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  1. Hi ! What is the maximum output level (in dBU at 0dBFS) that POD GO can produce when main output and/or amp out are set to line and instrument ? Thanks.
  2. Hi, It's my own request on Ideascale, so, already upvoted ;o) Cheers Jay
  3. I guess you should read my post more closely. I know the f*****g manual by heart LOL I do know how to set everything up but, if the cabs could just be bypassed on the amp out (only) and not judt be tapped before the cab, we wouldn't have to put the cab at the end of the chain to get all effects in the monitoring amp. The way I do it, I have stereo effects after the cab, so that the main outs are in stereo to FOH, but I have to tap the signal before the cab on the amp out and therefore get a dry signal. If I want to have the effects in the amp, I have to choose the "clone main outs" setting, but then the cab doubles up with the cab of the amp. My question was then, is there a hardware limitation preventing line6 to allow the amp out to give the same signal as main outs but with the cab disengaged ? I also own a Hotone Ampero. In the settings you can choose to disable cabs globally on either left or right output, without having to deactivate the block in your presets. Cheers. Jay
  4. Hi, Is it not possible hardwarewise to add this feature to the Pod Go ? Is there a hardware limitation not allowing to do that ? I mean, having the possibility to bypass cab block globally on the amp out while keeping it active on the main outs ? I usually send the stereo main to FOH and use an amp on stage for monitoring and at the moment I have to either leave cab on and the monitor sound is not that nice, or put the cab at the end and I lose the stereo signal on main outs. Cheers. Jay
  5. Hi, As I wrote above, had the problem all the time when first got my Pod Go. Edit kept giving me disconnection messages all the time after a few minutes. Now I have the PG plugged into an external powered USB hub. Problem solved, no more disconnections. Cheers. Jay
  6. Hi ! I haven't had time to update yet but the bug fix list says they fixed the expression pedal swap bug. Good stuff ! Cheers. Jay
  7. Hi, They updated the ticket. They managed to reproduce the bug and have escalated the issue further. So, it is a bug. I hope they fix it quickly because it is a must-have feature when playing live. Cheer Jay
  8. ceedjay

    Amp out level ?

    Hi, Unfortunately you can't change the output level of the Amp Out. I tried a few things. But it is quite powerful anyway so it should be ok to drive this FRFR cabinet as a monitor on stage. When used as the main cabinet for small gigs, I'll just use one of the main outputs. Maybe a small DI would be a good solution. Thanks for the answers. Cheers. Jay
  9. ceedjay

    Amp out level ?

