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  1. Wow! Have you the link? I couldn't found nothing about.
  2. So, Spider V MkII, using FBV3, has pitch shifting, even monophonic? Can I shift pitch using FBV3 or I have to create a "detuned" patch? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi. Spider V has some feature that emulate Digitech Drop? If I need to play some song in E flat or D standard, I just want to press a button of FBV3 and drop the guitar tuning, for example . Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi. POD Go has some pedal like Digitech Drop? If I need to play some song in E flat or D standard just pressing a button. Thanks in advance.
  5. By default, SJ has a patch called "Fuzzy" on 5D position of User Bank. If you lost this patch (maybe you edited that patch), you can recover it by: Artist Bank Royalush Fuzzy
  6. 1. Use CD/MP3 input, because AUX input it's not clean 2. No. And I 'm angry and disappointed because that 3. Read 1st answer. Even possible. 4. You must to create a clean patch. In my case, I created a patch with: AMP MODELS CLEAN red DRIVE 0 BASS, MID and TREBLE on noon CHAN VOL to taste both FX to OFF REVERB 0
  7. Sorry, I wrote bulllollipop. Try this: Press "DRUMS/SONG" button Press right arrow until SD "Turn Wheel To Browse SD" Look for the record Select your record (right arrow). This will load your record into internal memory When recording loaded, press "SAVE" button Turn the wheel until "SAVE REC MIX AS WAV TO CARD" Press right arrow Now your record must to be in .wav format in the SD card If you have error, check your SD card. Also, check your email. I sent you a .pdf file that could help you to understand deeply the amp
  8. If you have already saved your recording in .JAM format in the SD card: - Press "DRUMS/SONG" button - Turn the wheel until "RECORDINGS" - Select your record - Press "SAVE" button - Turn the wheel until "SAVE REC MIX AS WAV TO CARD" Done. Now you have your record in .wav format in SD card.
  9. Updated request: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Octaver-Whammy-on-Spider-Jam/946577-23508?submitted=1#idea-tab-comments PLEASE, VOTE IT!
  10. 1) The first FX knob has: CHORUS/FLANGE - PHASER - TREMOLO. The second FX knob has: DELAY - TAPE ECHO - SWEEP ECHO. I can't see the Whammy. Or octaver (I'm looking for some effect to play Morello's songs) 2) I have a couple of years my Line 6 gear, so I know what I'm talking about. I'm sure that FBV Shortboard MkII works with Spider Jam, but "FUNCTION 2" button. 3) Check this out: https://line6.com/support/topic/31066-line-6-ideas-ideascale-votes-for-firmware-update/. I already did it some years ago.
  11. Using pedal, emulating a Whammy. I propose (ha!) to Line 6 a firmware update (ha!) to use "FUNCTION 2" button of FBV Shortboard MkII as a way to activate this octaver. Maybe I used that Word: octaver. I'm looking for a way to emulate a Whammy using Spider Jam + FBV Shortboard MkII. Thanks, dude.
  12. It's impossible to have a pitch shifter on Spider Jam, right? Somebody had some successful experience about? Maybe? Please?
  13. Are you sure about 2GB SD card? It's card properly working on Spider Jam? What version of firmware are you flashing? Sound as a good idea try with a pedal. I have FBV Shortboard MKII and it's awesome, because you can change more parameters than Express.
  14. You definitely need to go online and get a 2GB (or smaller) SD card. And with old format (I don´t remember what).
  15. Yes, Carlos, that file includes Spider Jam also II & III settings and features. For me has been so useful. You're welcome. Abrazos, amigo.
  16. I guess the problem with the post sellig procedures is because (in Spider Jam case at least) it's a incredible product... but they need sell newest. Also, Yamaha has some words to say about. Dude, try to download this file and take a look at it: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AiIl6s5VlinAwROY6EUvof5DgoVY
  17. Dude, you need to get the oldest SD card that you could find and no more than 2GB, otherwise it doesn't work with Spider Jam. I'm not absolutely sure what kind of SD card you need, but try the oldest. It's a wise choice starting with firmware update. Also, a gift: Patches & presets
  18. Do you know that SJ exports from .JAM to .WAV files?
  19. 1) I felt SO STUPID when I understood how this button works (AND NOBODY HERE HELPS ME): you must to press it repeatedly in the rhythm you want. Press it a couple of times keeping the rhythm you want and BPM will change to the rhythm that you press it the button. Also works with pedal. 2) I guess this point it is linked with point before. Check it and tell me. Or check page 3.1 of "Advanced Guide": "Time Stretch & Varispeed". 3) What firmware version has your Spider Jam? This looks like a bug.
  20. You must to decrease to zero "Playback levels" of "Song/Drums". Check page 1.2 of "Advanced Guide" (RTFM). Regards.
  21. Look for the oldest SD card that you could to find then try.
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