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  1. They both have the same logo. You just cant see it cause it's on the underside of the cable in the photo.
  2. So I came home from work to find that my dog had gone into my studio and chewed my Pod hd500x power supply and the VDI cable for my JTV. I ordered replacements the next day from sweetwater and was pleasantly surprised to find that Line 6 has upgraded the cables jacket that is more like a normal 1/4 inch guitar cable style. It's a great improvement on the plastic jacket on the older version. It doesn't twist up so bad and doesn't hold the memory of being coiled up. Any way good job Line 6 it's nice to see improvement. :D
  3. Thanks for the replies guys! I've combed the forums for the rattle issue with the L3 but only found 1 or two people that have had issues and one of them had a rogue screw floating around the bottom of the cabinet. Nothing compared to the plethora of rattle posts with the L2. That was one of the issues that concerned me though. I thought maybe if I waited long enough for the L2 ( if that was the one that I was going to get ) that the new fans might be installed by the time I bought mine. Thanks again for the replies.
  4. So I have a JTV, HD500X,and a DT25 and I'm looking to ad an L series to the Dream Rig. I'm looking for some advice on which to purchase. I like to get loud but I also play in my Condo at times. Will the L3 play low enough for condo use? I also play a little bass and saw that the L3 will dedicate a driver to the low end frequencies which I thought might be better for the bass.I will eventually want to add to the system ( I just saw that Sweetwater dropped the price on the MD20 by another $500 ). Anyway I would love to hear some opinions. Thanks.
  5. VDI cable is good. However after the fourth uninstall reinstall of all firmware to al the pieces of my rig it's finally working right. Thanks for the advice!! In a couple of weeks I'm getting an L3T we'll see how that goes next. :)
  6. Thanks Jakeman but I've already updated to V2.1. I've also rolled back to previous versions and tried to update via Pod HD and usb dongle. I assume though that this means this is not normal. Thanks again.
  7. So I'm wondering if this is normal. I have a JTV 89f, Pod HD500x, into a DT 25 head. My problem happens power everything up. If I have the JTV plugged in using the Variax cable when I power up then try and change tones on the Pod Via footswitch the Pod freezes up and goes to the line 6 reboot screen. Once it reboots the tones switch correctly but I'm not sure if everything sounds quite right but that could be my ears just assuming something's off because of the reboot. Now if I turn everything on without plugging in the JTV first everything works great. It's not that big of a deal other than having to unplug my guitar when I'm done. I'm just hoping that it's not a symptom of another problem. For a long time I thought that something was wrong with the Pod until I got into a kick of playing my Les Paul instead of my JTV for awhile and noticed the issue was gone. Anyway I was just wondering if anyone has had the same issue or if this is just the order it's supposed to power up my rig. I know that your supposed to power things up in a certain order according to some of the other forums but is plugging in your JTV part of that order? Thanks in advance.
  8. I was watching Live at Daryl's house the other day with Joe Walsh as the guest and there was a DT25 on the floor. I'm not sure who was using it but it was there amongst the pros.
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