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  1. Hi there, I've ordered a pair of StageSource L2m speakers. My initial intension was to connect them via L6 link to the Helix. However I still want to include my Boss RC-300 in the setup. So I think I have to ditch L6-link and go from the Helix with 2x 1/4" out into the RC-300 L/R instrument ins and from the 1/4" outs into the L2m 1/4" (or XLR) in, right? Or am I missing some cabling option here? Maybe connecting the RC-300 in a send/return loop of the Helix instead? Is anybody using a similar setup with Helix, RC-300 and StageSource FRFRs? Best regards, Ace
  2. Hi I ask myself what would be better for me, a new Powercab or my good old stagesource l3t. I am using HELIX. Is there someone who has already compared? Profett
  3. I use my floor helix for my guitar, for second guitar in band and for vocal So, in my presets I have 3 paths, my go to main 1/4 outs, second guitar to send 1+2 and vocal to main xlr outs This allows to controll all volume from mixing desk Also I use headphones Yesterday I tried powercab in music shop via l6 linl And I discovered, that I need to change this destination of paths from XLR to All outputs or digital to hear any sound So, can I just get all paths sound, keeping it separated outputs, via l6 link?
  4. Regarding connecting a Line 6 StageSource speaker to a Powercab via L6 Link, the verbiage for the AES/EBU connection in the manual is as follows: "When an AES signal is detected by the first Powercab unit in the chain, the chain will split the signal's left channel going to the first Powercab unit or Line 6 StageSource® speaker and the right channel to the second." When using this configuration, the StageSource has to go before the Powercab. If the Powercab is before the StageSource, the StageSource will not play. We hope to address this in a future update.
  5. I can run out of my iPhone straight into the RCA connections on the back, turn up main volume, and it sounds great when music plays, when music stops, very little noise at all. When an input is applied anywhere else, however - either of the two side channels on the mixer, or on the main in on the back, turning up the main volume creates a hiss that isn't acceptable. I've tried multiple mics, multiple guitars, different cables, etc - all the same. Even when not even pushing a signal to the L3t, just having something plugged in to *any* input except RCA, and turning up the main knob - hiss. This is too big and expensive to just be something that makes mp3's sound good, hehe. Thoughts? Thanks!
  6. These speakers are often recommended on the Helix threads as the best speakers to use with the Helix. I live in Nashville and have no shortage of top notch music stores. NONE carry these speakers. I travel for a living in southern/mid-south states, so I searched Line 6's page for dealers all across the south. Guitar Center is obviously their main dealer, but there are a handful of others. There isn't a single Guitar Center or any other music store in the entire Southern US that has any of these units. Are they on their way out or are they just not popular enough for stores to carry inventory? I will not make an investment this big without being able to hear the speakers first. This will force me to get another brand's loud speakers since Line 6 can't be put to the test and compared to their competitors. I suppose with internet shopping closing more and more brick and mortar stores every day this is our future, but it sure is frustrating that a company like Line 6 can't keep inventory in stores of what one would assume is one of their best products.
  7. Hello Live Forum, I am selling off my line 6 inventory. LIKE NEW L3S Sub Woofers .. - 2 available.................................................. $ 850.00 ea. LIKE NEW L3T Tri-Amp Speakers - 2 available ........ (Built in mixer & FX) ..... $ 735.00 ea. LIKE NEW L3M Tri-Amp Speaker - 1 available ............................................. $ 650.00 LIKE NEW L2M Tri-Amp Speaker - 1 available ............................................. $ 595.00 FOR MORE INFO, PLEASE CALL: 7 O 2 - 3 3 O - 1 6 4 4 (Will sell individually, or get a great discount for bundling - Call for details.) Can ship them too! All the details can be found here : Cheers, BB
  8. Hello Community: to those of you who do gigs with the Line6 PA system: what levels do you set on the Master out on the M20d, and where do you set the Level pot on the M3M/Ts facing the audience ? In medium/small venues i mean...bars, small stages... Is it better to keep it high on the mixer ( -10dB ?) and low on the speakers...or keep the speaker level knob on the middle notch position, and then adjust on the mixer...sorry for the maybe mundane question but i got no experience live with this PA and will have some in the near future possibly... And no, i can't try this at home!:-) Cheers, Alberto
  9. I am experiencing a slight loss of sound and then a popping noise when using both my Line 6 POD HD500x and Kemper through the StageSource L3t. It seems to effect all inputs across the board. My only idea was it may have to do with the feedback suppression system, but I am not playing at an unreasonable volume or using any odd frequencies. Turning off the feedback suppression seems to reduce the issue slightly. The speaker itself is only a month a half old and has had this issue the entire time. Thanks for the help.
