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  1. Guessing this is a NO......but anyone know if there is some.......Line Level option the the SpiderJam At first i was thinking maybe out of the RCA jacks.......but maybe not?
  2. One quick try..........can you use the RCA output jacks to some.......other powered speakers? Might tell you if the problem is just with the internal speakers....or not.
  3. Found this item.........very cool........inexpensive ( on Amazon) about $39. When i got it last week (Feb 2021) even had free shipping. Works very well.......low latency.....compact. In case you are thinking of try this kind of set up....this worked great.
  4. I"ve a "similar issue in past.........not sure it this might be it or not.....but....... what i found with my setup, was i was also picking out voice from my Cam mic too. so...kind of a distorted echo thing.
  5. For me to get sound.....let me explain what i do and have.........found out. 1) i start up my computer WITHOUT the UX2 turned on 2) I then connect the UX2 3) I then start up PodFarm I only hear sound, viz the Headphone jack......... UNLESS........ I connect my PC speakers, to the UX2, via the "Analog Outs" jacks on back of the UX 2.........then and ONLY then, do i hear output from my speakers.
  6. Thanks for responses. That PDF, I also have that. But....didn't give me quite what i needed. I mean.....i can usually figure it out with some trial and error, but...would of been nice if Line 6 could just added that little bit extra.
  7. With-in the DRUMS\SONGS options. Looking for some additional info. Example #108 Blues Stomp. Shows the #1 chord when loading.....in this case A. This Song, seems to be chords A D E ( and an F thrown in). For some of the Songs, i have a hard time determining remaining chords that were used. Anyone know of a "hidden\secret" Line 6 document that might shows ALL OF the chords for each song.
  8. I think ( least I hope) this is what you are trying to do. Check out this user guide and take a look at page 10 "Setting Guitar Tones Presets" https://line6.com/data/6/0a06434d8a7c507ef921e9d44/application/pdf/Spider Jam Pilot's Guide - English ( Rev I ).pdf
  9. See if this helps http://www.musifex.pt/media/itemfiles/SPIDER_IV_15/pdfs/Misc_-_Spider%20IV%20Song%20presets%20.pdf
  10. Sorry, i'm not sure about "recording" methods.....never tried it. But to just use the SD songs as play along.......then...... SD card has to still be loaded!!!! Should work.........its the way i access and play along with songs I've transferred over to the SD card. Hope this got you where you wanted to be!
  11. This is the way to you select and have the WAV files play back. Press Drums\Song button Using the "directional 4 arrow button" ........ slide over to SD in the display window Rotate the "wheel" to display the songs you have on your SD card When you locate the desired song.......again, use the "4 arrow button" and press LEFT arrow Should see the file loading in display window Now press the INPUT \ LEVEL button using the 4 arrow key button, you can select and adjust the volume of the play back..........for your WAV files, it will be the last (far right) option labeled Mic\Aux\Wav Hit the PLAY button should work my friend
  12. May not apply here, but I had similar issues with various levels of distortion. What i found through trial and error, was moving the UX2 as far away from my PC Monitor, Pc itself, and other devices. That seemed for me to solve the problem. I.E. Distance the UX2 and USB cable as much as possible.
  13. Once you have recorded your loop as a track........which i assume you did. I'd just extent that within Reaper as many bars as you needed. Then....simply record additional tracks with what ever effects you need........ignoring the loop pedal entirely.
  14. I've used this for years https://spesoft-free-audio-converter.en.softonic.com/download?ex=REG-60.0
  15. Daspazz, your process would be interesting to see....you should either made a vid, or....post a few pic of how you ta ke it apart.
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