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  1. Kind of funny that he replies on the gear page but not here
  2. Line6 dealing with v1.40 bugs
  3. It's like someone that should start a diet :D
  4. "And even this week, the update will be released next week"
  5. As the process derives from the ticket I filed here on support, Line6 knows who my tech is I hadn't realized until I went to the lab (which lately changed address and name) but I have known him for 29 years, and I don't want to put him in troubles My unit hasn't been replaced, it had the same scratches and it wasn't restored to default, my presets are all there I repeat myself, 7 minutes clocked, I phoned my girlfriend when I left the lab, then after 7 minutes I got his call to go take the device back That's how I know it has been 7 minutes, from the phone calls tab 7 minutes for me is: unscrew the device > unsolder part > solder back the part > reassemble the device > try the device The problem is not "impedance" as a whole...but part of it And yes, L6 should come forward with the acknowledgment of the problem as it seems so very easyto solve @voxman55 "Line 6 should be upfront with its customers and shouldn't have anything to hide. " "Circuitboard copyrights" was the reply I was given
  6. Techs are under non disclosure agreement I suggest that IF someone gets to know the issue, they keep for themselves because they put at risk the exclusivity service of the techs Capisc'...
  7. Filed a ticket on Sunday Got an OK from Line6 Monday, late afternoon Contacted the local repair service immediately Got a reply this morning (Tuesday) Brought the device in in the afternoon, walked away with the problem solved, 7 minutes later ...wish I could say more...
  8. But what's the supposed warranty length? I think EU is 1 year warranty I purchased my PodGo in February so I'm out of warranty, even if, technically, it's a product fault and not anything damaged
  9. Thanks man, already ordered the ROCKBOARD NATURAL SOUND BUFFER at my local store, even if it costs quite double the price (28 €), as I had bad experiences with Ali. Should arrive Tuesday Hopefully it will make me happier
  10. Thanks Can you please suggest me the cheapest pedal available that has a buffer?
  11. I tried the Ditto Looper between the guitar and the PodGo. No difference whatsoever. I even tried to fiddle with the DL volume but nothing happened.
  12. About this impedance thing I'm not technical enough and not English speaking enough to fully understand the matter I got that the device has a pretty significant signal loss and that it might be prevented with a buffered pedal in the pedal chain 3 questions: - Does the Ditto Looper works as a buffer in this case? (I read it has dynamic buffer, I think a fixed buffer is needed) - Does the pedal need to be cabled between the guitar and the PodGo or does it have to be in the Send/Return of the Pod and be set before the amp in the signal chain? - Does this problem fall into the deceiving marketing category, as an advertised spec is not coherent? PS I think the problem might be somehow software related, as I always have this perception that the sound I dial n PodGoEdit becomes different when I unplug the USB, or better, I have this sensation the day after I use the patch and think..."hmm...it seemed cooler yesterday"
  13. Seems a bit like an overkill to me or at least something that very few people would use. I mean, I'm always up for stuff that other users desire, even if I don't need it, but it looks like a lot of work to me, and since we're on a very slow development cycle on PodGo, I wouldn't certainly prioritize it. We're 3 months after a vague announce that the update was in development, not to mention how far behind we're from other Line6 product lines. It feels a bit of a let down honestly
  14. I'd really welcome the idea I'd also like to set the EQ (Bass, Mid, Treble) for each "guitar preset"
  15. Hi guys, unfortunately I never have enough time in my hands to go deep into the fx possibilities of the PodGo, and I have never been a pedal/fx expert, so I don't know what I can achieve with what. I was wondering if there's some kind of FX that is like the kind of electronic violin swell (I know it's a Midi guitar, but one can try to approximate) that sometimes Allan uses on his leads Even how to achieve an auto swell would be interesting (without using the expression pedal) Do you guys have any idea? Or at least an fx which I should try to exploit? Thanks
  16. You killed me without giving me the chance of the last cigarette :)
  17. I was thinking if there's a chance that Line6 could provide a version of PodGo Edit that works without the PodGo connected. I use the same laptop for work and at home, and in the dead moments of work (I'm a trader and I work on my own, so I'm my own boss) I could try to replicate some presets that I see on youtube, and spare some time at home, but I can't. The other day I spent half a day to level my presets, because with the amp I had set each preset output between -15 and -20 db and with the FRFR speaker I wanted to put them all in the 0 (flat) db output...something I could have done at work in the spare time, but I had to resort to a holiday. For people like me (but I don't know how many would actually use the feature) it would be something awesome and a great time saver. I would open an Ideascale post, but I'm not good enough in English to sum it up cleanly with fewer words
  18. It does make 100% sense The hack is acceptable only if you use less intensive FXs, otherwie it's a mess But again, my opinion is that it should be left out to the user, with greyed out options For many high gain chanels you can deal with very simple delay and reverbs, but if you have an Overdrive and a Compressor (to clean the output sound, like Sadites do, for example), you're left out of mod FXs like Phaser/Flanger that you might want to add I haven't fiddled out at all with the GO since the last update, as I didn't had time, and I plan to use at least half of next Monday to fiddle around, since I got a Headrush Speaker and I have to revisit all the parameteres and volumes to match them with the speaker
  19. Any news about the release? Line6 is releasing products left and right like the Metallurgy or the DL4 MkII, but the PodGo seems forgotten by God
  20. As an average Joe with low-ish budget to direct to gear/hobby my experience with guitar processor units has always been with Boss and Line6 products, and I must say that so far I enjoyed the Line6 has always been much better than with the Boss products This also means that I won't purchase anything in the foreseeable future, nor change my PodGo (which I0m happy with), but I surely hope Line6 will put some more gas in it As @voxman55 said, DSP power can't be increased, but surely some software optimization can be done, as it is something very common to be able to squeeze some power from a processor when you are used to it
  21. Boss new stuff has been released, it's in the same price range of the Pod-Go, I think Line6 must work around the DSP use with some optimization and push the Go a bit more if they want to stay competitive
  22. I call it hack, as it erases some script to make a piece of software to work as it's not intended to Yeah man, I voted your ideas, at least 3 I repeat myself, it's useless to be reluctant/stubborn when there is a workaround, which proves at least 2 things: it can be done and people wants it
  23. Since the hack is around, it would be better for Line6 to release their own version I'm usually very very basic with my FX chain and never use FX that are expensive on the DSP, so it would help me a lot, and I would like to not resort on the JSON hack
  24. I just hope one day LINE6 will allow us to ditch the expression pedals for a compressor
  25. I would swap the Wah for a Compressor any day of the year
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