  10. Hi ALL, Well its gonna be obvious that Im a Newbie, so Please dont keyboard strangle me!! First Post>> Short and Sweet I just bought a Line 6 Helix Rack Mount that is well... awersome!!! like Freakin, Ive been hearing about the LIne 6 L3T and checked it out and went to Amazon and bought one, It showed up today and... you know how you get that stining feeling when your package arrives and the box is open and just shredded, Thats Me!! anyway, its clear the box had been opened before, Bummer! I took a pic on the Box of the Serial Number and called Line 6, The Lady from Line 6 said this serial number belongs to a L3T from ...2013, ...!! Heres my questions, if this device is brand new; although from 2013 , is/are there any differance's in the product since 2013, I would Imagine so but need you guys feedback of Course. Buy the way and since I may be returning it> I decided to plug it in........ Oh Wow! Everyone noticed the ""Sound"" just wild, I went direct from my Marantz cd/usb rack mount to RCA input and Bamm! Master controlled the overall input, at set that at Max Vol and used the remote to toggle the volume between 0 and that set point (max vol) PInk Floyd, Remastered Gold, Dark side of the Moon, it was pretty insane the sound was actually right on the Money, so to speak, :) So guys> Return the L3t for the 2017 version, or just deal with it, Thanks all! Line 6! Hello Sirrom777
  11. I had the L3M and L3T on my Thomann wishlist for a while. Now they're no longer available and the same goes for the L2M and L2T models. They're a few years old now, and with NAMM 2018 coming up is there any sign of a new series being released?
  12. Does anyone have experience or thoughts on the L3M as a bass guitar stage monitor? I am about to buy a Helix and I would like a nice reference/stage monitor to go with it. My expectation is to have similar performance as a moderately powered 2-10" or 1-15" bass cabinet. I have been playing with my guitarist's Helix and some 3rd party bass cabinet IR's. After a set, we tried the Helix with the bass patches we created and the sound/tone was very impressive through the PA. His L2M did surprisingly well for it's size... but I would like comfortable headroom. On paper, the L3M looks great! I am curious of the L3M user's thoughts and experience before I make any decisions.
  13. I just purchased a third Stagesource Speaker. I already had 2 L2t's and I added a L3t. I wanted to use the L3t as a floor monitor. So I hooked them up as follows: Helix ------ L6 link out----- L2t - L6 link out ------- L3t ------ L6 link out-----L2t No matter what I do whatever speaker is last in the chain (that makes it speaker 3) there is no output to that speaker. I do have all 110 ohm AES/EBU cables per the manual. All cables have been tested in all configurations and they work. In theory per the manual my configuration should have the L2t's in stereo and the L3t as a Left + Right sum. Anyone else use the Stagesource speakers this way? What the heck am I doing wrong? I have plugged the Helix into each speaker via L6 link and they work fine. Tried tall three cables and they all work. The speakers also work fine as a array if the Helix is not in the chain? When the helix is in the chain the speakers set themselves as 1, 2, and 3 on back. The #3 speaker gets no output. When The Helix is not in the chain the speakers configure as L, b(both) and R just as they should. What is going on.
  14. Hello, I have an L3m. I love it. I would like to purchase an L3t to use for multiple scenarios not the least of which are: 1. Use the L3t all by itself for small gigs, take advantage of built in mixer, FX, etc not available on my L3m. 2. Use my current L3m as LEFT and the soon-to-be-purchased L3t as RIGHT (or vice versa) for bigger gigs (along with an L3s eventually once I have enough saved). My question is for use case 2, are there any issues using the digital networking (L6 Link) between an L3m and and L3t either with or without the L3s connected? In other words I know I can run 2 L3m cabs. I know I can run two L3t cabs. But can I run once of each and still benefit from the digital networking / stereo separation / auto crossover feed to the sub woofer (when connected), etc. Or Are the L3m and L3t simply not compatible with each other? Hoping for the best and looking for a Line 6 guru (a k a employee) to chime in. Thanks! --Joe
  15. Hey all, Long ago, I had a DT50 112 combo. But do to lack of space and funds, I was forced to sell it. Since the, I've been playing my HD500 and now Helix thru a pair of l3ts. It's been great, but I've read accounts of people saying how great it sounds when the play their Helices thru tube power amps and I had to know if I was truly missing out. I don't have room for a combo or half stack and I have to keep it down at home, so this is what I've settled on. I got a great deal on a used DT50 head and set it on top of my l3ts. Then I got a Weber Mass III attenuator to help me turn the Master up, but keep the volume down. For electric sounds, I'll go from Helix via L6Link to the DT50. Then take the Direct Out into the back of one l3t, then out the thru jack to the other. For acoustic/synth sounds, I'll go from Helix to the side inputs of the l3ts. It's still a work in progress and I'm still getting familiar with all the moving parts. I've updated the firmware and downloaded DTedit, but I still need to follow Colonel Forbin's and radatats's procedures for prepping the DT50 to play nice with Helix. Does anyone have any advice or see any pitfalls with this setup?
