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  1. That just sounds like regular high output pickups. I don't think that it's that it can't handle, it's just behaving as you would expect any amp or distortion pedal or whatever to behave. This is sound: https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffab&q=sine+wave&iax=images&ia=images This is clipped sound; distortion; https://duckduckgo.com/?q=clipped+sine+wave&t=ffab&iar=images&iax=images&ia=images Distortion is basically removing the top and bottom parts from the sine waves. But when it removes it, it removes it given a level; ex; + and - 5dB or whatever. If your strat's max volume is +5.1, it'll clip the .1 and it will sound the same. If your Charvel does +/- 10dB, then it'll cut a lot more, and it will sound a whole lot more distorted. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=sine+wave+with+distortion&t=ffab&iar=images&iax=images&ia=images So yeah, your Charvel just sends more volume to the Go, and that results in more distortion. People use boost pedals for the exact same reason; so that their guitar output signal is higher, so it hits the amp's gain/distortion harder and the end signal gets more distorted in the end. Perfectly normal! Oh yeah and 'obviously', even the clean tones will likely have some distortion on the amp part, if you set it to zero, or choose a really clean amp such as a pre-amp or whatnot with 0 drive/gain/distortion, you should still be getting a 'fairly' clean signal. If you don't, maybe you're just hearing the sound of your specific humbuckers, which will sound very different than the single coils PUs from a strat. But yeah having some distortion on clean tones for electric guitar is kinda normal, and I believe the Go will have some amount of distortion even on the 'clean' tone presets.
  2. What kind of tones are you trying to achieve? With the Go, obviously, you can't use everything at the same time, so imho you kinda have to figure out what is your core tone and just go for the effects which are productive for this tone; ex; for ambient stuff, here's a few examples; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6f4slSLGlo like his tone at 6:00 is only using 3 effects. If you want a chorus tone, that could be a different patch, or, again, it's just about finding the good compromise. Do you really need a delay? I found that most of my recent patches don't even have delay, just heavy reverb... Chorus? Again, just by increasing the mix of the reverb which already contains modulation modulates your entire tone, so... Anyway; Go is like everything; always about compromises. Want a tripod? Weight/cost/stability; choose 2. For Go vs Helix vs stand alone pedals, it could effects/price/power; the Go would be effects & price. Effects & Power then LT or full blown helix, or full pedal board. If you want to use all the effects and don't mind price, LT seems like a great choice. So yeah, choosing the FX unit is a compromise, but even when you'll use the Go, you'll have to make compromises... With Go; you'll have to be a bit more choosy and you will have to work around the limitations. The Go is super complex imho, and getting incredible tones is possible, just maybe you'll have to be more creative and inventive to use effects how you might not have thought... If you can't get that exact tone/sound because you can't use 5 dynamic blocks, which 4 blocks get you the closest? Maybe you want heavy distortion plus delay reverb phaser and compressor, so just finding an amp and setting it up a certain way gives you the heavy distortion without having to use a distortion pedal. Maybe you don't need the compressor because you're using the EQ as a boost, maybe you'll use the compressor with the drive setting to boost the amp..... So many possibilities! Well for this I would just revisit the notion that 2 ODs create 'better' OD sounds. And if your sound is really all about the OD sounds, then maybe you don't need a chorus... Btw, your amplifier block has a drive/distortion, so if you add a distortion pedal, you will have stacked distortion; so that eats up just one block. If you really want to stack 2 OD pedals on top of your amp, then again yeah you would be IMHO one of the users who would benefit from the Helix LT because you're trying to do some rather fancy sh!t lol :D And btw, get an external looper! Hamoon (sp?) Nano Looper is <50$ for instance, works really well, and having it outside of the Go is priceless! But yeah obviously using outboard effects saves Go blocks! If you really want to use compressor all the time, then again getting a compressor pedal might be another compromise, I'm certain there are cheap and great sounding ones out there. But yeah, you'd be 2 pedals plus go lol But anyway, the Go just for the amp block and amazing effects, at the price of like 2-4 normal pedals is a steal! Then IMHO, for 99.99999% of the people, the limitations to have great tones and make crazy music will be you, not the Go!
