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  1. I have the Sony MDR V6, which I had to look up and are apparently 63 Ohms. If those are good specs, then clearly I am missing something. (possibly self-inflicted) If those aren't (unsure if youre familiar with the MDR V6's), then I may need to go shopping.
  2. Ah, yes. Guess so. Well, this makes me feel better! Unless we're both missing something glaringly obvious. Side note, I don't want to muddy the waters and say that it might be the firmware but I don't remember this happening before....recently. But who knows. Anyway, thanks for commenting! And making me feel like I am not (potentially) losing my mind!
  3. Has anyone else experienced this, or am I just overlooking something? I built a preset last week, over a few days, using a twin reverb and even with the main volume on the POD GO more than half way, and the master volume on the amp dimed almost all the way, it's not inaudible, but also not uncomfortable either (which, again, is odd for the master volume on the amp all the way up, and the master volume on the POD GO around 2 o'clock on the dial. As I type this, I realized that maybe while I was playing around I adjusted the export/output volume on the preset and forgot about it? But before I go check, and because I typed out this much, has anyone else experienced this? My headphones are fine. They work as expected everywhere else. On one hand, if that's on purpose, I am glad they care about our ears. On the other hand, I'm concerned this will carry over to a live situation, and my band members asking me to turn up more. If no one else experiences this, I'll just keep digging through the menu to see where I screwed up haha
  4. Makes perfect sense. Thank you, Jay. I was so focused on live performance that stereo recording never crossed my mind. Thanks again!
  5. I definitely don't want to start a rumor, but I have noticed in the past that some effects "trickle down" from the Helix series to the POD GO. I know that none of us may know definitively, but has that been your observation too? Also, can I say how awesome this is? That they continue to update the devices we have? Things like that just make me glad with the choice I made to purchase the POD GO and happy to support the company.
  6. To clarify my question, I am not asking because I want to put something there. I am asking why you can even PUT something after the cab. Conventional knowledge leads you to think distortions, octave pedals, etc. come before the amp/head. then you can put maybe a delay and reverb in between the amp and the cab, and then of course the "last" block being the cab. I did read in the manual that if you have a stereo effect, it should come after because if it's put before a mono block, such as a cab/IR, it will "turn into" mono. So, that is what my question is about, really. If I want to act as if I have an FX loop, (without real pedals, using the one on the POD GO), I can put them between the amp and cab (right?) but if they're stereo...put them after? One minor thing I noticed (which I admittedly may have to verify again) - I put a booster (in the POD GO, not an actual one) after the cab block and it boosted everything more than being in the "fx loop" (between head and cab). Does that make sense? (I guess it doesn't matter, really. If the desired effect is desired, it doesn't matter how you get there, I suppose)
  7. Apologies if I've caused any confusion. Voxman has the right idea. I was aware the synth effects were monophonic, which is why I bought myself a separate polyphonic octave pedals for chords. So my logic there was that if THOSE are monophonic, then basically every other synth and pitch effect is too. And I did so some more testing and for the most part, the simple pitch does really well. Especially on octaves and 5ths, and things like that. Where I catch a little of an issue is when I play some more jazzy chords. but for the most part, for things like Guns N Roses songs, as mentioned, I suspect it will be just fine!
  8. Ah....it's not in all the manuals. I just did a search for it, copy/pasting what you entered above, and it's in the wireless manual but not the POD GO 1.40 manual. Interesting. Regardless, thanks!
  9. Please see attached screenshot. There are three rats. Yes, one is the mod. And yes, I know in the manual they reference that they updated the Rat, but didn't remove the old one because people still had it in their old presets. Ok, fine. But why the third one, and why is it in a different color? And to be clear, it's not just the Rat. Two Chandler tub drivers, two metal zones, two tube screamers. Am I missing something? (is there text that I am just reading over that explains this?) - unsure if anyone here knows, but if not, Id be curious to know from Line6 themselves.
  10. I know this comment is over 2 years old, but if anyone else sees this (or if this user is still active), I have a question. 4 channels of USB? I know about the USB port, but what are you referring to here? And would this matter if playing live, and not using the usb?
  11. I know that I am capable of mostly answering this myself, but I know a lot of the synth effects are monophonic. (but I guess, to be fair 1. different set of effects 2. They're replicating "older" effects faithfully. However, playing a half step down with that effect, it tracks pretty well actually, and I don't hear many hiccups, and that's only if I am purposely listening for it. Has that been your experiences too?
  12. Take the SD card out of your computer. (the one that is probably there. If not, ignore.) Yes, I am serious. Yes this happened to me and that is what it was.
  13. Well, if he was to set it at -10 or -12, that would solve the issue with the sound guy saying that it already clips his mixer, but ironically I came here to ask a similar question. I just tried to use a tube screamer, in the POD GO, to get a boost, and it did....a little. Obviously adjusting the main output won't change anything because its, well, the main output. I guess I could lower the output of the other pedals so there is more of a contrast, but then I run into the issue of the primary sound being too quiet. Would it just make sense to put an external boost/overdrive pedal before the POD GO just to take the POD GO out of the equation for that? (in your opinion)
  14. I feel like I may post a lot of questions here, and for that I apologize if you're sick of seeing my username pop up haha Let's say I have a BOSS pedal and another pedal I want before the pod go. Does the BOSS pedal need to be the one literally connected to the POD GO (I suspect not) or can it just be anywhere in the chain before it plugs into the instrument port? (to make this easier, the two pedals I want to use should be used at the beginning of the pedal chain anyway, but I was just curious if the BOSS pedal needed to be the pedal right before the POD GO for it to function like a buffer.
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