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  1. Or connect your effects to "CD/MP3" input.
  2. Guys, what do you think if some of us ask to Line 6/Yamaha in IdeaScale a firmware update with our suggestions? I sent an idea: use button "Function 2" of FBV Shortboard MkII for pitch tune up or down with pedal in Spider Jam (https://line6.ideascale.com/a/idea-v2/890893). Other idea could be make more friendly the selection of tempo bpm, increasing or decreasing tempo using "Select knob". Other idea could be change or update size and type of SD cards. Etc. I ask to community to vote for these kind of ideas, because I think we can do a diffrence and get what we need/want to update our wonderful SpiderJam. Somebody?
  3. Did you understand section 2.2 of user manual? Then you must to understand that pedal controller works ONLY in user banks (see section B.1 of user manual). So, the buttons A, B, C, D change four patches between one of the nine user banks (also, see this video from 7:55 min: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aetMGdmdYE). Save ordered your desired tones in user bank 1A, 1B, 1C and 1D and you could change between these sounds with A, B, C and D buttons of pedal controller. I don´t know how you could up or down between banks (1 to 9) using FBV Express MkII (I have FBV Shortboard MkII that has a couple of buttons to move between banks 1 to 9, also patches A to D), I guess you must to turn the wheel to change bank (1 to 9) then you could navigate between patches using pedal controller.
  4. Have you tried to plug any acoustic guitar in CD/MP3 jack? It's the most clean input that SJ has.
  5. Che, ¿probaste a instalarle un firmware más bajo que el que tiene? En algún lado encontré que alguien habí­a resuelto un tema similar así­: instaló el firmware más bajo que encontró en la página de Line 6 y luego fue upgradeando hasta llegar a la última versión. Te recomiendo que vayas probando las distintas versiones del firmware antes de pasar a la siguiente. Un abrazo desde Chile.
  6. Check this out: https://youtu.be/BcyMxP0chfU
  7. See this, maybe could help you: https://1drv.ms/b/s!ACIl6s5VlinAwRM
  8. Use Line 6 Monkey. There you will see Serial Number.
  9. I know it's not the tone that you are looking for, but, did you see this page? http://line6.com/customtone/browse/spiderjam/ Perhaps you could get some ideas from there.
  10. Yep, I have it: https://1drv.ms/b/s!ACIl6s5VlinAwRM and: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AiIl6s5VlinAi8cTrv9iXGGYKareUw Both files could you help you. Good luck!
  11. Maybe helps (page A.3 of Spider Jam Advanced Guide [Rev B]): Aux Track Distortion Q: When I use the Aux track for recording my guitar track and I add Aux FX Presets, my guitar sometimes sounds distorted when I play it back; it sounds fine while recording. What’s up? A: When recording to the Aux track, you’re essentially in “input monitor†mode, meaning you’re hearing your guitar’s input, not its output. When you add Aux FX like EQ, for example, you’re also boosting level. This can result in distortion that you only hear on playback. The cure for this is, if you’re recording on the Aux track and you’re boosting your level with Aux FX, simply lower your input level to avoid distortion.
  12. Only in hell. No chance. Sorry. Yamaha don't show any interest in release new firmwares for Spider Jam. Good luck in Etiopia... I'm so disappointed about that, because I guess it is possible improve a lot of stuffs in Spider Jam with a new firmware release. I wrote several suggestions in Ideascale, but nobody read a lollipop. Whatever...
  13. I would have both... but a technological improvement could be a good reason to decide for AMPLIFi. It's a really hard choice. I'm a Spider Jam owner and I'm not pretty sure about buy an AMPLIFi to change my SJ. Drum tracks are really amazing. Good luck (buy both!)...
  14. Decrease drum volume to 0. I did it and works, because I couldn´t find another way to do exactly what you are looking for. Tell me if you find another way to do it. Regards.
  15. I can't imagine a better ampli. Maybe a firmware update, add a function to Function 2 button of FBV Shortboard MkII and save to mp3.
  16. Use "CD/MP3" input. It's no possible set up a totally clean patch.
  17. Greatest amp in the world. Some artificial presets, other simply incredible. Line 6 (Yamaha) don't develop any new firmware since 8 years ago. I have that amp with FBV Shortboard MkII and works fine, although it could be more useful. There are not files with presets, you have to setup and save each sound. Check my posts and you'll find the list of every preset. Buy it!
  18. Finally I bought the Guitar Port, because I tried it in Windows 10 successfully. Line 6 Monkey updated its firmware and I downloaded Gear Box 3.72 and everything works fine. I'm really happy with its tones and performance. It's a good choice. Also, I have Line 6 Spider Jam and it's a good choice to record with 2 guitars. Thanks for your comments, guys. I'll going to download Pod Farm1.12 to prove it with my Guitar Port. Thanks for the recommendation.
  19. Guys I want to buy a Guitar Port with the old Line 6 logo. I don't know its date of manufacturing. The question is: do you recommend that purchase? Is it still functional that device? I've been looking for information on Line 6 site and they discontinued the Guitar Port. Is convenient? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  20. Don't worry, we are here to help us each other. I expect the file could be useful for you and the rest.
  21. Turn the wheel (Select Knob) or use the 4-way Navigation Button. The list of patches in file are orderer. Regards and don't hesitate question.
  22. As in pictures (http://line6.com/fx100/) you could plug fx100 in any device. In Spider Jam case, in CD/MP3 Jack must works. Good luck.
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