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  1. Good evening everyone, I hope you are doing fine wherever you are! I was digging in the forum and I was not able to find an answer to my question. Probably I am missing something but I hope you good guys will let me know. I am new owner of a Line 6 StageSource L2T. I also have (long time ago) a Line 6 Helix. I did read that I can connect my Helix into the L2T with the AES/EBU cable, which it seems to be the best way according to several comments in the forum; That's the way I am connecting my helix to the L2T. However, here's the question: I have a friend who use to play with me sometimes (he also has a Helix). What is the best way to get him also connected to L2T? Do we have to use the line input in the rear panel (through a 1/4 or XLR cable) or through the CH1 in the side panel (mixer)? Thank you very much in advance! Regards, Gast├│n.
  2. Hi there, I've ordered a pair of StageSource L2m speakers. My initial intension was to connect them via L6 link to the Helix. However I still want to include my Boss RC-300 in the setup. So I think I have to ditch L6-link and go from the Helix with 2x 1/4" out into the RC-300 L/R instrument ins and from the 1/4" outs into the L2m 1/4" (or XLR) in, right? Or am I missing some cabling option here? Maybe connecting the RC-300 in a send/return loop of the Helix instead? Is anybody using a similar setup with Helix, RC-300 and StageSource FRFRs? Best regards, Ace
  3. My L2t sounds terrible with weak, distorted and intermittent sound on all inputs expect the AUX cinch IN's which sound fine. My hunch is it's an AD/DA conversion issue, I opened a ticket yesterday with Line6 support and haven't heard back yet. Is this something somebody has experienced and can easily be solved? Software/firmware issue, reboot, or hardware?
  4. I use my floor helix for my guitar, for second guitar in band and for vocal So, in my presets I have 3 paths, my go to main 1/4 outs, second guitar to send 1+2 and vocal to main xlr outs This allows to controll all volume from mixing desk Also I use headphones Yesterday I tried powercab in music shop via l6 linl And I discovered, that I need to change this destination of paths from XLR to All outputs or digital to hear any sound So, can I just get all paths sound, keeping it separated outputs, via l6 link?
  5. Regarding connecting a Line 6 StageSource speaker to a Powercab via L6 Link, the verbiage for the AES/EBU connection in the manual is as follows: "When an AES signal is detected by the first Powercab unit in the chain, the chain will split the signal's left channel going to the first Powercab unit or Line 6 StageSource® speaker and the right channel to the second." When using this configuration, the StageSource has to go before the Powercab. If the Powercab is before the StageSource, the StageSource will not play. We hope to address this in a future update.
  6. These speakers are often recommended on the Helix threads as the best speakers to use with the Helix. I live in Nashville and have no shortage of top notch music stores. NONE carry these speakers. I travel for a living in southern/mid-south states, so I searched Line 6's page for dealers all across the south. Guitar Center is obviously their main dealer, but there are a handful of others. There isn't a single Guitar Center or any other music store in the entire Southern US that has any of these units. Are they on their way out or are they just not popular enough for stores to carry inventory? I will not make an investment this big without being able to hear the speakers first. This will force me to get another brand's loud speakers since Line 6 can't be put to the test and compared to their competitors. I suppose with internet shopping closing more and more brick and mortar stores every day this is our future, but it sure is frustrating that a company like Line 6 can't keep inventory in stores of what one would assume is one of their best products.
  7. I've been playing my new Helix through headphones and my Marshall DSL 100 with 1960 cab. I just can't get this thing to sound good through the Marshall. Based on this forum, it sounds like sand alone speakers is what I need as opposed to using an amp cab. This is for home use only. But my home set up is a fairly large room and I like playing loud when no one's home. I assume I need to skip powered monitors and go for bigger speakers. I can afford a single Line 6 L2T or dual PA speakers (Say a pair of Alto 212's). What do you guys recommend between a single L2T versus 2 PA speakers? Thank you very much! Bryan
  8. I recently acquired a stagescape mixer to use in combination with my L2T speakers and Helix. My question is; is there any point in connecting the helix in the chain via L6 link? I run the chain as follows - M20D to L2T to other L2T. But I connect my helix to the mixer via line input section. Should I be adding in the helix at them via L6 link....will it even serve a purpose? Before I had the mixer the chain was helix to L2T to L2T. Just not sure if there is a benefit to keeping the helix in the L6 chain, or if it would even work that way. Does anyone have any input? Thanks!
  9. I am experiencing a slight loss of sound and then a popping noise when using both my Line 6 POD HD500x and Kemper through the StageSource L3t. It seems to effect all inputs across the board. My only idea was it may have to do with the feedback suppression system, but I am not playing at an unreasonable volume or using any odd frequencies. Turning off the feedback suppression seems to reduce the issue slightly. The speaker itself is only a month a half old and has had this issue the entire time. Thanks for the help.
