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  1. PierM

    Helix II

    As soon as the Axe FX III will drop in value/price.
  2. PierM

    Helix hardware reliability

    I wont offer any opinion, just what happened to me with my Helix floor, from 2016 to 2019; 2017: Joystick failure, sent for repair 2017; Joystick failure again, repaired myself (bad soldering job) 2018; scribble strip failure; swapped with a new one (ordered from the British Audio guys) 2019: another scribble failure: same as above Now I moved to a Helix rack with controller: all good for now.
  3. PierM

    Helix-Powercab implementation

    No. We were talking about Link. (read the entire op post, with the edited part)
  4. PierM

    Helix-Powercab implementation

    I tried to explain it here: https://line6.com/support/topic/48465-helix-and-pc-pair-updated-ok-gos-into-edited-mode-solved/?tab=comments#comment-303026
  5. PierM

    Powercab & Helix first time setup

    There are not Cabs in the Powercab. A cab algorithm in the Helix, it's simulating a guitar cab, with a microphone in front of it, in a room. This is like listening an amp+cab+mic+room in a recording, offline. A powercab it's a a real cab, which can works as it is (using its own speaker), as a speaker simulator (still isn't a cab, but a simulation of a speaker. No mic. No room.). THis is like an amp in the room. Then you can use it as FRFR speaker, and you need a cab in the helix, or would sounds rubbish. Then you can load your own IRs, at this point it's just acting as a IR block in your Helix, going through a FRFR.
  6. PierM

    WoW 2.8 really isn't ready still?

  7. PierM

    Helix Bug Reports

    Joystick Encoder seems having some random hang when in "model" modality. Sometimes doesn't respond to push, sometimes doesn't respond to model change, sometimes both. Isn't hardware related. More info here; https://line6.com/support/topic/48671-bug-with-joystick-after-280-update/
  8. PierM

    Bug with Joystick After 2.80 Update

    Ok I've been able to repro, and seems some instability in the code. Basically both click and rotate, to select models and/or to access the model page, are like hanging and/or not responding, but yeah, isn't hardware related; it's code which seems looping somewhere and losing realtime catching on the Joystick status. This problem it's happening only when Joystick Encoder it's set to "model", so I'm pretty sure it's related to the update. (even because the same Joystick works flawless for any other browsing action, outside the patch).
  9. PierM

    Stereo rig options for Helix

    the 212 also has the porting on the back. I'm expecting some boomy tone on smaller rooms with plenty of wall proximity, especially when tilted.
  10. PierM

    Helix Bug Reports

    Same here and it’s terrible. I have 2 pedals, and that’s a constant flashing of percentage, event when it’s all completely static.
  11. PierM

    Bug with Joystick After 2.80 Update

    Check in the Global Settings———>Preferences Check that Joystick Encoder it’s set to Model. This is the original behavior. If it’s set to Selection, it is moving Left/Right while rotating, but you can still select Models if you rotate while pushing.
  12. PierM

    Powercab usb capabilities

    Yes you can do it. Just remember to set the USB to be Normal (unprocessed), so that it will flow straight to output without speaker/mic/dsp processing. If you want to add speaker modeling or IRs to the output signal, set the USB Mode to Processed If you are playing backing tracks through Powercab Plus, set the USB Mode to Normal to hear them unprocessed
  13. PierM

    Helix Control Foot Controller - Midi

    The dedicated USB port and DC IN, both flagged as “Reserved for potential future use.”, might suggest an alternative usage in the future. Wild speculation...:) (my guess it's that they will unlock the unit to work with Native)
  14. This was my first thought too, but does it make sense? The FLAT section, with LF RAW and LF FLAT, they are all set to 0dB, and in fact the volume it's way higher. Also, I see no clipping when raising the speaker dB to around 0. I understand that IRs needs to stay to -18 because they need much more headroom to not clip, but I can't understand why they did similar with speakers. Anyway, there is a new manual for the Powercab, with 212 and all latest things. Unfortunately on the aspect above it's even more confusing than the old version. :)
  15. PierM

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Confirmed this. The looper button doesnt show its real state, especially between snapshots. Happens that if you flush the loop memory on a snapshot, then you will get the looper ring lit again, on a different snapshot. Also the single button looper doesnt respond correctly on stomps. Pretty random.