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  1. Cheers for all the help; much appreciated. All the best, Aaron
  2. Thank again :) Last thing to clarify my connection options for myself: 1. if i use an L6 link cable then it goes from L6 on the pod to "L6 link in" on the L2t, yes? And will this also give a summed stereo to mono for stereo patches? 2. if i use XLR then as i understand it i get a 1/4" to XLR cable and put it in the unbalanced L/MONO on pod then the XLR end into where on the L2t? Any recommendations for cables or is any 1/4" to XLR okay? Finally, why doesn't one use the balanced output on the pod? All the best, Aaron
  3. Great, thanks both. However, you've raised some further questions for me! silverhead: in point 1 you say to use L/MONO to sum stereo patches, but in point 3 you say i can use the L6 link cable and looking at the connections at the back of the pod, L/MONO is just a 1/4" jack; does this mean i can't use L6 link cable to sum stereo but have to use an XLR to 1/4" cable? Sorry for this, but it's the connections that confuse me the most! Lastly, would a single L3T be able to do stereo since (i think!) it has multiple speakers inside? Rewolf48: would you lose some functionality if not using the link cable? Also, could i connect a source of music/backing tracks directly to the L2T instead of using the pod as a middle-man? All the best, Aaron
  4. Hi, Very new to the no-amp concept, so be gentle :unsure: At the moment i am using a Pod HD500X with headphones. This set-up is becoming a bit tiresome for a few reasons and so I was looking at some studio monitors for the FRFR, stereo sound, and the bedroom volume, but I don't want to also fork out for when I am playing with a drummer or full band. For this reason i was looking at the L2T, but am wondering about a few things that i hope someone can help me with! 1. What would happen with the stereo patches that i have created given that there is only 1 speaker in the unit? Would the sound be compromised? 2. What is it like at bedroom volumes? Can it even be that quiet? 3. Is it just a matter of connecting it to my Pod via one L6 link cable? Or do i need XLR cables? If so, balanced or unbalanced? Really confused by this one. Apologies if this information is readily available, but i haven't been able to find it, not even by calling and talking to music shop people who supply them! All the best, Azz
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