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  1. Posted this problem over 1 month ago and no official response. second expression pedal does not function. One of the two function buttons do not work either. When you plug in the short board the Spider jam screen says that a express board is connected. The website and store says that the board is fully compatible but it is not and it seems that it is a known issue since 2006 http://line6.com/support/thread/28288 and they haven't changed the documentation and keep selling these things as if they were fully compatible. Time for a call to customer service and the BBB
  2. Just found the old forum posts. It seems that this has been an issue since 2006 ! ! ! ! ! and line 6 just seems to ignore it and updates its literature and website as if the problem doesn't exist ! ! ! Wow. I think I will call them tomorrow just to get their take on this, but I can not support a company that does this stuff to hard working music lovers. I figured I would try a line 6 product but with what I have seen here I think ill go back to fender or anyone else. check this post http://line6.com/support/thread/28288
  3. Yep already tried the settings. That is actually in the manual. The jam is still recognizing the short board as the express. The express does not have the second pedal option. Im starting to think that I will have to get an exchange. Or if this is an issue that is known and its just been egnored because too few people have this combo of jam and short board I will have to go with another manufacturer. I guess I will call support.
  4. Shortboard mk II problems with spider jam. I purchased a new spider jam and a new short board mk II with the second expression pedal because line 6 documentation says the second pedas will become a volume controll and the internal will be a wah. This does Not work. Both pedals do the same thing. When the Shortboard is plugged into the amp it is detected as a express, which does not have a second port for pedal support. Something is defective if the Shortboard is being detected by the amp as the smaller express board. Everything is updated to the latest firmware. I think I need an exchange.
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