it!
  9. Sorry, it's my first day with the Helix :) Hopefully this one works Test Preset.hlx
  10. After the attenuator I send it through a cab in the Helix and then out the S/PDIF and into my interface. I've attached the preset I'm using. Thanks! Preset Test.hls
  11. You have the signal chain correct except it's a Helix Floor not a Helix FX. I'm using the unbalanced line out from a Rivera Rock Crusher Thanks!
  12. Thanks, I've already got it set to instrument. I tried using send 1 and return 3 (with return 3 set to line and to instrument just to check) and that didn't fix it either.
  13. Hi all. I just bought a new helix and am trying to get it up and running with my amp, but I'm getting a high pitched squeal and the sound is buzzy and cuts out really early like there's a noise gate on (but there's not). This is how I have it connected: guitar to "guitar in" "send 1" to front of amp "return 1" from the line out of my attenuator. I've been running the line out from my attenuator directly into my audio interface with no issues. I don't know why the Helix doesn't seem to like it. Also, if I connect the line out from my attenuator directly into the "guitar in" input it sounds fine, but then I can only use the helix for post amp effects. I'd like to be able to use effects from the Helix both before and after my amp. Please help!!!!
  14. I ordered a Helix Floor from Sweetwater a few weeks ago. I ordered the space gray model that's currently out of stock (because I'm vain and I think it looks cool) instead of the regular black one that they do have in stock. Sweetwater is estimating that it will be in stock in mid August. However, after seeing how long everything with microchips seems to be on backorder everywhere you look these days, should I give up on the gray one and just get the black one? Is Line6 also experiencing supply issues??
  15. Since the Boss Tube Amp Expander has a built in effects loop, can you use it to do 4CM with a tube amp? What I’m most curious about is being able to switch between my tube amp and the modeled amps in the Helix. Has anyone tried this? Will it work since it would be cutting the power amp inside my tube amp out of the equation when using the Helix models (because the fx loop in the TAE comes after my amp)? Is this safe for my tube amp, and will it work?
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