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  1. PierM

    Helix freezing up

    Should not freeze, but usually it can go stuck or nuts, if there is a closed MIDI loop, like MIDI out messages bouncing back to MIDI in. (like for example Helix sending MIDI messages to a device which has MIDI Thru open, and that is connected to Helix MIDI IN)
  2. ^ ^ This above, or you could also use a free app, like Cubasis LE or similar, that allows you to load your backing track, and control the output going into Helix at the Cubasis Track or Master level.
  3. If you have all inputs set to line then it's obvious a guitar will sound dull there. Dm12 is well known to have a veeeeery low output level tho... could be you need to crank your VCAs a bit.
  4. Does it smell good? Sorry man, I believe you baked the PCB... (wrong voltage, wrong polarity, both?)
  5. For a such small footprint I see no point in using buffers.
  6. They are cool but the cost to cover the entire floor is to much imho (especially for EU imports).
  7. PierM

    Usability question

    Im a fanboy, I shall fight the battle!
  8. PierM

    Usability question

    And yet another Helix vs Fractal thread in 5, 4, 3, 2.....
  9. I hear no difference, but man, I like that '64 ES-345!!!
  10. Yeah, I totally believe that. I do get a similar result using just a bit of compressor and rolling back the guitar tone to reduce harmonics, which is the same thing I do when I need some pitch to midi conversion. It works.
  11. I'm not gonna reply to this, as you'll probably read it in 2026...
  12. Helix Native needs input level to stay within the range of -36dB and -12dB (the gray area you see in the Native meters). Anything above that range, will start producing distortion. I'd start checking your guitar input level.
  13. If Iridium is setup as Amp+Cab sim, then Flat/FRFR is the best choice. If you setup the Iridium as Amp sim only, then you can use Speaker sim on the Powercab, and then access and dial with HF, but that's about personal taste.
  14. Nope. Although the Control seems engineered to also work standalone (USB C and DC ports), isnt working that way (yet)...
  15. Maybe it's just me. Give it a try and see. :)
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