  3. You learn fairly quickly which effects are cheap and which effects are expensive. If you want cheap effects, the legacy effects tends to be very cheap. The more advanced modulation effects is definitely where the cost adds up, the the Benzin Amp is one of the most expensive at ~33%, the ganimede, searchlight, etc., reverbs are also around 33%, so anyway, thanks to benvesco.com and user's hard work, you can actually know which effects cost what; https://benvesco.com/store/helix-dsp-allocations/
  4. Make sure you unzipped the file, and that you do not just double click the zip file which just opens the zip and shows you its content You can also try to copy the .wav file to a simple path; ex; c:/temp/yourwav.wav, some programs have issues with paths with spaces, permissions, etc. You can also right click your pod go Edit shortcut and choose 'run as administrator, that might help. The IR GUI from the Pod Go is different than from the cabs, it's annoying... At one place you select the 1024 whatever it is, and then you use one of the other knobs below the screen to choose the IR. It is really dumb that the IRs menu/settings does not work at all like the cabs. Maybe there is a default one, can't remember.. But if you were able to import the IR, you should see it in the list of IRs in PG Edit. On the list of IRs on the left, right click, import IR or wahtever hte choice is, navigate to your c:/temp folder, you should see your .wav and be able to import it. In your c:/temp if you right click the .wav file it should say wave file or whatever, not zip/compressed. Also just download a new IR to test it out. If it works, maybe something is screwed up with the worship IR and you should try contacting them.
  5. Hmm! Nice! I didn't try it yet myself, you might be able to control it via snapshots also, and even if you can't turn it on and off, maybe if it's always on it would work? Anyway, I'll try to give it a shot later on, if just a 5th dynamic block works and you have to disable either EQ or FX that would be great; I'd probably try to do without the EQ block, as I mentioned you can do a LOT of 'EQ' tweaking via amp, pedal's tone setting and even via Cab and Mic for that matter.
  6. I think one of us is mixed up... We're not talking about assignments, we're talking about removing the block. Normally PGO has 4 dynamic blocks. The EQ and FX blocks are locked and they can't be changed. So sure, you can remove the footswitch assignment, but from my knowledge, you couldn't remove the EQ and FX blocks. If you can, it was likely patched in at one point, because ever since getting the Go, and ever since I've visited the forums, I've always read/thought that the EQ and FX blocks could not be switched out for other blocks; only 4 dynamic blocks. Using the 'hacked' presets, you load a patch, and this patch was edited so that it does not contain FX and EQ; giving you 6 available dynamic blocks instead of the 4, which is genius. This is the first time I hear of this! Kinda surprised you'd know about it earlier from our other exchanges lol This is it! Well almost, you lose the EQ, but as I said Amp blocks have it, and effects often have a tone setting, and FX, well, either you need it or you don't... But you said 1 or 2 extra blocks, so 1 is what you got ;) But yeah maybe you did understand correctly and people have been doing it for a while, it's just that I check this forum every few weeks and just learned about it, had no idea it was old news! 0.o Or maybe this a a new feature of 1.3? Ah.. Must have missed it in the release notes... Hmm.. not even https://line6.com/support/page/kb/pod/pod-go/pod-go-130-r986/ from an earlier firmware update? [edit: ok yeah pretty sure it never happened, this is really a 'hacked' preset which allows doing something PGo didn't allow to do by design! And actually give users 6 dynamic blocks instead of EQ, FX and 4 dynamic blocks!] 8)
  7. Since when?! lol I had no idea it was possible to do, was this patched in at one time or you were also using an edited patch? Are you talking about this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3kMXc0tnus Their 'Out' block is all screwed up also it seems, pretty weird! And btw, did not try, but the 2nd block; the wah/volume pedal, is also a block, so who knows if in theory you could also replace them with a different block if you used the same technique as the edited pgp. You might not be able to edit it in the GUI later on, but maybe by replacing it in the export file (see spoiler); Not sure how it would behave; if the volume would get switched the the compressor in this case, and if 'clicking' the expression pedal would then revert back to the volume, but who knows... Could make the Go crash also, likely would fail during import, etc. so unless you have lots of free time and would not mind losing your Pod Go config and having to do a reset, I would not recommend trying it out, but I'd be curious to know if it would work! Kinda weary/lazy of going through the testing/GoReset though..
  8. That seems pretty damn huge, so it is easily possible have more than 4 dynamic blocks simply by using this edited patch?! Ah so they just 'removed' the EQ and the FX Loop block and replaced them with empty (dynamic) blocks. So no 'extra' block, just replaced EQ/FX with empty blocks. Nice!! The EQ block shouldn't be a huge deal as each amp model has EQ settings, the FX loop could or couldn't matter... Very cool! Has anyone tried making a gdp with more blocks? I'm guessing it might not work as it's likely coded for 12 blocks, but if we're lucky and it was coded with as long as the fine contains blocks, it could add extra blocks, but more than likely the extra blocks would just get ingnored, or you'd end up with a patch who's 12th block is a dynamic block instead of out... (more than likely, even if it worked, the Go's GUI and Edit's GUI likely would not support it so you wouldn't see the last block or something... Likely would not work well in the end.)
