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  1. Your settings are fine. Just turn MIDI THRU off unless you need to resend incoming MIDI to the output. It can engage MIDI loops and data hanging, so use it only if required by your setup. In a setup with just two MIDI device (like via MIDI USB, or connecting both IN and OUT between two device) it must be set to off, otherwise what you send to helix will be bounced back to the sender and fired back to helix in an infinite loop (data hang).
  2. Doesnt really matter. I use MIDI over DIN and/or MIDI over USB, depending on the setup. It works either way.
  3. No idea at this point sorry. For me works fine, whatever app or controller I use. This is from midi designer pro:
  4. Depends how clean are the FS... :) When the switch got a bit oxidated, or old, it start misfiring and throwing switch bouncing noise. (which means tap tempo being set randomly). I had this on both Helix floor and Helix control...
  5. Sounds like noise floor to me, pulled from the Stomp converters. I see volume on the Stomp is at 50%, but gain channel on the amp sounds bloody high volum. This means you are pulling a lot of noise from the floor. Try turning HX Stomp volume knob to 100%, and turn down the amp channel volume.
  6. Unfortunately no. You cant disable Tap Tempo on the Helix.
  7. oh yeah, nothing to complain about Helix family. But almost everything else is being released and abandoned. This is Yamaha I know... :)
  8. Too slow pace, sloppy care for non-helix products. At this pace Hotone Audio will be the new L6 in few years. Their products, their energy and pace (and the capacity to really listen the userbase), reminds me of the Line 6 golder era.
  9. Three different machines, any attempt to make them sounding exactly the same is gonna fail. Said that, the second one (that you said it's Helix), sounds thin and muffled to me like if the guitar signal isn't completely available at the helix preamps, and in the attempt to obtain the same "tube" drive - as the other two devices - you are indeed injecting some unpleasant sparkling and harmonic distortion. You sure you don't have the Pad on? Whatever it is, the first and last sounds much better to my ears, so I'm also curious to know what's happening. :)
  10. Helix uses tactile microswitches, so you have to completely disassemble le unit, and spray a bit of deox just above the switch. This could help or not, depends if the problem is oxidation or end of life.
  11. Have you tried doing the EQ/Acoustic before the Pitch Capo?
  12. The entire OS/software/driver/obsolescence is becoming a plague really. I just moved from PC to a Mac for music, and promised myself that as soon as I've a stable platform with all my plugins, drivers and OS working fine together, I will just stop updating, no matter what. That's the only way to keep control of your stuff, without being derailed by the update/upgrade dopamine addiction..
  13. Neither, but I have many hardware controllers and two ipads, all setup to control the HX, and the Tap via MIDI works with all of them, no matter the MIDI app. As soon as you send the correct CCs it should work. Also wouldn't make any sense to drop the TAP function via midi as soon as you assign FS3 to something else than TAP, since the MIDI and the EXP, are there as alternative to the hardware FS3. ;)
  14. It does work fine but it's still an Intel process, so Rosetta will be silently running.
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