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  1. I think ( least I hope) this is what you are trying to do. Check out this user guide and take a look at page 10 "Setting Guitar Tones Presets" https://line6.com/data/6/0a06434d8a7c507ef921e9d44/application/pdf/Spider Jam Pilot's Guide - English ( Rev I ).pdf
  2. See if this helps http://www.musifex.pt/media/itemfiles/SPIDER_IV_15/pdfs/Misc_-_Spider%20IV%20Song%20presets%20.pdf
  3. Sorry, i'm not sure about "recording" methods.....never tried it. But to just use the SD songs as play along.......then...... SD card has to still be loaded!!!! Should work.........its the way i access and play along with songs I've transferred over to the SD card. Hope this got you where you wanted to be!
  4. This is the way to you select and have the WAV files play back. Press Drums\Song button Using the "directional 4 arrow button" ........ slide over to SD in the display window Rotate the "wheel" to display the songs you have on your SD card When you locate the desired song.......again, use the "4 arrow button" and press LEFT arrow Should see the file loading in display window Now press the INPUT \ LEVEL button using the 4 arrow key button, you can select and adjust the volume of the play back..........for your WAV files, it will be the last (far right) option labeled Mic\Aux\Wav Hit the PLAY button should work my friend
  5. May not apply here, but I had similar issues with various levels of distortion. What i found through trial and error, was moving the UX2 as far away from my PC Monitor, Pc itself, and other devices. That seemed for me to solve the problem. I.E. Distance the UX2 and USB cable as much as possible.
  6. Once you have recorded your loop as a track........which i assume you did. I'd just extent that within Reaper as many bars as you needed. Then....simply record additional tracks with what ever effects you need........ignoring the loop pedal entirely.
  7. I've used this for years https://spesoft-free-audio-converter.en.softonic.com/download?ex=REG-60.0
  8. Daspazz, your process would be interesting to see....you should either made a vid, or....post a few pic of how you ta ke it apart.
  9. What do you envision as "cool" stuff. Reverb Chorus Flanging Echo Dealy ??????
  10. First ...... ( and maybe i missed something ) have you a way to extract the audio from your song|backup site? i.e. and convert it to a WAV or even an MP3 file? Reason being.....then you can just insert THAT as one of your tracks in Reaper....and then record your voice on additional tracks ( as maybe passes as it takes) I would doubt that trying to sing along with a YouTube type track off the web will be very easy to do.
  11. There is WHOLE WORLD of vids on doing most anything......but.......here are a couple of sites that I have found to have good content https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMUHt6JzCMsdtvkaJpU3KXw/videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq297H7Ca98HlB5mVFHGSsQ You can always just do a "topic \ word " search and fine most anything that way............ Best of luck!
  12. Should work fine....... the UX2 will be your sound card basically. Should not need any additional things for it to work.
  13. gary9605

    Sd Card

    The publication : Spider Jam Advanced Guide states that SD card can only be "up to 2 GB" I'd also tell you....to format it, do it ON the SpiderJam not on your PC as it needs to set up with the JM4 filing system
  14. gary9605

    Aux volume

    Couple of things........ 1) check that the CHAN VOL knob is not turned back to zero...this affects the normal volume as well as the MASTER knob. 2) there is a volume adjustment in the SETUP that could be set too low: * Push the LEVEL\INPUT button * using the arrow button.....move selection over to right to the Mic\Aux\Wav items * push the Input\Level button again * using the arrow button..... move to AUX selection * Rotate the Selector dial( one on TOP of amp) and adjust the Db setting
  15. Don't believe so. The aux input (MP3) file is only being read and not internally accessible.....IMO. Perhaps some one can confirm or tell you otherwise.
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