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  1. My Line 6 Amp is not handling the digital too well I have a line 6 Jam and it seems to make some songs sound like a radio station going out of tune by the end of a song. (lots of static) Anyone know how to fix this? I have a 3.55mm to 1/4 inch adapter running from Pc to Amp.
  2. doesnt work. As I was expecting a type equilizer picture with movable knobs?.,This asks me to upload? I have nothing to uplaid. Is there a certain program to upload the jpeg image of the Amp's knob settings?
  3. There is nothing to navigate to! LOL. Can you explain it to me like I am five?
  4. Yeah, didnt notice it read, waiting for admin to approve. Sorry for the double-post guys.
  5. I can see the images that pop up when I click "view tone" But I dont know how to add my own settings to upload? Anyone?
  6. Ok so I can pull up the image and see the settings. But now I have one to share. How do I do this? Anyone?
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