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  1. I have had 3 of the L2's repaired. I never opened any of them to see what was changed, but have spoken with the tech guys at Line 6. It was a fan swap, however I don't know if any fan will do. These are synced to run at various speeds as the degree of cooling changes. I suggest you reach out to one of them right here in this forum and ask before you change something that will not only void your warranty, but also may not solve your problem.
  2. Tony - I have not forgotten anything - The Dealer is handling, but it has been almost 6 weeks waiting for a return authorization. The L3S has been boxed and ready to go since the end of July - waiting on L6. (It is OK though, I am using the box as a very expensive end table in my living room) So, another 6 weeks of wasted time and I would bet a weeks pay that L6 has not even started to work on a replacement fan for the SUB, even though you know there is a problem. That will probably take another 8 weeks. Then we will wait 6 more for the part to be manufactured and shipped, another 30 days for the repair. Actually, let me ask this - Do you have a replacement fan for the L3T / L3M yet or are you still in denial on those models as well? RIDICULOUS. And sad.... That this is how the suckers that supported your experiment into the PA world are treated.
  3. Hey Tom - I think you clicked the wrong link - Click the download link and you will get it without signing up. I didn't have to sign up to upload or download - let me know how you do. Or if you know some other site that I could upload it to let me know that as well. IT sounds just like the other fan rattle in the L2. SHAME ON LINE 6 for not admitting to it. By the way - I have noticed that on the L2 the rattle / vibration seemed to get worse, happening with more frequency, and at a wider spectrum of sounds. We will all be part of a class action lawsuit down the road to get our money back.
  4. Well, it has been a while since I posted. UPDATE - The repairs made to my L2 seem to work. BAD NEWS - The L3S is doing the same thing. WORSE NEWS (get this) Line 6 is "Unaware of any issue with the Sub" I am SICK over this. How the F*!# do you have a problem with the L2T/M, come to find out that it also happens with the L3T/M, and NOT BENCH TEST THE L3SUB. Maybe I am the one with the problem understanding. Would LOVE TO HEAR an explanation. Oh, and let me beat you to the punch - Here is a link to a .WAV file of the ratlle, in case you think it is my imagination. Guess I will have to wait a few months more for an actual admission from Line 6 that there is a problem, followed by a few more months turn around for a "FIX" to be found, followed by a 6 week turn around on the actual repair..... Oooh, Happy Anniversary to me.... By then the system will be a year old and NEVER BEEN USED.... YAY!!!! NO WARRANTY LEFT for its maiden voyage.......
  5. Digital - sound, You are mostly correct - It does seem to be centered in that low register (my piano causes it with D,E,F) but I have found that combinations of instruments and notes will cause it. That shouldn't happen to you if you are just using it as a bass rig. I have heard it really badly with harmonies.... Depending on the series of notes sung. I don't believe it gets worse with age either. Seems to just be there and that is it. Also, I have never turned the speaker above half. Or the input volume above half and the rattle is prominent. I wouldn't want to hear it at full Volume. I still haven't decided how to proceed...... To return or not to return... That is the question. For now, I am sticking things out and waiting for "the fix". MAy also try upgrading one L2 to an L3..... Anyway - good luck and keep us posted on your situation should anything change
  6. As I mentioned - I apologize for anyone who may be offended. However, my posts involve an unresolved issue and my desire to have it resolved. I don't need to hear from people (like yourself) who are not offering anything, but seem to have issue with the fact that I have an issue with Line 6. I am not trying to dictate anything nor do I want anything to be censored. I do want to hear from people that are having the SAME issue - Which by the way, is what this forum is about. I look forward to knowing that I am not an isolated instance of this problem. I am going to squeak until I get oiled. Sorry if that bothers some people. Start another thread (please) but only speak about how great your speakers are and whatever else your little heart may want to discuss.
  7. I would like to apologize to anyone that may be offended after reading this. I did not sit by my speakers attempting to find a flaw. I did however notice an issue. A rather obnoxious one. In order to determine what the ugly rattle / vibration that was emanating from my speaker, I needed to figure out when it happened and be able to replicate it long enough to follow it to the source. That is why we know what causes it. I, and my band mates have since heard it. During guitar solo's. During a-capella songs. During acoustic guitar parts, and during piano only songs. This isn't confined to a few speakers. People have returned speakers for new replacements - 2, 3, 4 even 6 times only to have the same issue. While I am totally thrilled for those of you who do not have the issue, I see no reason for repeated posts saying that you are OK with your speakers. Good for you. The rest of us are not happy with ours and are equally unhappy with the fact that our problem still exists. Please don't tell me not to complain more than once. If you lost power in a storm and called the electric company - would you call again if you didn't have power after a week????.... 2 weeks??? 4 weeks? Line 6 has not addressed the issue. My original post goes back 8 or 9 weeks. I am going to continue to complain until they do, or until they hand me back my full investment. And for anyone who "doesn't have any intentions of getting involved with this thread" because they are "unaffected" - you are correct - It is unfair and unnecessary to get involved , so next time don't add the "but" at the end of your sentence and stay un-involved!
