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  1. bryaneaves

    Helix Recording-Cubase/Stereo

    My mistake. Shouldn’t have said firwire. USB is what I meant. I’m using a windows computer. You answered all my questions, even the Cubase question! Thank you very much!
  2. bryaneaves

    Helix Recording-Cubase/Stereo

    It’s been awhile since I’ve done any recording and I want to lay down a few videos for personal use, Youtube, etc. My old setup was a Lexicon U42 interface into Cubase 5. As I understand it I can now omit the interface and recording directly from Helix into Cubase. I assume I do this through the FireWire to USB cable. I’ll connect it up for a test but my question is since I’m using a stereo sound patch can I record into Cubase in stereo through the USB cable? My old method was to duplicate the track in Cubase and apply an offset/pan for the stereo effect. I’ll have to figure out how to make Cubase record in stereo since I’ve never done this but I assume it’s pretty straightforward to get it to activate and record the left and right channels simultaneously. I would love to hear anyone’s comments that done this before. Thanks
  3. bryaneaves

    Helix Stereo -- OMG!

    Awesome information in here guys. Thank you so much. I was in my local Guitar Center and got talked into a little Yamaha stereo mixer so I'm able to introduce stereo backing tracks through it. Working great. About 2 weeks into my stereo setup at home and I'm quite spoiled. I"m afraid I may never want to use my amps again; which is a little sad considering the cash I have in them but nevertheless not a bad problem to have.
  4. bryaneaves

    Helix Stereo -- OMG!

    I have been researching what speakers to get for weeks now. So much so I became sick of thinking about it. This is for home use only, but a fairly large room at home. I have been struggling between a really high quality single speaker or two lesser speakers to allow stereo. I was prepared to get a single expensive unit for now. I had dinner this weekend with the lead guitarist of a very famous band and discussed this with him. He has just stared using a Fractal for overseas performances to help with equipment travel internationally. He was resistant at first, but has become a fan of modelling. He was very complimentary of the Helix and strongly recommended that I go ahead with two 12 inch speakers instead of the single. He said since I've never experienced a stereo set up it will change my world. So I got two of the latest Alto TS312's and connected them last night. A lot of my patches were downloaded and some of them are in stereo even though I didn't know it because I've only been using mono. Dialing through all the presets it becomes instantly obvious which ones stereo. I have to say, when I hit the first stereo patch and played the first note I was without words. This is the absolute best sounding thing I have ever experienced. I'm sure I'll get used to it and it will be no big deal, but right now I'm completely overwhelmed and all I want to do is play. I want to make ALL of my patches stereo. It is the ultimate ear candy. I have never been happier with a purchase. Both the Helix and these speakers. For my situation at home, this is perfection! Is there an easy quick way of make existing mono patches stereo, or do I need to start over with each one and build it to be stereo from the ground up? I'm running these two Alto's via separate XLR's. Also, backing tracks...how do you guys incorporate backing tracks into this setup? The guy at Guitar Center said I need to get a stereo mixer and come out of the helix with two xlr's into two xlr inputs on the mixer, then out of the mixer with two more xlr's into the speaker. Then I would be able to integrate the backing tracks at the mixer. Is this the best way?
  5. bryaneaves

    FRFR speaker !!!

    Maybe it's just bad timing, but none of these speakers are available all over the SE USA. I live in Nashville where there is a crazy number of music stores. I've been reading these forums for 2 weeks and have a list of speaker recommendations and nothing is available to try out. I travel for a living and expanded my search to states all over the south and there are no Alto's 3 series, no Line 6 L2T's, L3t's, L2M's or L3M's, no Headrush, or any others that are frequently recommended on here. I'm going to end up going to my local guitar center and buying something I've never heard of just to get a speaker in hand that I can test first. It's quite frustrating.
  6. These speakers are often recommended on the Helix threads as the best speakers to use with the Helix. I live in Nashville and have no shortage of top notch music stores. NONE carry these speakers. I travel for a living in southern/mid-south states, so I searched Line 6's page for dealers all across the south. Guitar Center is obviously their main dealer, but there are a handful of others. There isn't a single Guitar Center or any other music store in the entire Southern US that has any of these units. Are they on their way out or are they just not popular enough for stores to carry inventory? I will not make an investment this big without being able to hear the speakers first. This will force me to get another brand's loud speakers since Line 6 can't be put to the test and compared to their competitors. I suppose with internet shopping closing more and more brick and mortar stores every day this is our future, but it sure is frustrating that a company like Line 6 can't keep inventory in stores of what one would assume is one of their best products.
  7. bryaneaves

    Single L2T or Dual PA?

    I'm not experienced enough to identify the correct terms nor quantify them. I just want to be able to fill this 13'x25' room with rich sound at a good volume level. If Studio Monitors will do that, perfect. If not, I'll go with PA speakers.
  8. bryaneaves

    Single L2T or Dual PA?

