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  1. Hi, I ve been trying to use the stomp as my only audio interface, bought a dynamic mic with an XLR to jack adapter, and found it sounds too weak, need to push the preamp and the out volume settings, and makes noises, buzzs... Am I missing somethibg? Seen in this forum people who uses helix to record vocals, Maybe the floor and hx models has better mic preamps? Maybe my cable is too long? Thought stomp was the same as the other models but with the 6 blocks only capability... I d be happy if I could avoid buying another Interface and survive only with dynamic mics Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi, Never happened to me so far, but today in my gig, we ve been 3 people with wireless systems, 2 guitar and 1 mic for the singer, My g10 started to Work intermittently, with veeery annoying short silence periods , even when i was next to the unit. Is this normal? Is g10 made for home use only??? Thanx
  3. Hi, is possile that line 6 launches an App to manage Helix Edit on iPad? i dont own a computer, and to install News presets i have to go to my neighbour s appartment, thanks
  4. If I do that, (leave it separed, not in the sleep mode) what happens ? i don’t get the difference , sorry
  5. Hi just dont like leaving any electronic Device on , all the time, day and night. i d love to know , if chance, how long time of charging i Need, to use the g10 with muy guitar , f.ex. 2 hours. (20 minutes? 45?) i d love to leave the device tottally off, and before using it, do a “fast charge “ is it possible? Reccomended? might i shorten the battery life doing that? thanx a Lot
  6. Thanx everyone! other option i am thunking about... seymour duncan power stage 170, i can use it to power my blues jr speaker ( hope in a low enough volume at home) and also, Can use it with a 2 12 cabinet for rehersals/small gigs, what do you think ? 399$ and no need to fill my apartment with other speakers... other option, (and last) substitute my Old bowers fir the Yamaha , but yamaha are powered spkrs, do you know if is possible to send the sígnal from the Harman kardon (already powered) to the powered speakers? i know i am doubling the amp, but that s how i listen music , i send it vía wifi, and it s very convenient. sorry to make so many questions, just curious thank you
  7. Ok thanx but is amazing i need to buy New speakers, when those ones are quite expensive! Thought i could adapt helix to my hifi any recomendation under 600$\pair? thanx again!
  8. Hi, dont want to fullfill my Small apartment with speakers, tried to connect my helix to that hifi amp and speakers , and found it sounds bad, reallly bad, specially with distorted sounds, is this normal? also happens with my blues jr, distorted sounds are awful, didnt know this device needs some work to get the best of it, in youtoube you see really wonders!! any recomendation to improve the sound quality (beside hours of work and trying different eqs?) specially interested in the hifi cinfiguration, (the one i can use at low volume at home) thanx a lot
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