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  1. You've simply come up against the DSP ( digital signal processing) limit. You've selected options that use up a lot of DSP, and the greyouts in Pod Go simply tell you that you don't have enough processing power to run those options. If you want them you'll have to choose different options in your current selections. For example if you've chosen a jumped amp model, spring reverb or Horizon drive, these use up a lot of processing power. Seems to me you've got a bit of research to do so you can understand how Pod Go works. This includes reading the manual, watching Pod Go vids on youtube, and looking at the Pod Go DSP useage charts published by Benvesco. In the latter, it's not fully up to date for v1.30 Pod Go but it will show you how much each of your selections costs in terms of DSP %. Look in the Pod Go columns, here: https://benvesco.com/store/helix-dsp-allocations/
  2. Have a read here to see if this might help: https://line6.com/support/topic/62713-gt10ii-cutting-in-and-out-on-pgw/
  3. This was added in v1.30, ditto snap shot naming & switch colour options.
  4. It's a known issue - see the v1.30 notes here right at the end. It will be fixed in the next firmware update but temp fix as below: Known Issues in 1.30 If many parameters are assigned to the expression pedal, POD Go Edit may fail to reflect some parameters' correct Min and Max values In some cases, loading a .WAV file into the currently active IR slot can cause the block to cease passing audio until a different IR location is selected When Modulation > Chorus' WavShape is set to "Saw Up" or "Saw Down," the block collapses the signal to mono when after the Amp block A minor thump may be heard when loading a Distortion > Kinky Boost, Dhyana Drive, or Tycoctavia Fuzz In rare cases, if Delay > Glitch Delay is in the active preset, performing a firmware update can cause POD Go to freeze on the splash screen Renamed footswitch assignments that are at the character limit and also contain special characters may cause lines to temporarily appear along the bottom of the screen when toggled. Please shorten the customized name by 1 character to avoid this as a temporary workaround until this is addressed in a future release. POD Go Edit—After copying/pasting an Input or Output block “Failed to undo edit buffer: …" can appear POD GO Edit—Adjusting some parameters can fail to display the preset name in a dirty state (italics)
  5. Use the acoustic simulator with a clean amp. It's pretty good. There are also some acoustic patches on Custom Tone.
  6. I've seen this reported before. Is this brand new or did you buy it used? If new I suggest you return it and request a replacement. You could try a factory reset that might bring these back. What firmware version is shown at start up in the kidney window? I suspect you'll be better to upgrade or reinstall the firmware to v1.30. Line 6 Customer Support will help you get it sorted if you can't return it or can't resolve it, so raise a ticket with them and they'll guide you.
  7. There are Pod Go Facebook groups that have a number of these .pgp template variations you can load down. Some can be a bit quirky e.g. the 6 block I mentioned earlier, but some work as described. Very useful if you need a bit more flexibility. Frankly, my view is that Line 6 should add an option for two further blocks and the ability to remove the amp and cab blocks. But they are entrenched in their view as to what they think Pod Go should do and who it's aimed at. I personally think they are absolutely 100% wrong and are not listening to what it's customers want, but that's just me. I also think they should add DSP info to help customers but again it's something they are vehemently against.
  8. If you can't recognise a tone and its non-descript what possible difference does it make? You either like a tone and think it might be good for certain things, or you dont. Either way it's irrelevant what it's called or what it's supposed to be.
  9. There have been a number of bricking problems reported here and on other sites. I therefore asked Line 6 Support how these can be fixed and I thought it might be helpful to share their response: --------------------------- ========= Message from YGG ========= Hello voxman55. Your Line 6 Support Ticket was updated with the following message: Hi, in case of an update failure: 1. reinstall the latest version of POD Go Edit and Line 6 Updater: https://line6.com/software/ 2. boot the unit into "Update Mode": press and hold PAGE > (page right) and then power on POD Go. 3. reconnect the POD Go via USB to the computer. Use another USB cable and try different USB ports, don't connect to an USB hub. 4. shut down all Line 6 software including POD Go Edit, or any programs that use audio, like DAWs, iTunes, Spotify, video games, etc. 5. launch Line 6 Updater only and select "POD Go Unknown version", then (re-)install the latest firmware. 6. perform a factory reset on the POD Go (will delete all user patches, IRs, globals): while holding footswitches C+ D turn on POD Go. Wait for "Will reset Globals and restore stock Presets..." to appear and let go. 7. if this should fail, the same procedure should be tried again offline. For this you have to download the latest POD Go flash memory file, then launch Line 6 Updater, choose "Offline Mode", then choose the downloaded flash memory file for the update. 8. if it still fails, it needs to be tested with another computer. You can update directly from any version to the latest firmware version. In rare cases a gradual update via previous versions may help but normally that's not necessary. If none of the above should help, the unit should be checked by a service center. But please note that normally, even when an update attempt fails, the unit can be returned to operational state with the above procedure. Best regards Line 6 / Ampeg Support Europe - Line 6 Customer Service
  10. Aside from people's ears being different, another factor is that we all have different guitars, pickups, amps, cabs, headphones etc. Someone may have a great patch for e.g. a Gary Moore tone that they created for their Les Paul with Pod Go via a set of studio grade headphones e.g. Audio Technica ATH m50x (these are mine). But if you a Strat and just use HiFi headphones or if you run your Pod Go plugged into the fx return of a 5w Marshall head and are going through a 2x12 greenback cab, it will sound totally different through your headphones or amp and with your guitar. In addition, some patches are made using a third party impulse response (IR) and not a stock cab model in Pod Go (which are IRs too that are incorporated into Pod Gos modelling directly). So unless you have the same IR you can load, it will sound very different. For those who may be less familiar, a third party IR for Pod Go is a separate file in .WAV format that cannot be incorporated into the .pgp patch template file. Sometimes the patch creator will tell you which IR was used and give a link to it. If it's a free IR you can load it down and upload to one of your Pod Go's 128 IR memory slots. Otherwise you will have to buy it. You might be able to get close to it though with a stock cab if you know things like the cab and mic model used. In Custom Tone there are sections to add helpful info and text about the patch, eg if there are snapshots, that they were using volume roll off, etc, but not everyone bothers completing this, which is a shame. There might also be snap shots in the patch so it's worth trying snapshot mode to check.
  11. voxman55

    POD GO v.1.40

    It's not an official group - just facebook pages. As @silverhead rightly said, the best thing you can do is to vote on Ideascale - there are some links here: but as the same requests get made by several people, read through these first & vote/comment on the ones you like, and only make up a new topic once you're sure it's not already been covered. My wish list items are already on, so please look for these & vote on them - and any duplicates from others too! I also added one more to my list above, that I forgot.
  12. voxman55

    POD GO v.1.40

    I was just curious as he had a similar wish list. But suggest you change the title to Wish list for Pod Go 1.40 as it makes it look like a Line 6 post ( and we wouldn't want folk to get too excited! Lol) And I'm right with you on 5! I'd also like to see: 6. Two extra user blocks 7. Option to see 8 sections in the display when 2 additional Foot Switches are added in FS7 and FS8 including naming. 8. Control options for the tap delay switch. It seems a bit of a waste that all it does is tap delay! 9. Allow users the option to remove amp & cab thus freeing up DSP if eg they want to create a stomp FX patch using the extra blocks as above
  13. So, some progress. It sounds like the USB signal isnt strong enough. If you have a PC and have been using front USB ports, use the rear USB port as it will provide a much stronger signal. Do not use a USB hub.
  14. Where did you read that out of interest? OK, so I found this whereby you use the line 6 updater not Pod Go Edit: Also found this helpful video:
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