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  1. Hi nprenger ;o) That's a clear answer, indeed ! I'll just carry on using my amp as is and if I ever happen to experience the problem I'll just add a heatsink and if it doesn't cure the problem......I'll just get another amp or use it as a power amp only. Thanks a lot. Jay
  2. Hi ! I've had my SV MK1 with SVPre for 5 years (I wrote quite a few messages on the old forums at the time of the release of the SVPre) and have never experienced the problem either, hence my question on another thread to know if anyone knows for sure if the problem arises on ALL SVMK1s or if it is completely random and only arose on some batches. True that I have mostly played it at home at a somewhat low volume, but I have gigged a few times with it and never had the problem. So, am I just lucky or is it just a question of time before it happens ? Thanks. Jay
  3. Hi ! Obviously, my English is not good enough. I said I haven't experienced this problem so far (have had the amp for 5 years). I just wanted to know if it would happen for sure at some point, that's all. No, I didn't do anything wrong when installing the SVPre. Just forget about my first post, I'll just carry on living my life......and using my SV that's working normally so far.......
  4. Hi ! Of course not ! Do you seriously think that L6 will admit that there is a "by-design" problem with the first generation of SVs ? I don't think so. If they were to do that, they would have to call all the amps for free servicing. But, again, outside L6 (among users), does anyone know if this problem is to happen on all MK1 SVs of if it will happen on only certain batches of units. If you don't know the answer to this question, please, just say it and that's all. Anyway, I'll just carry on using it the way I do and if it lollipops the bed at some point, I'll just open and try to fix it. But I would have liked to know... Thanks. Jay
  5. Hi ! I know that there is a problem with MK1 SVs and I know about the possible fix (does it work in the long run ?), but what I want to know is if anyone said that it is with ALL MK1 SVs or only a certain amount. If it was with all MK1s I guess L6 should have changed the mainboard for ALL users, free of charge, under waranty or not. That would have been the least thing to do. But, of course they won't admit it if it is a systematic problem (even if it is indeed systematic). So, it does not answer the question :) Cheers. Jay
  6. And.....? Sorry, but it doesn't answer my question....... Does anyone know if it is systematic or completely random. Are all SVs experiencing the problem or not ? Cheers. Jay
  7. Hi there, Wow, long long time wothout posting here ;o) I am still the owner of a mark 1 SV 112 and still hppy with it. I never experienced the overheating DSP problem leading to neverending ressting of the amp, but it is true that I seldom used it at high volume for long periods of time. I only gigged twice with it and have played it in my personal home studio at home mostly. What I would have liked to know is if this problem is systematic with MK1 SVs or if it is completely random. I mean, have there been random series that have the problem and others that don't have it ? I have the Strymon SVPre that I installed when it came out and the DSP board is, it seems, the first make (Revision A from 2007). So far, I have never experienced the problem. If I ever do, I'll try to fix it with a heatsink on the overheating areas of the board, but I'd really like to know if this is a randomly happening problem. If not, I might have just got a series without the flaw and I'll be glad about it ;o) Thanks a lot for your answers. Jay
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