  10. Has anyone worked how to get the best sound from a Pod HD500x with the L2t powered speaker - It is not obvious whether to use the full amp models or just the Pre-amps because the electric setting on the speaker emulates an electric guitar amp so logically it would seem that using the pre-amp versions in the pod not the full amp models should sound better - sorry if this is covered I could not find anything on this so far? Ps I am using a variax JTV Pod Hd500x and Sounsource L2t
  11. I had the L3M and L3T on my Thomann wishlist for a while. Now they're no longer available and the same goes for the L2M and L2T models. They're a few years old now, and with NAMM 2018 coming up is there any sign of a new series being released?
  12. What is the best way to set up a Variax, Helix, L2t, L2m, and microphone? I am connecting the Variax to Helix via VDI, Helix to L2t via L6 Link, L2t to L2m via L6 Link, Microphone to L2T on the 2nd channel - the problem I am having is the Microphone is only playing through the L2T not the L2M. If I unplug the Helix from the L2T the microphone will play through both speakers. How do I get everything to play through both speakers?
  13. Problem: looper isn't working and mp3 doesn't pass through I have my iPad pushing a song out the headphone jack into the cd/mp3 1/8" input on the back of the POD XD500x. With the POD HD500x going to the L2t through the link6 cable I can't hear any evidence of the song. My guitar sounds fine. The L2t plays great. I'm connected analog from the JTV-89F to the POD XD500x (1/4" mono instrument cable). Same config, if I activate the looper on the POD XD500x, regardless of what loop I record I cannot get it to play back over the L2t. Suggestions?
  14. I just purchased a third Stagesource Speaker. I already had 2 L2t's and I added a L3t. I wanted to use the L3t as a floor monitor. So I hooked them up as follows: Helix ------ L6 link out----- L2t - L6 link out ------- L3t ------ L6 link out-----L2t No matter what I do whatever speaker is last in the chain (that makes it speaker 3) there is no output to that speaker. I do have all 110 ohm AES/EBU cables per the manual. All cables have been tested in all configurations and they work. In theory per the manual my configuration should have the L2t's in stereo and the L3t as a Left + Right sum. Anyone else use the Stagesource speakers this way? What the heck am I doing wrong? I have plugged the Helix into each speaker via L6 link and they work fine. Tried tall three cables and they all work. The speakers also work fine as a array if the Helix is not in the chain? When the helix is in the chain the speakers set themselves as 1, 2, and 3 on back. The #3 speaker gets no output. When The Helix is not in the chain the speakers configure as L, b(both) and R just as they should. What is going on.
  15. Sorry if has been already answered (didn't find anything about), but over here in Europe looks like L2M speaker has now same price as L2T, which is almost 40% more than previous price. Is there any Line 6 official motivation behind that choice?
  16. Hello, Please help me figure what it the best way to configure this setup. This is what I have: Variax JTV69 - HD500X - L2t These are my Questions: 1.- What would be the optimum output mode on the HD500X when using with the L2t? - Studio/Direct? - should I always use the PRE amp models? 2.- What would be the optimum speaker mode on the L2t when using with the HD500X? - Does the L2t auto select the speaker mode depending on the preset? it auto selects Electric guitar - Are this speaker modes able to be saved in the HD500X presets? 3.- What would be the best Speaker mode of the L2t when using the Variax acoustic models thru the HD500? - How can I Best reproduce or send this sound thru the FOH? Your opinion and advice will be Greatly appreciated.
  17. I bought the whole system. 2 - L2M, 1 - L2T, 2 - L2S and the M20d. Love the versatility of going with a single speaker (L2T) for small venue or adding speakers as necessary for larger halls. Still learning the nuances and working out bugs. I wanted to explore the L2T mixing board capabilities. Up till now was just using it as a monitor at low volume, so I never heard any problems with it. So, for this test I plugged in the acoustic guitar, vocal microphone, and keyboard. At less than half volume all around (master and input gains), I am experiencing an obnoxious, annoying vibration sound. The vibration is present for many vocal notes as well as lower keyboard notes. It seems to emanate from the rear input panel. It is quite prominent and can be heard by the audience as well as from behind the speaker. To be direct and to the point - It sounds like (expletive here)!!! Anyone have this experience? It sounds like something is loose in the speaker. What troubles me is that the volume isn't near what the speaker is capable of and it sounds this bad - I can imagine turning it up at a venue..... Would be the last time they hire me! Next test will be the rest of the rig to make sure they all aren't vibrating. A bit disappointing.
  18. Hi, Very new to the no-amp concept, so be gentle :unsure: At the moment i am using a Pod HD500X with headphones. This set-up is becoming a bit tiresome for a few reasons and so I was looking at some studio monitors for the FRFR, stereo sound, and the bedroom volume, but I don't want to also fork out for when I am playing with a drummer or full band. For this reason i was looking at the L2T, but am wondering about a few things that i hope someone can help me with! 1. What would happen with the stereo patches that i have created given that there is only 1 speaker in the unit? Would the sound be compromised? 2. What is it like at bedroom volumes? Can it even be that quiet? 3. Is it just a matter of connecting it to my Pod via one L6 link cable? Or do i need XLR cables? If so, balanced or unbalanced? Really confused by this one. Apologies if this information is readily available, but i haven't been able to find it, not even by calling and talking to music shop people who supply them! All the best, Azz
  19. Just got the L2t and I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong. All the videos I've see show that you simply plug a microphone into the front panel (input 1 or 2) and away you go. I've tried two different mic's and I don't get any sound out of the speakers. Do I need to go through a phantom power setup or something, or do I have a bad rig? The mic's are brand new too and work with my PreSonus.
