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  1. Im pretty sure he's refereing to the OS tab in the main download section. That list of OS is indeed old as my a**.
  2. I was very tempted to buy two FR12 but the hiss is crazy! Reminds me the same hiss I had/have in the FH1500 coming from the HF driver. Nope for me.
  3. PierM

    New Helix 2

    If people needs their damn pedals to work and look like an iPad, they should probably buy an iPad.
  4. I put a fan in front of my powercabs. Works great.
  5. If there is no enough market demand, make no sense for them to keep a pipeline just to sell a bunch of guitars, nor to start a Variax II project. A production pipeline costs lot of money, and we all know how little Yamaha cares of niches products. Also, the Variax technology is really old, so to me looks like it's the right time to move on. Im not longer using the variax tones, they are thin and lifeless for me these days and software is totally unusable on modern OS, so I dont care much anymore, but still I have to say my JTV 59 has one of the best neck profile and best fretboard feeling I have in my arsenal. Means I will be still using my JTV as a regular guitar for many years to come, and that always been the real bonus of these instruments.
  6. Buy a 60W solderer and a solder sucker and remove the USB socket and all the soldering material from the back of the socket, on the PCB - and see if it does boot. Good luck.
  7. They all sound garbage to me lol.
  8. If this happened out of the blue, I'd contact support.
  9. PierM

    DAW Audio input

    Don't be lazy when asking for help. We need more details about your setup and Helix connections and monitoring system to better help you. Of course what you are reporting doesnt sound right.
  10. Point is Boss is shady with his standards, so they dont clearly states their "raccomended" adapter is a TYPE A TRS. People will just buy a cable looking like it, without knowing the TRS soldering is different, and it wont work. Since the standard is TYPE B, it's very common to buy this last one. I have seen this a million times.
  11. No, isnt that easy. The RC500 doesnt use DIN, but TRS Type A. Standard is Type B, so if OP isnt using a proper TRS to DIN Type A, it will never work.
  12. Have you set the MIDI PC RX correctly? (OFF/USB/MIDI Port/Both) Also remember BOSS uses TRS MIDI Type A, so you need a proper cable adapter otherwise it wont work.
  13. Not sure what you mean, but if you are a musician and want to communicate with l6, this should be the right contact;
  14. I wouldnt connect the Helix USB to an hub. Typical cause of com stability problems.
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