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  1. Yeah that is how I do now but it is not the way I want to do as I spent 200 dollars on a loop pedal... One question, if I have ONE specific distortion pedal. Does it sound the same with any amp? Dist Pedal -> Amp 1 Dist Pedal -> Amp 2 Do I get different sounds? I am thinking about Podfarm 2.5 Software, if I use a pedal before the looper and if I change the sounds on podfarm, will I get different each time or does the pedal replace all sounds from podfarm?
  2. Hello, I use Line 6 UX2 with Podfarm as software to play my guitar. So this is how I usually connect: Guitar -> UX2 -> Computer (Podfarm) | Headphones Now I bought a Loop pedal and I do this: Guitar -> Loop Pedal -> UX2 -> Computer (Podfarm) | Headphones And it works perfectly fine! No delay or whatsoever. My question is whenever I play something, let's say Am C D F as a loop with CLEAN sound and then on my Layer 2 want to play solo over this, and click "Pedal ON" on my Podfarm the Layer 1 also changes. So how do I solve this problem? I want to be able to: Layer 1. Clean acoustic sound, looping! Layer 2. Distortion Solo. Layer 3. Another sound etc. So how do I do this with the UX2? Please help.
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