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  1. Rarellano...thank you for your reply...I have tried your procedure and it keeps coming up write error. do you mean to use right arrow first to get to recordings? then select recording from the installed sd card? after I turn the wheel to the save rec mix as wav to card, I have pressed the right arrow, the name of the song comes up, then I press the down arrow, and when I do, the write error comes on....I am sure that I am doing something wrong...
  2. need help!!!! I have a spider jam and have installed many, many tunes on the SD card... I cant understand or figure out how to get the songs to work on my lap top. I want to do this so that I can play along with all my songs from a file, like a d.j. would do...not too good with computers and programming, so I need all the help I can get. please send response to
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