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  1. Thanks! Do I just have to press the X on the left of the device?
  2. Hi, I'm selling my PodGo to move to an Helix. How can I unregister the product from my profile to leave the new buyer/user able to registry it with his account?
  3. I generally agree with you but you miss 2 points The first is that the device is sold as a platform that will receive updates The second is that what I lament most is that Line6 kind of disregards the product and, as a follow up, the users No news, no communication, nothing, and it's a bit different respect to their other product lines
  4. I received a PodGo survey in the mail Very interesting and all, but, there wasn't a question that really bothers me as a user: "What kind of expectation do you have for the future of the device?" Because, honestly, lately, I'm feeling like a have a piece of dead hardware with that will receive maybe just a couple of updates before being ignored. There's always some way to squeeze juice from every processor, but Line6 doesn't seem too interested on doing some more research on the PodGo, or, if I'm wrong, they really have bad communication with the userbase. And it's incredible because this device just had 3 years on the market, so it's still new-ish, but, again, my impression is that Line6 doesn't care too much about it. And...just freeing one FX space would do so so much for the users...but we have radio silence, we're contacted to know what we think, and yeah, I wanted to say what I really think
  5. Yeah, you're right, it's a lead guitar tone, snapshot 1 was the rhythm associated with that lead tone, but it's really of no use, so I should always active snaphot 2 after entering the preset
  6. I need to move snapshots. Or better I need to "erase" snapshot 1 and substitute it with currently is snapshot 2. Is there a way that I didn't manage to figure out using PodGo Edit? Thanks
  7. Unfortunately you will have to wait quite a good bit. Going through all my presets is painstakingly long and I must find the actual time to do it
  8. I have mainly brought every patch to the same volume, by ear, not with a DAW (but I think I'll have to resort to that), and every patch is well above +5 db. PodGo knob is between 9 and 11 o'clock and the Headrush is at 2 I think. Honestly I feel like I did everything wrong...will have to take a day and set up everything again with a DAW
  9. I was wondering what you guys think yelds the best results sound wise. Do you prefer to crank the PodGo volume up and turn down the volume of the amp/pa, or do you prefer the opposite, turning PodGo volume up and amp/pa down? Unfortunately I can never crank up the volume high enough to perceive well the difference, but what I hear is enough to say that there's quite the difference and that PodGo volume down kills stuff like reverb and delay much more than turning the pa volume down (I use an Headrush 108).
  10. Geez, more intensive than the Horizon drive...
  11. I've noticed there's some Legacy stuff that is not in the Pod Go...I think the Legendary Drive or Prince Of Tones for example Does anyone know the reason?
  12. 6 months Development limbo? Development hell? Development pregnancy?
  13. Kind of funny that he replies on the gear page but not here
  14. Line6 dealing with v1.40 bugs
  15. It's like someone that should start a diet :D
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