    I originally thought about Powered Studio Monitors but read several comments from people on here saying they are wonderful for purposes of tweaking the sound, monitoring mixes, patches, etc, but aren't really enough for cranking up a guitar for loud practice. I would much prefer to have the smaller footprint of studio monitors. 8 inches are the ones I've seen discussed the most. Do you think these would be enough for good volume high gain distored guitar (that's what I play most)?
  9. bryaneaves

    Helix Harsh Tones/ offensive replies

    I can appreciate where you're coming from. I'm not a professional musician, but I play at home every single day and love the guitar more than anything else I've ever done. I've been using a Boss GT unit for years and started seeing Helix discussions pop up everywhere. I assumed I was missing something amazing and thought it was time to step out of the old Boss technology and get current. My mistake was I viewed this as an upgraded plug and play unit like the Boss. This is most definitely not a plug and play multi-effects pedal. This thing is like a candy addict at Willy Wonka. There is so much at your fingertips that you don't know where to start. I mostly play high gain and so far every high gain I've tried (factory presets, downloaded patches, my own created patches) all sound like garbage on the same equipment that sounds amazing with my Boss. My playing has suffered in the last few months because I spend most of my time chasing a decent sound instead of playing. I'm giving up trying to make this sound good through my Marshall 1960 cab and I'm about to buy either the L2T or PA speakers to see if I can have success with those. I'm not frustrated with the Helix. I LOVE having a piece of equipment that's beyond my abilities. It keeps things interesting. The Boss was getting quite boring. I'm positive Helix is capable of sounding far better than the Boss, or it wouldn't be so popular. I just don't know that I'm ever going to be able to devote enough time to it to make that a reality. Companies like Boss have professionals devoted to creating patches and Helix has given us that same power with infinite possibilities. As amazing as that is, I'm not likely to create sounds piddling around at home that will compare to what the professionals are able to do at this, or other, companies. Hopefully new speakers will get me headed in the right direction; otherwise I'm just going to have to admit that I'm not a professional and I should probably stick to using things the pro's create instead of pretending I'm capable of competing with their knowledge and skills.
  10. bryaneaves

    Single L2T or Dual PA?

    I've been playing my new Helix through headphones and my Marshall DSL 100 with 1960 cab. I just can't get this thing to sound good through the Marshall. Based on this forum, it sounds like sand alone speakers is what I need as opposed to using an amp cab. This is for home use only. But my home set up is a fairly large room and I like playing loud when no one's home. I assume I need to skip powered monitors and go for bigger speakers. I can afford a single Line 6 L2T or dual PA speakers (Say a pair of Alto 212's). What do you guys recommend between a single L2T versus 2 PA speakers? Thank you very much! Bryan
  11. bryaneaves

    Connect Iphone to Helix via Camera Adapter

    In a pinch the other day I inserted my earbuds from the iPhone and then put my studio headphones from the Helix on top. I was surprised at how well that worked and sounded.
  12. bryaneaves

    ...Whoa- Pending update (2.50) pinned above

    aq That’s awesome. Thank you so much for the response and link. That’s a very useful table!
  13. bryaneaves

    ...Whoa- Pending update (2.50) pinned above

    I downloaded this. I think I've downloaded all of them. In my opinion this one is the most authentic sounding, so I certainly see why you posted it. This guy did an amazing job. I love everything about the Helix, but this one sound is my elusive white whale. Years ago I had a boss GT-10 and found a patch online called VanH'1 Phsr/Dly. It was the most amazing sound I had ever heard in a modeler. It was my go to sound for Eruption or any other liquid metal solo. When I upgraded to the Boss Gt-100 I couldn't find the patch for that model. So I wrote down every setting on the GT-10 and surprisingly the GT100 was a perfect match. I've been trying to reproduce it on the Helix. The best I can describe it is take the one you've posted here and make it bigger and more liquid. There's more reverb but the sound isn't washed away. The bass is strong and the highs scream loud and clear with sustain that goes on forever. I don't know if this makes any sense. It's just a big roomy sound that's neither crunch nor fuzz. It's somewhere in the middle with the right amount of gain, sustain, and responsiveness(?) to make it play like butter. Every time I get close to the sound it's washed away. I've been thinking something like a metal zone might be what it needs to cut through the wash. Anyway, don't want to get the thread off topic. My eyes perked up when I saw someone say MZ is included in the new update.
  14. bryaneaves

    ...Whoa- Pending update (2.50) pinned above

    I'm not too familiar with the legacy names. Which one is the "Metal Zone"? You got me excited with that so I went back to the list and don't see it. With all the things I love about Helix I just cannot get an Eruption sound that I like. Every time someone wants me to play it I have to go grab the Boss GT from my son which I gave him after buying the Helix. I've been thinking all along a touch of Metal Zone is what this sound is missing. Hoping it really is there by a different name...Thanks