  16. Hello Currenty I am running my voice through the channel 2 of the speaker and a mp3 player in the line input (shoudl I be using L&R aux input instead, what's the difference?). How can I connect the speaker to an audio interface ? Do I go Loop Thru Output > XLR > audio interface or Mix output > XLR > audio interface. What's the difference ? Thank you guys for your explanations
  17. Hello. Is it possible to connect 2 guitars to the L3t and send only 1 output to the FOH? Here's the scenario: 1 guitarist is using a Kemper and has his own amp. He sends his signal to the FOH through the kemper. However since he is on the other side of the stage, I would like to hear his guitar on my L3t. (sort of a monitor for myself) Now, I'm running my guitar into a Pod Hd Pro X into the L3t and would like to send only my signal to the FOH. (sort of a reference speaker / monitor) The hiccup is that I use stereo patches. Is this possible?
  18. I have a L3T speaker and am running the following signal chain: electric guitar-->G50-->POD HD500-->L6 Link-->L3T I have experienced INTERMITTENT problems with held notes (such as hitting an open E or open A string and letting it ring out) beginning to distort as they decay. The distortion (on a previously clean note) begins after about 4 seconds and gets progressively nastier as the note fades out. The POD patches I am using are various amps, but even clean notes with HiWatt/deluxe or other non-distortion amp models exhibit this behavior (on an intermittent basis). I have swapped out cables, batteries, changed patches, built new patches from scratch using clean amp settings, plugged a bass and an electric guitar directly into the inputs.... There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason as to when or if the distortion shows up. Anyone have any experience with this or further thoughts. I opened a support ticket with Line6 and was told it could be the fan rattle that was a known issue but this is almost certainly not a rattle. It's a note distortion and it occurs at either low (conversational) or higher volumes. Thanks in advance for any constructive advice.
  19. I just got off the phone with Line6 support who confirmed my dilemma. Here’s my situation: Solo acoustic artist Want to record every show Have an M20d, L3t, & L3m Love the L3t acoustic modeling Haven’t been able to recreate the same tone/body with M20d DSP effects/presets If I plug guitar into L3t and take its Mix Out back to the M20d, it competes with L6 Link (feedback loop) Bottom line, if I want to use M20d (which I do for recording, vocals FX, setup/scene recalls, etc), I can’t use L3t's acoustic modeling So… Has anyone found the right M20d DSP chain and dialed in the best combo of FX presets to emulate L3t’s acoustic modeling? If so, can you please share the chain & each block’s settings? I will also post this feature request as an idea for their next firmware update here ->
  20. I am waiting for my Pod HD Pro and L3T to arrive, and in the meantime, I have been going over the technical documentation to arrive at an optimal setup for my equipment. One thing that concerns me, and one reason I have gone with the L3T is that the environment and setup I have is prone to feedback. I know the L3T has feedback control functions, but I plan to hook up the L3T to the POD HD Pro via the L6 connector and unless I am misreading the block diagram provided in the technical documentation, I am not sure Feedback Control is available on inputs from the L6. The diagram seems to indicate Feedback control is only available via the Line input, and the Mixer Ch1 and Ch2 inputs. Can someone confirm that feedback control is active for the L6 input? I would like to plug inputs into the POD HD for signal processing and play it via the L3T, but don't necessarily want to give up feedback control to make it happen. Any information would be appreciated! Thanks!
