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  1. PierM

    poly sustain

    No, it's a different thing. Poly sustain does sample a micro slice of your playing (a little and infinite loop in the millisecond range), and does play it until you press the footswitch again. It's like a freeze pedal, more or less. It's to create a drone (single note or chord) to play on top of it. Sustainer is a system that use a little driver enclosed in a pickup, that engages an eletromagnetic field that moves the strings, producing a "bow" effect (sustain).
  2. Also the Blackstar Live Logic Midi Control, is a nice little (and light) tool. Switches are a but noisy, but it's very easy to program, does accept or generate clock messages, has DIN OUT/IN, and can be used as USB Midi interface, compliant installation. 6 buttons on a row (personally I dont like 3 on 3, on a small footprint). KEY FEATURES • MIDI over USB for use with DAWs, plugins and live sequencer/sampling software like Ableton LiveTM. • Can be used as your USB MIDI interface. • 2 x expression pedal inputs for continuous control of MIDI parameters. • Controls Program Change, Control Change, Note and Clock messages. Then, I need no more crap on the floor LOL!
  3. The guy isnt trying to demostrate anything. He's just sharing stuff with other people, without even try to dissimulate knowledge. Breath dude, you always seem stuck with an hand up, first row of the classrom.
  4. Wow, I had that X15 with an ART SGX2000, back in the mid '90, what a blast of machine! (damn, im old!) IIRC, that controller has submode programming, but couldnt assign same CC to every switch, and then send a different MIDI value per switch. That's what you'd need for snapshots. Also, even if you'd find a way to recall the snapshots, you'd be unable to access another submode for the stomp mode. Id go for the helix floor, or helix rack+helix controller.
  5. Im definitely a MIDI junkie, especially because I think it's still the best option for performers, so that you can automate/group/isolate alll commands and actions you need, from more devices, without have to tip tap all the time between controllers on the floor and racks.... If helix would assign a dedicated CC, or Note, and send Midi data for every single knob, button and footswitch, I'd be in heaven... :)
  6. PierM

    Input Pad ... wow

    Be sure you understand what people is talking about before posting more tech bubbles.
  7. A cab in the Helix does model a cab+mic in a room. Powercab speaker sim, it's just simulating a specific speaker response, within the actual and physical cab. It's, at the end of the day, like a custom cabinet, with a speaker that you can choose from a list in the PC. Powercab, when used as a speaker sim, it's exactly a cab itself, so it does not match any cab in the Helix.
  8. PierM

    Input Pad ... wow

    This is why you have a volume/tone circuit on your guitars. :)
  9. Toggle wont work for me, (tested with Midi Designer Pro) that's why I suggested a momentary. Thanks for the "almost", lol.
  10. Yes you can do it with any controller that sends momentary CCs. You dont need any particular effort in programming that, since it's just a momentary send, so the called snapshot will exclude all the others. CC is 69 for all snapshots, and value to send goes from 0 to 7, to cover the 8 snapshots. So CC 69/0 for S1, CC 69/1 for S2, CC 69/2 for S3...etc.
  11. @Ed_Saxman What do you mean with "Bidirectional communication between your Helix and your iPad."? I dont think Helix is sending back any status information about basically anything...so when you load a preset, none of the FS toggle status get sent over MIDI. Or maybe Im misunderstanding that "bidirectional" term... :)
  12. Well, on paper every send/return are extra D/A/D conversion, so Im not surprised if that is affecting the tone, other than adding more noise to the noise floor.... and yes - it does. I do certainly get a better tone out of my Iridium when used alone, than when I put it inside an Helix path, using an FX loop. Im pretty sure it's mostly about that extra AD/DA cycle, which cant be totally seamless. Not a deal breaker for sure, totally usable in the mix, but difference it's there.
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