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  1. Hi all. So I've had my line 6 Pod Go for about 4 days now and liking it. However when I try and connect it to PODgo Edit all I get is "no device connected". Even though my computer happily picks it up as a sound card and I've already done 2 recordings with it using my DAW and all works fine. But it just won't connect to the Edit program!!! I'm trying to use V1.11, I've uninstalled it about 10 times , downloaded the installer again and re installed it but everytime is still the same. I've tried every USB slot my computer has and makes no difference, I just don't get it. All drivers are installed and working perfectly, I'm using it as my permeant interface now, but I can not connect to pod edit! Which really will hinder my device in the future as I won't be able to do firmware updates or load IRs! Makes no sense that the computer finds it fine and it's being used as my audio interface and to record with! Using windows 10. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
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