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  1. Out of interest, which Mooer do you have? Reason I'm curious is I very nearly opted for the flagship GE300 which has the 4 mode tone capture, and if you had the GE300 what you found the good/bad points to be as compared to Pod Go?
  2. voxman55

    No sound.

    Thanks guys, youve made my day as at 63 I'm a youngster compared to you both. Nice to know I'm not the only old fogie on here! Lol
  3. Pleasure, glad I was able to help. Just send your cheque for £50 tech support c/o Voxman! LOL
  4. Make sure you're logged in first
  5. By the way, IRs will typically use up around 2-3% more DSP...that part is not fixed and uses part of the user DSP allowance.
  6. I think you might be confusing Pod Go and Pod Go Edit. Don't reinstall Pod Go software or you'll lose your patches. Ignore step 2, do not connect USB yet and smply load down Pod Go Edit v1.11 to your computer...You do not need to connect your Pod Go yet ...So leave it switched off and unconnected ( v1.11 Pod Go Edit is the latest version ...v1.12 is Pod Go firmware latest version, so don't get confused, there is no v1.12 Pod Go Edit currently) and download to your computer. Once installed on your computer, read the Pod Go Edit manual and it will walk you through how to use it. Connect Pod Go via USB to your computer, switch on Pod Go and once booted up, open Pod Go Edit. It should then display all your patches on the left, and the editing screen will be open.
  7. You can't save the cab DSP as it's DSP allocation is fixed. You can turn the cab off but that won't save DSP. However the DSP allocation is low for a cab model so you wouldn't save much anyway.
  8. I'm afraid that often what sounds great at home doesn't necessarily sound good through the PA in a band mix, and vice a versa. The only way to resolve that one I'm afraid is to back up your patches in Pod Go Edit and then tweak patches live and create a separate gig patch list of your live patches that you can export/import via Pod Go Edit. You'll likely find that live patches will require reduction in effects and possibly gain levels, and upping mid frequencies to help punch through the mix. 're the latter, using the Global EQ might be useful to adjust the mid frequencies in all your patches without having to tweak each one. The global EQ is intended to help modify your tone globally to match different gigging environments.
  9. Knob response can be a concern... but there are pills you can get now to help!! Lol Seriously, same here. It's just a minor software glitch I think.
  10. Patch 1: A rolling stone gathers no moss Patch 2: A stitch in time saves nine Patch 3: A watched kettle never boils.
  11. I think you probably meant Pod Go Edit, rather than HX Edit. ;)
  12. Have a look at p33 (Global Settings>Switches/Pedals) of the manual to see if this helps resolve. Make sure you are in preset mode, or view mode, not 6 footswitch stomp mode (you can access snaps from the optional 4 footswitch stomp mode where F1 and F4 give up/down buttons)
  13. It's coming sometime in the new year...there's a thread on this already. This version won't have snap shot or multi footswitch naming, but these upgrades are high on the Line 6 agenda and are a possibility in the future. For the coming upgrade, best guess is that this is likely to have some of the less DSP hungry upgrades from the latest Helix v3.0. We are hoping, but don't know, that as the 6 user blocks in HX Stomp were upgraded to 8, that the 4 user blocks in Pod Go might be increased to 5 or possibly 6 blocks...this won't increase DSP but would give greater user flexibility. No release date is yet known.
  14. When disabling both the Pod Go's amp and cab, ie just using Pod Go as an fx only tool, then the Pod Go fx won't colour your amps tone per se. But time based fx will sound better through an amps fx loop...which you don't have. So if all the effects are in front of the amp, its best to keep your amp clean and use Pod Go for distortions, rather than pushing your amps gain. But there's no reason not to experiment with the amp and cab models through your Vox as they can still sound good.
  15. You need to modify your patches to fit with the colouring coming from the front end of your amp. You might not want to use cab models if going through your amps speakers. You also might want to experiment with the Pod Go global EQ to better fit with your amp. And I'd suggest you don't use the factory presets. Start building some patches from scratch so you can tailor tones for your amp.
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