  8. To ALL, To my knowledge, Line 6 DID NOT repost the topic. It is buried in the archives- unable to be replied to or posted on. It also doesn't show up if you search for those terms. You are reading it because I reposted. This does need to be out in front and as I have stated in the past, resolved immediately. Tomtheguitarguy - the recording is just a way to push you off. I made them a high end recording weeks ago. Don't waste your time. Tell them to listen to my recording and they will know what your rattle sounds like. Digital-sound - my parents raised me to never wish bad on anyone. They said that what goes around comes around. Yours will rattle someday too. However, when I mentioned your post on this forum, they said that it was ok to hope your speakers rattle loudly at your next big, important gig...... Cheers
  9. Hey Line 6 Too much heat on the ongoing issue with your L2t L2m L3t and L3m speakers that you deleted the post where hosts of people were complaining about the obnoxious vibration and ratte in our high end speakers. We are all looking for answers, came to what is supposed to be our way of communicating as a "Line6 community" and you removed it? WOW As of now you have finally admitted it is a problem BUT can't say what the fix is OR when we can expect it But deleting the post that everyone was following is definitely low. Even if someone had posted a bad word or two you could delete that post only. Please... I need to hear the reason for this latest move.
  10. Hi All, ( velok, tinorios, brianj402002 ) I sent a recording to Line 6 a few weeks ago. They heard it.... They are aware of how obnoxious it is, and now know that this isn't a passing / occasional / barely audible sound. I don't think a video is required to show how or when this happens. Anyone who has heard it has probably figured out when it is most prominent. And although I am able to duplicate it at any time by playing certain notes, I have noticed at rehearsal that it will come and go often - which leads me to believe that a series of events (such as an electric guitar in sync with a certain vocal note or harmony) will cause it. If that particular series of notes is held, the sound remains and is very audible. If it is a passing event, the rattle / vibration will peak and fade. For those who haven't heard it, I am sure that it is there - You haven't hit that certain note or series of notes / events that cause it. I will describe the sound as this: Picture a 4' square piece of sheet metal.... Now take a back massage vibrator, or your electric razor, and press it against the sheet metal..... Bbbbrrrraaaaaappppppp....... Get the picture? tinorios - The rattle has happened in several locations, so I know it is not the result of a particular "room". It is most prominent in the back of the speaker where the fan is located. But it is also very hearable in front as well. Perhaps Line 6 can do this: Anyone who is having the issue gets a ticket or repair order. This way we no longer worry about warranty or return date cut offs. Also, our actual warranty should begin the date the repaired speakers are returned to us. I don't know about everyone else, but other than this issue, I love the system. I just want a good sounding speaker system that is as rugged as the competition and will last me many many years.
  11. I have to admit, my "Ra-Ra", "Go get 'em" attitude on this whole thing is waning. We are in month 4, and I am told we don't have a fix, don't know when we are going to have a fix, and aren't sure how it will be implemented. That is BS. I sold off EVERY piece of working gear I had to afford this. That stuff is irreplaceable. I will never find equipment like I sold in the shape I sold it. There is NO going back for me. I am thinking that maybe someone new should step in. My guess is Line 6 people took the nice guy approach..... News flash - IT ISN'T WORKING. It's time for threats and lawsuits. Time to hold each vendor responsible. At each level of the design, manufacture, testing of this fan they need to work.... Overtime, extra time, weekends.... I don't care. FIX IT!!!!!!!! Whatever the cost. To be told that we don't know when is another insult. I bet you sat in a meeting and came up with a date of when you would introduce the system to the marketplace. And the difference is??????? I think Line 6 is looking pretty inadequate right now.
  12. ArneLine6, Here is a portion of my first post. "So, for this test I plugged in the acoustic guitar, vocal microphone, and keyboard. At less than half volume all around (master and input gains), I am experiencing an obnoxious, annoying vibration sound. The vibration is present for many vocal notes as well as lower keyboard notes. It seems to emanate from the rear input panel. It is quite prominent and can be heard by the audience as well as from behind the speaker. To be direct and to the point - It sounds like (expletive here)!!!" This isn't some small noise that you need to press your ear against the back of the speaker to hear. (although even if it were it shouldn't have been allowed to slip past the line 6 design and testing teams) My description of an "obnoxious, annoying vibration" is right on the money. Please note also that all of the inputs and outputs were set low. My daughter was about 20' away in front of the speaker and heard it quite prominently. It was present for chords on the guitar, vocal notes and keyboard notes. SO with that, I am insulted that a Line 6 rep is questioning whether I am overstating the problem. For you to say that it occurs in some specific situations and is most likely not an issue on a live stage is incorrect. Read my 1st post. Don't make light of it by inferring that it only happens on a solo stage and is barely audible - That is incorrect. When I play a venue, I always sound good. If that obnoxious sound only came out once every other song, it would have people walking away thinking, What was that? It sounded HORRIBLE! My own daughter told me it sounded like $*!T - and she is my biggest fan. I spent over $7000 for your system. Please don't minimize the issue.
  13. I called L6 last week and spoke with a tech. Yes, he said they are aware AND working on a fix. Has anyone heard anything? Line 6, how about an update. I am sitting on over 7K of equipment that I haven't been able to gig with. (Well, I guess I could, but I don't think it will help either of our reputations) I would also like to volunteer if this ends up being "field repairable". Send me the parts and I will install and test. I am an electrician by trade so I am capable. How about it? Anybody heard ANYTHING?
  14. Wow. Lots of opinions. Trying to stay on my original topic of the rattle/vibration/annoying resonance. Unfortunately, I have to report that the L2M's are also making the same sound. So, I now have 3 with the issue. I have to hope it is a simple fix and maybe even one we can do ourselves ( I hate returning equipment) To all who have posted. Let's keep the faith. This is an awesome, cutting edge system and there are always a few kinks in early production. Will post findings and updates as they come.
  15. Thank you all for your input. My L2T is boxed and ready to go back. I hate the idea of a tech trying to mimick the problem since it will stress the speaker, but am hoping they replace it. I am still trying to make sure the L2M's aren't going to misbehave in a similar fashion. I will also post whatever the outcome is. Thanks again.
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