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  1. It's only an edited patch. And the POD and its DSP will allow you what pedals can you add. and the final circle of Output shows like a stain.
  2. Means that patch was EDITED. Even when you move between snapshots, because PG assumes that you edited the patch, choosing a different snapshot to start for.
  3. Be sure PG FX Loop it's off. I have a Marshall AVT100X and use it with my PG same as you. But I made an IR of my combo and I use that IR for EVERYTHING.
  4. If you only will use distortion or overdrive, then use main out left to front of your amp. But if you want to use time effects and depending which amp you use (if it have loop effect), you would must to hook it up to the pod go by 4CM.
  5. Dude, do an IR of the amp that do you want to use and use it. An amp it's an amp and a FRFR it's a FRFR, don't try to use an amp as a FRFR. With an IR of your amp you could use all pre amps models, but cabs sims: you only have to use the IR of the in use amp if you want to sound great. It took me 1 year learn this. YouTube it's plenty of videos of how to do an IR. Also you could just use your POD Go hooked to amp return or 4CM, always sounding great. Good luck.
  6. rarellano


    Did you try IR? I made one of my Marshall and voilà!
  7. What are the features needed of tone to create IR's for PG?
  8. Finally I learned to use PG properly: I made an IR of my Marshall AVT100X, I installed on PG and... voilà!
  9. So, an IR it's just another kind of equalization. I got it.
  10. @voxman55 WHAT A CLASS/EXPLANATION! THANKS! My cons: I use AMP OUT to play Rocksmith and FX LOOP RETURN as AUX to enter PC sound, all mentioned connections of PG. So I have to put Cab simulation at the beginig of the chain. Also plays on a Marshall AVT100X, connecting MAIN OUT L to amp Return. My axe: a cheaper Gibson Les Paul w/minihumbuckers. My Global eq in the attached image. My questions: where do you recommend me put the eq? I use on PG -> Cab (off), Dynamics and Distortions before amp, then FX LOOP (off), then Time fx, Mods, fx, Reverb... What eq? What values? THANKS A LOOOT!
  11. Same issue, but Marshall AVT100X. I've tried to change Amps to Preamps and Pre has no volume enough. Ideas? Please?
  12. Letter of songs shows song scale, so the song could be a mix of chords that be part of that scale. I'm sharing a "hidden/secret" document with a lot of other things. Regards... Spider_II-III-Jam_Presets.pdf
  13. Bye, fellows. Line 6 don't update the firmware anymore, deciduous SD, without FX loop, no chances to detune guitar, so I sold it. I'm migrating to POD Go connected by 4CM to a Marshall AVT100X. Also, nobody else talk anymore in this group, so I leave it. It was a loyal partner, I will remember it fondly, but I will not miss it. Bye.
  14. Do you recommends a POD Go on Marshall AVT100X using 4CM? Thanks in advance.
  15. I couldn´t find any video showing the differences between 4CM and 2CM (I just made it up), specifically made with POD Go.
  16. Wow! Have you the link? I couldn't found nothing about.
  17. So, Spider V MkII, using FBV3, has pitch shifting, even monophonic? Can I shift pitch using FBV3 or I have to create a "detuned" patch? Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi. Spider V has some feature that emulate Digitech Drop? If I need to play some song in E flat or D standard, I just want to press a button of FBV3 and drop the guitar tuning, for example . Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi. POD Go has some pedal like Digitech Drop? If I need to play some song in E flat or D standard just pressing a button. Thanks in advance.
  20. By default, SJ has a patch called "Fuzzy" on 5D position of User Bank. If you lost this patch (maybe you edited that patch), you can recover it by: Artist Bank Royalush Fuzzy
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