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  1. If your monitors and your Go are connected to your PC you can output the sound of your Pod Go via the PC to your Monitors; using DAW; Audacity, Garageband or something of the such. Have you tried this? Does it sound the same? Does it sound anything like this or not? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5V6-nCYt88A You could also try to use headphone out with adapter to Adams using unbalanced, see if it does a difference..
  2. Yeah a lot of people will act like 12 year old girls and buy all sorts of products their idols are selling, so you really have to be careful not to fall in the fanboy/fangirl trap, be it that your idol is a rock star, a boy band group, a teacher, a company, etc. So in your particular case, I think you should question the inherent value of choosing a product based on your idol's merch. It might seem super exciting to you to sound like your favourite guitar player, but that won't happen by buying a pedal or a bunch of patches. So I'd just cross that off the equation. But hey, maybe that's really important for you, and if that's the only option you have to get specific sounds... It may still warrant buying a Pod Go. YMMV. As for which processor to buy... It's really a personal choice, really depends on your personal taste & requirements . You really have to do your homework, there's already a bunch of threads here discussing, there's lots of comparisons on YT, and like you said, every new unit on the market will have some hype attached to it which you have to try to ignore, and the worse, lots of paid reviews where shills are literally paid to give a great review for a product...! Doesn't necessarily means that it's a bad product, just that you can't really trust everything you read or hear. Besides wanting to buy the patches, what are you looking for? What are your specific requirements/uses? What do you think your 500 is lacking? What are you trying to improve?
  3. I've seen some pics where people were using some sort of tiny flexible led; something like this would likely do the trick; https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005005019902194.html or this https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003251345187.html
  4. Yeah so 'small' weakness of PGO; as mentioned when switching preset, there's a cut out in the sound, something like 1/3 second, plus the delays/reverbs cut out... You can configure 'snapshots', allows you to change parameters of your blocks (ex; distortion pedal, amp drive (ex; drive 3 -> 10), reverb mix/time/etc), but you're not allowed to change blocks themselves, nor their order. But, then there's no sound cut out and the delays and reverb carries. So if you're using an amp which can go from clean to dirty, or a distortion pedal, you can use snapshot to go from lead to clean and whatnot. But yeah, that limitation is something I think many of its competitors do not have.
  5. https://helixhelp.com/models?categoryId=11&subCategoryId=2 Looks like there's 14 (as it's helix maybe not all in Go?) Anyway, useful site, also has references on what the L6 models are based on
  6. Especially damages for pain and suffering... It's not just the guitarists who has suffered, it's all of their audiences, as they were unknowingly exposed to this guitar tone which obviously was not appropriate. Think of the children. Heh but yeah seriously likely is an issue with recalls, false advertising and whatnot. Not sure many PGO users to benefit from the lawsuit, as always, the only real winners of the story would be the lawyers.
  7. https://benvesco.com/store/helix-dsp-allocations/
  8. There was a similar thread posted a while ago, if I recall correctly, user contacted L6 support and the unit was returned. (very likely hardware issue)
  9. The buffer should be pretty transparent; should not add brightness. So your test could be simply to have a empty pod go patch (no amp, cab or any block) then output to amp, then plug your guitar direct to amp, and see if you hear a difference.
  10. Whether you put a boost at the start or end would make a big difference; more distortion, boosts the reverb, delays, etc., The harder you hit an amp, the distortion increase, so it would not be the same. But as for "at the end of the blocks or after the output?", you can't really put anything after the 'output' (the last non-editable block), so unless you're talking hacked patch, no idea what you mean! But yeah, where ever you put you FX Loop block in your chain will have an effect, albeit to a varying degree.
  11. Weird... How does it sound with headphones connected to the Go? There's a couple of places where you can increase volume; the amp has 2 volume settings, cabs you can get a +6dB, pedal blocks, there's the output block. There's also a global EQ where you can add gain... (or could potentially have reduced your signal) I'm using my Go in hte exact same way; headphone out -> adapter -> mini to RCA -> amp, and the Go's output level is more than sufficient! Same issue on all patches? Have you tried plugging a cell phone or other device in your stereo to see if the volume level you then get is the same or better?
  12. Fixed! I remembered that there are 2 FX loop blocks in the Go. A mono and a stereo. But the pedals hooked to the FX Loop aren't Stereo, and the patch had a Stereo FX Loop configured... So it might explain why when you send a stereo signal to a mono pedal, only the left channel is returned... So, fixing = changing Stereo FX block to Mono. What's weird is that I don't remember having to do that in the past, maybe the default block is mono and that 1 patch for some reason had the FX configured as Stereo... Yep, looks like that's the case, basically all of the patches I typically use the FX block with had it configured mono, and only a couple of others had Stereo... Strange I never noticed the issue before the amp change!
  13. [edit: TLDR; Not an amp issue; FX Mono vs Stereo block issue. Setting to Mono fixes left muted channel.] I don't get it... I just switched amp, everything is working beautifully, except now when I turn on the FX loop, which is sitting at the end of my block chain, now the right speaker goes mute... What's really strange is that with my previous amp, it did not do that.. Turning on/off the FX Loop did not mute the right speaker, so it must have converted the signal to mono for the FXLoop Out, and then played the FX Loop In (mono) but through both speakers, which it is no longer doing... And I can't really figure out what could be causing it... On my previous mini-amp, it was: Go headphone out 6.35mm -> adapter -> 3.5 mm cable -> Amp 'Audio Input' (3.5mm) Currently: Go headphone out 6.35mm -> adapter -> 3.5mm to L&R RCA -> amp L&R RCA in Any idea?! Thanks!
  14. Yeah, also it's not possible to add 'cabs', cabs are PGO only. But you can add IR, which will appear under the IRs section, but its name might not be exactly what you expect (ex; amp name), it might have a more technical name, think it uses the IR filename as the name of the IR once imported. And the Best IR is still The Best IR In The World. ;)
  15. Check out this page: https://helixhelp.com/models?categoryId=2&subCategoryId=6 It's actually something that's pretty fun to do; looking up which is the original pedal/amp in the Go, doing some research on the original and watching videos about them, then using the Go as if it was the real thing, which it is but at the same time isn't. Some of the newer models are documented in the release notes of the patch. But yeah, that sort of documentation is lacking, as L6 doesn't really have one place with the info.
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