  21. Hi, I've got today the L3t speaker. I have a Digitech RP1000 and in combination it sounds great. Here my question: Having the RP1000 (which is similar to a POD500) what is the best setup for a gig ? RP1000 --> Mixer --> and using the l3t as monitor or RP1000 --> L3t input --> L3t output ---> Mixer If I go first in the l3t and then in the mixer, does the L3t transmit the settings (mode, eq etc) to the mixer? Or shall I mic it like a normal guitar amp? Does somebody know? Thks in advance Markus
  22. So I have a JTV, HD500X,and a DT25 and I'm looking to ad an L series to the Dream Rig. I'm looking for some advice on which to purchase. I like to get loud but I also play in my Condo at times. Will the L3 play low enough for condo use? I also play a little bass and saw that the L3 will dedicate a driver to the low end frequencies which I thought might be better for the bass.I will eventually want to add to the system ( I just saw that Sweetwater dropped the price on the MD20 by another $500 ). Anyway I would love to hear some opinions. Thanks.
  23. One or two of us have posted our solutions for stage space saving mounting options. These postings have often been as part of an existing topic that has no relationship to mounting solutions. So, I'm creating this topic as a central point of reference in the vain hop that it might give others ideas about how to tackle the nightmare that is rigging up a small (or large!) stage where a multitude of lighting and speaker stands are inappropriate. Background: I have; 2x L3s 2x L3m 2x L2m (used for monitors) I then have lighting: 4x Chauvet COREbar 4's 8x ADJ Mega TriPar mounted (4 onto each) on K&M cross bars 8x other standalone effects lights The problem we most of us face is being able to adequately mount all our speakers (at optimum heights) and rig up a stage lighting rig without using up so much stage space that there's nowhere left for the band to stand! I'll say that my "setup" is evolving but here's where I stand today... L3s are laid flat revealing the twin 20mm screw thread pole mounts. Into the outer pole mount, I insert a K&M 21367 Distance Rod »Ring Lock« which is then used to mount an L3m Into the inner pole mount, I insert a K&M 21347 DISTANCE ROD which is then topped with a K&M 213/3 Extension Rod to get me to nearly 2.9m from floor level. This is used to mount lights In the above picture, I've mounted the K&M t-bar 21393 CROSSBAR direct to the top. A suggestion from litesnsirens and taken up by Digital-sound got me thinking and I've spent this morning building a mod for the top of my L3m's that enables the carrying of a small t-bar which I'll use for small moonflowers, lasers and gobos. I started by getting four squares of plywood and glued two together to get me to 24mm thickness. Extract the two cross head bolts from the top of the L3m (also on L2 cabinets). These are the suspension eye points. Make two countersunk 10mm holes in your squares (note I made my square a little big and had to take a couple of corners off for them to drop in) and a 37mm hole in the centre. Mount the square blocks to the top of the L3m by reinserting the two bolts you took out. Now mount a 20mm speaker pole connector plate onto your wooden blocks. I've used a K&M 24116 CONNECTOR PLATE The 37mm hole in the blocks is for the back of the connector plate to drop in to. You now have a 20mm speaker pole mount tucked away neatly into the recessed panel at the top of your L3m (or L2m). I bought a pair of the short and long Line6 poles and these thread straight in and voila, I can now mount a short (800mm) t-bar direct to the top of my L3m's! As the poles are 35mm, you can use any 35mm compatible t-bar or as I have, a 35mm union with bolt to take the box section bars. For added flexibility (because my Chauvet COREbars only have a 28mm mount), I also have a pair of K&M 24521 REDUCER FLANGE mounts which accept a 28mm TV-pin K&M 24519 TV PIN such that I have full flexibility to mount any of the lights wherever best suits the venue, the final piece of the puzzle being a set of American Audio light stands that have a 28mm top pole.
  24. I currently own JTV-69, HD500 and DT25. I'm thinking about getting L3T because I also play keyboard so I can use it not only with HD500 but also with my keys and/or mic. My question is following: Has anyone here tried to run DT25 and L3T (or any other Line6 speaker) in stereo? If so, how did you like the sound? What L3T speaker mode did you use and did you use full or pre amp versions in HD500 for L3T? I'm asking because it would be nice to be able to have stereo possibility with DT25 and L3T if I need it but I would like to know how it sounds before I buy L3T...
  25. Hi Everyone, I would like to know if it's possible to connect the vocals (mic) and POD HD500 at the same time to the L3T. If yes, please advise me the best way to connect it. Second question, is it possible to connect 1 vocals and 2 guitars on the L3T? If yes, how should it be done? I'm thinking of getting the most portable setup possible for small sized club gigging.. Thanks in advance.
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