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  2. Line 6 POD Go v2.00 Owner's Manual, Rev E, English, page 42
  4. I have a hybrid Marshall AVT100 X. Last friday I tried Catalyst 100 and Laney LFR 112 and I'm going to Laney: Catalyst sounds incredible, but you can't use the new Cab engine. You can't use Catalyst effects, at least you use 4CM. In fact, I want to use Pitch Shift, but can't when entering by Catalyst return. Inmediately you note that LFR 112 has a wider sound range. Both amps give you a sense of real amp. The new Cab engine it's A-MA-ZING: I suggest you don't waste it. I hope I've been useful.
  5. Did you change the input from "Guitar" to "USB 3/4" on POD Go?
  6. No, si usas el 4CM, debes deshabilitar amp/preamp y Cab/IR y sólo usar los efectos que van entre la guitarra y el input del Buguera y los otros efectos que van entre el Send y el Return del Buguera. Si deshabilitas el FX Loop de la POD, sí, deberías usar el amp o preamp y mantener desactivado el bloque Cab/IR; dependerá del volumen de tu Buguera y si quieres usar el knob "presence" que es bastante útil y no lo trae el preamp, además del volumen más bajo. Pero el preamp consume menos DSP: ahí tienes que ir jugando. Porque piensa que si entras sólo por el Return de tu ampli (con el FX Loop de la POD desactivado), te bypasseas todo el previo del Buguera y sonarías a nada sin un amp/preamp (ojo: NADA DE LO QUE DIGO ESTÁ ESCRITO EN PIEDRA. Si logras el sonido que quieres haciendo conexiones blasfemas, está bien: muchos usan los Cab/IR para complementar su sonido, ya que al final del día es sólo otra ecualización más).
  7. No entendí qué quieres. Si apagas el loop de efectos de la POD, creas una cadena que entra por el return del ampli (sería deseable que, junto con apagar el loop fx de la POD actives un emulador de amp/preamp y viceversa) y si tienes esa cadena, es lo que es. La conexión está perfecta (no podís tener cables con huincha aisladora...). En el caso del delay, no importa si tienes o no el fx loop de la POD activado: siempre estarás entrando por el return del ampli con esa señal.
  8. But if I switch Catalyst's Pitch Shift to post using the app, and POD Go connected to amp return, could I detune my sound?
  9. Hi! I'm considering to buy a Catalyst 100, but I'm not pretty sure if Pitch Shift works if I connect a POD Go's MAIN OUT L to amp's RETURN, because I don't know if the amp effects, when are in the POST position are between RETURN and speaker. I guess it is. POD's Simple Pitch it's a monophonic effect and I guess Pitch Shift it's a polyphonic effect. That's because I'm looking for an affordable Catalyst. Thanks in advance.
  10. I have a similar issue. And I've tried to reproduce a "real chain", so: Guitar to POD Go input POD Go Wah, OD, etc. POD Go amp & cab disabled POD Go FX Loop enabled POD Go send Amp input Amp pre Amp send POD Go return (setting like return, no like aux) POD Go mods, delays and reverbs POD Go main out L Amp return And everything between POD Go return and POD Go main out L (mods, delays and reverbs) it doesn´t sound.
  13. Because the delay between version releases. Using statistics, the v1.50 must be available in april 13th and with the Helix v3.50 features. That it's because I'm sad. Yet.
  14. Upload your idea to IdeaScale, you have 1 vote already!
  15. If you want to be listened by Line 6, upload your idea/suggestion to to be voted. But remember: first Helix, then POD Go.
  17. No traduzcas la página: desactiva el traductor automático, aprende inglés y podrás descargar todo desde la página de L6.
  18. Cab, yes, you must to turn it off. And amp, you could use it like a booster or overdrive in order to your imagination and the place you going to put the fx loop in POD Go chain. And yes, you must to always enable fx loop to use 4CM (four cable method).
  20. Can you say what facebook page this was posted, please? Thanks in advance.
  21. The pedal need to be cabled between the guitar and the POD Go. "I think the problem might be somehow software related". I guess no. And the evidence it's the wireless as a way to fix it. Why Line 6 doesn't develop that improvement in its flag ship? Because relay works like a buffer and Helix hasn't impedance issues.
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