  9. About PG Edit, you can check some sample videos about pod go edit, there's some from L6 and a lot of random people making Pod Go videos. For the 20ms stereo delay, I don't think there's a built-in feature that does. PGO has a lot of stereo delays and effects though, so you'll definitely be able to achieve the effect, but not with a 'free' built-in setting; you would have to use one of the 4 dynamic effects block. Unless I'm wrong and someone will correct me :o)
  10. Did you download the IR? In PG edit you go to impulse, you can right click I think on the list to import, or just drag and drop if I remember correctly. Yeah and think 1.3 is latest, thread about it should be one of the top comments
  11. Each effect has a cost, and you likely used too many expensive effects https://benvesco.com/store/helix-dsp-allocations/
  12. grdGo33

    Comfortably numb

    I'm guessing you're a newer player? Even with the Go, a lot of the tone will come from your guitar. David Gilmour tone is a bit of a challenge... On his live versions he used active EMG pickups, so it's quite different from a tele pickup... So not wanting to rain on your parade, but I think it would be a big challenge to get the exact same tone. Most of the tones from the shop, paid, etc., will all sound very different depending on your own guitar; and often come in two flavors, humbuckers or single coils. But yeah, what you start off with makes a big difference... (pickups) Since I don't own a tele... I do have a strat, but even then I think its bridge PU will sound quite different. But for that sort of distorted tone, I've always found bridge strat single coils to be extremely lacking; a bridge humbucker on a super strat (Pacifica, Ibanez, etc.) just sounds and feels just so much more natural to me to get somewhat similar tone/feel to that sound... DG's active EMG pickups are also completely different beasts, but never tried them. From the DG page below, even his DiMarzio FS-1 in original recording is apparently darker sounding. Is there no CF patch from the shop? If so, you could just use them as your starting point. I'd think that with a Tele, you might want to use heavy compression to beef up the sound, lower the treble, but hey, total guess on my part. https://www.gilmourish.com/?p=268
  13. Yeah my favourite amps and effects turn out to cost a lot of DSP anyhow, so realistically, unlocking blocks if there is DSP left over would be cool, but would likely not make anyone go "Wow, a 5th block?! Forget the Stomp/Helix I'm going with Go!!!". Go is way more limited... Guess it's just frustrating knowing there's still DSP power available, and not being able to use it because someone decided that you should not be able to use it. Like if Dell decided that you would only be able to use 60% of the CPU or memory of the computer it sold you. I mean the CPU/memory can do it right? Ah ok you don't want to 'cannibalize' the sales of your more expensive computers? Or that you could only run 4 programs at one time. Want more programs? Buy our more expensive computer. LOL
  14. grdGo33

    Bye pod go

    There's already a bunch of them though, maybe not going about every global setting, but yeah for general usage, building your own patches, tips about effects and stuff, there's really a LOT of stuff out there. You can spend days watching them all! Some people still prefer turntables and vinyl records than modern flacs and digital devices! LOL I mean, sure, if you own a studio, have millions because you're a music star, etc., sure, spend the dough on amps and pedals. But for everybody else... Yeah, there's much more modern and practical solutions. But like you said, different strokes. But yeah at this point, to me, seems an absolutely no brainer at this point. When most people can't tell apart real amps vs Go, and you get such crazy value over something like PGO, seems absolutely crazy to buy super expensive tube amps and ridiculously expensive pedals... Like $500 for a reverb, distortion, etc. pedal? Like dude... Come on... Sure, not the same as the dozens in Go, but sound quality wise and price......
  15. For snapshot mode, you can set the up/down to either switch snapshots, switch preset or bank. -When up/down is set to preset, it goes to the next preset (5B -> 5C -> 5D) and as you switch preset, the default preset of the new patch is activated. -When set to bank, it shows you the 4 presets of your current bank, and hitting up/down a 2nd time shows you the next/previous bank, you select one, then it activates the preset and the default snapshot of the preset. -Next snapshot is well next snapshot. So for Bank, if you're in 4A, and hit up, you'll see 4A-4D, if you hit up a 2nd time, you'll see 5A-5D. If you're in 4A and you hit down, you'll see 4A-4D, hit down a 2nd time, 3A-3D. So looks like it works like you want. :)
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