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  1. Because the delay between version releases. Using statistics, the v1.50 must be available in april 13th and with the Helix v3.50 features. That it's because I'm sad. Yet.
  2. Upload your idea to IdeaScale, you have 1 vote already!
  3. If you want to be listened by Line 6, upload your idea/suggestion to to be voted. But remember: first Helix, then POD Go.
  5. No traduzcas la página: desactiva el traductor automático, aprende inglés y podrás descargar todo desde la página de L6.
  6. Cab, yes, you must to turn it off. And amp, you could use it like a booster or overdrive in order to your imagination and the place you going to put the fx loop in POD Go chain. And yes, you must to always enable fx loop to use 4CM (four cable method).
  8. Can you say what facebook page this was posted, please? Thanks in advance.
  9. The pedal need to be cabled between the guitar and the POD Go. "I think the problem might be somehow software related". I guess no. And the evidence it's the wireless as a way to fix it. Why Line 6 doesn't develop that improvement in its flag ship? Because relay works like a buffer and Helix hasn't impedance issues.
  10. I really, really expect an improvement in shift/drop pedals, with less consumption of DSP. I have a patch with Synth String and sounds randomly awful.
  11. It's only an edited patch. And the POD and its DSP will allow you what pedals can you add. and the final circle of Output shows like a stain.
  12. Means that patch was EDITED. Even when you move between snapshots, because PG assumes that you edited the patch, choosing a different snapshot to start for.
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