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  1. I did not create this list, but here it is. Bob Farmer deserves all the credit. Spider Jam Loops and Presets.pdf
  2. Press the Drums/Song button. Using the 4 way Navigation Button, scroll over to Recordings. The display will read Ready to Record. Press record.You will be recording the guitar only.
  3. Mine did the same thing , then just quit one day. Took it to a Line 6 repair center and they said it was a power board that line 6 didn't make anymore. Then I took it to a T.V. repair shop (Bammel T.V. repair in Houston Texas) The fixed it and said it was just some connection points that needed to be resoldered. I only had to pay for labor since no parts were needed.
  4. Press and hold A and B at the same time or C and D to activate looper. Then (A) to start recording (B) to Stop (C) to Undo (D) to play at 1/2 speed. you can't record at 1/2 speed only play.
  5. Download use the free program Adacity to convert the file MP3 format.
  6. Spider Jam cuts on and off, but only when a BFV Shortboard is connected. I have 3 FBV Shortboards it cuts off and on with all 3. The shortboards all work fine with no problems on my other amps.
  7. The small knob right next to the XLR input controls the volume.
  8. Audacity can play the jam file and convert it to MP3. And it's free.
  9. Mine did the same thing. I turned it on (No Guitar plugged into it) and left it on for a whole day. It went on and off a few times (20) or so and then it just stayed on. No more problems. Don't know what it was causing the problem but it doesn't happen a more. Over a month and no problems.
  10. Not ever gonna happen, you , me and millions of other Spider Jam owners. Did what they wanted bought the amp. Same with Spider IV. One update. Lots of new effects. They are concentrating on Spider V now.
  11. You Have to save the tones you want on User tones 1A 1B 1C or 1D. Get the tone you want. Press save on top of the amp It will come up Save Guitar Tone. Save the tones you want to 1A, 1B, 1C or 1D. You can name the tone using the wheel and direction buttons on top. If you want to have access to all 36 user preset tones buy a FBV shortboard MKII.
  12. If it has 2 pedals, it is a longboard not a shortboard. Try calibrating it.
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