  20. In the fall of 2013, my church purchased a setup including an MD20 mixer, 2xl2t, and 2xl2m speakers. We use it monthly for a worship service that involves "The Band," a group that plays some original music I've written, as well as a variety of jazz, blues, gospel, music theater, and whatever else fits with the liturgy that week. Because our sanctuary is a very traditional and simple one, the setup and teardown is only for the services when the band plays. Just recently, I've trained others to use the system, and it's being used for the youth band and other events where multiple wireless mics are needed. Here's what I've learned: - I can do a physical setup, including the mixer, 2 mains, 2 monitors, 4 wireless vocal mics, 2 piano mics, overhead and bass drum mics, in 45 minutes or less. - Recalling the scene makes setup much faster, so that tweaks I've made in previous months remain. - Using the iPad app to mix a recorded performance between services (to sound better in the second service) is awesome. - I still struggle with getting the perfect trim on my vocal mics, although that may be because of the particular mics I'm using, or because I don't always re-auto-trim them every time I use them, due to time before the 8:15 service. - The vocal trim issues aren't a problem for live performance, but only when I bring recordings into my DAW, where the vocal signal is too hot and clips. - The recording to SD card is awesome. - I've created a workflow that makes taking the discrete channel audio output from the SD card, into my DAW, where I've set up presets for each instrument, and then mixing and mastering, and syncing the final audio with 2 video sources in Final Cut Pro X an easy process. I can usually get a nice-sounding video out with a minimal amount of time and effort. - For my own use outside church, I am looking at alternatives to the MD20, such as the QSC offerings, but my biggest requirement is multichannel recording that gives me the power to mix after the performance. When the time comes to purchase, the price will be a big factor. If the MD20 continues to go down, I am likely to invest in one for myself. For reference, here is a playlist of videos I've made with the MD20 (sitting left of me) in church. The first 6 songs are originals, all recorded with the MD20. Many of the others are also from the board, but you can tell which ones are just recorded with my camera mic by their date and (lack of) sound quality.
  21. Hello, I have an l2t speaker being driven with my Pod HD500x using a single 1/4" cable from the unbalanced output and into the line input of the l2t. I'm using the 'line' setting on the HD500x. I've been using it now in my band for about 4 months and never had a problem before last night. We typically play fairly loud during practice (seems like I have to really crank it to hear over the drummer). To give you an idea how loud, the master level is typically set at around 1 o'clock and the master output on the HD500x is around 2 o'clock. The modeled 'patch' amps for the HD500x are typically around 75% cranked. So the story is last night after about 1 1/2 hours of playing, it just cuts out and stops playing anything. I waited for a few minutes and it started making sounds again, then seemed to be playing fine for about a minute -- then stops playing anything again. The 2nd time when it started to come back to life, it was very faint -- like it was struggling to do anything. The speaker was facing me so I couldn't see it the master 'limit' light was coming on. I'm assuming if I was overdriving it, the limiter would simply clip the sound which isn't what happened - -it simply stop playing anything although the light in the front was on. Therefore, did I overheat it and it shuts down for safety? If that's the case, do I simply need more power? -- i.e., do I need TWO l2t's or say one l3t? Thank you
  22. I just recently purchased a L2M and I planned on using the L2M for a guitar amp for gigs connected to my pod x3 pro, I originally believed that there would be some type of special connection between the two because of the L6 thing but maybe not. What is the best way to set this L6M up with the Pod X3 Pro? Also same question if I run through my sonic port with iPad out to these L2m
  23. Hi, I bought a brand-new L2T, unpacked it tonight and off course testing. But it starts limiting with a red light after approx. 20-30 seconds. No matter which input I use or which instrument. I tried an acoustic guitar on channel 1, gain half way, master volume of L2T half way, limit starts and doesn't stop anymore, no sound is comming out of the speaker. Only the noise of the fan. Tried 2nd. channel with a mic., same story. Tried the red/white RCA at the back with an electronic drumkit, same story. The fan starts and there's no sound anymore. Tried the noise suppressing on/off. Am I overlooking something or is this one from the mondaymorning-production batch? Oh boy oh boy.
  24. Hey there, I am curious what you all think would be a better set up when playing live... An Amplifi 150 or An fx100 with one of the stagesource speakers.... to my understanding there is no way to connect the Amplifi to the Stagesource set up.. :( with out miking it at least. and obviously without using the headphone out.
  25. Hi there, I use the L2t's with my acoustic guitar. Each time, when I set the feedback suppression on aggressive (red LED) then there are sporadic cracks to hear. If the feedback suppression is set on yellow or green - no problem. Only on "red" you can hear this sporadic cracks in the speakers. Does anyone have an idea to eliminate this problem? Thank you! Andi_69
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