    Hi ! What is the level of the Amp out ? Line ot instrument ? I have a Harley Benton FRFR112 arriving which I will be using as a monitor on stage (and as my amp at home). It has Line inputs, will it be ok xith the amp out ? I don't want to use the main outputs because these will go direct to PA when gigging. Thanks. Jay
  10. Hi ! OK, I asked other users on FB groups to test and their Pod Go does the same. The rep at Line6 could reproduce it too, so it is definitely a bug. https://www.facebook.com/100004506545710/videos/1760704500756418/ So, for the moment, it is impossible to have a "master" volume pedaln which is what I'd like. Bummer ! Cheers. Jay
  11. Hi, As I feared, they did not understand the description of the problem and just asked me to update to fw 1.12, use editor 1.11 and reset my PG, which is what I've done of course. I sent them the full procedure to reproduce the behaviour. Waiting fpr their answer. In the meantime, it would be nice if users with an external pedal could try and reproduce the bug so that I can know if it's only on my PG or not. Here is what you should do : 1) plug an external pedal in Pod Go (and choose Exp2 in settings, obviously) 2) go to settings and choose "global" for expression pedals 3) create and save two basic presets where exp1 controls wah value and exp2 controls volume, with 0/100% range for both. Save both presets with volume block visible in view mode (so that you can see the value in real time). 4) put external pedal fully toe down (volume goes to 100%) and internal pedal fully heel down (wah value goes to 0%) 5) switch to the other preset The value of volume should stay at 100% (the pedal is still toe down) and the wah should stay at 0% (the internal pedal is still heel down). IT IS NOT THE CASE, volume reverts to 0% (that is the position of the internal pedal) and wah jumps to 100% (that is the position of the external pedal). You can try with other pedal positions. For example, leave external pedal heel down (0% value), move internal pedal to a position where wah value is - for example - 37%. Now switch presets : volume value jumps to 37%, which is the value of the internal pedal. When Pod Go "asks" for the position of the pedals, it swaps pedal 1 and pedal 2. I hope I made myself clear. If again you don't understand, I'll make a video of it. Cheers Jay
  12. Yes, I have. Waiting for their answer. Thanks. Jay
  13. Hi, I did even try with a friend's genuine line6 ex1 pedal and it is the same. Just try and you'll see. It does the same thing even without an external pedal just switching from exp1 to exp2 with the toe switch. It is a bug. Reversing polarity will just make a pedal work the other way round (toe down becomes heel down) but it won't change how the device recognizes the pedal's position. Cheers. Jay
  14. Hi, Unfortunately, it's the same with all brands. Flagship products get all the attention. I have found a bug in which expression pedal positions are swapped (exp1 gets the value of pedal2 position and vice versa) when loading a preset when exp pedals are set to "global value". Makes the option useless if you want to have a constant volume position for example. I just cannot believe that they haven't noticed and fixed it yet.......probably too busy wanting to add yet again so many more amps and effects that nobody will use....... Cheers. Jay
  15. I'm afraid noone understands the problem. Try to do what I wrote above, you'll understand. Pedal polarity does not change anything. You can actually experience the bug without an external pedal. Assign volume to exp1, toe down to switch to exp2, move ex2 to, let's say, around mid-range, then reload preset. The volume, which was at 100% goes to where exp2 was left. Cheers. Jay
  16. Hi, I identified an important bug. When setting expression pedals to "global" if you want to keep the same volume position from preset to preset, it doesn't work. When switching to another preset, the positions of expression pedals are SWAPPED. Try the following : 1) set each expression pedal to global. 2) assign one pedal to volume and the other one to wah, for example. 3) save your preset 4) put one pedal heel down and the other one toe down. One parameter is now at 100% and the other one at 0% 5) reload preset by depressing footswitch The values are swapped !!!!! The one that was 100% becomes 0% and the other way round. Basically, when switching presets, Pod Go software swaps the position of both pedals. So the global function is unusable. Where can we report bugs to Line6 ? Cheers. Jay
  17. Hi again, It might be a bug and have nothing to do with the external pedal make. I have a preset in which exp1 controls delay level and exp2 is assigned to volume. I set volume to 100% and then push the toe switch to turn to exp1. Exp1 controls delay level, no problem, it does not control volume, Everything is ok. Now I leave the pedal half way and reload the preset (depressing footswitch).....volume goes to 45/50% without touching the pedal (it was at 100%). Unless there is something I'm not setting properly, this seems to be some kind of bug. Cheers Jay
  18. Hi, I've got an old Korg volume/expression pedal (KVP01) that works perfectly with the POD Go, BUT there is a strange behaviour. I set exp2 to control volume and exp1 to control another parameter. Evrything works perfectly. Now I set pedal positions to "global" because I'd like to keep the position of the pedals when I switch presets. Now that's strange : everytime I switch presets (or just depress the preset footswitch to reload it), the value of the external pedal is moved to where pedal1 is. For example, I set external pedal to 64% volume and toe down internal pedal.......now I reload preset or choose another one........volume goes to 100%. If I heel down internal pedal, it does the same but at 0%, or whatever position it is in. I tried with an M-audio Ex-p. Same thing. It does rhe same thing if I switch functions between both pedals. I tried everything. I even modified the ex-p to be only TS, but still same thing. Please, could someone with the "official" line6 ex1 have a go and tell us if it behaves the same. In this case it would mean it is a PG software bug. As it is, I have to leave both pedals on position by preset. Not satisfactory if I want to use the volume as a "master" volume. Not easy to explain, I hope I made myself clear in explaining the problem. Thanks. Jay
  19. I had the same problem at first. Finally used a powered hub to plug PG to computer.......problem solved. Cheers Jay
  20. Hi, I beg your pardon ? Sorry, I didn't understand the meaning of your comment, can you elaborate, please ? Jay
  21. I have done so, already, but, god, what is this antediluvian interface they have at ideascale ? A simple features request page would be so much better. We cannot do a lot except waiting, anyway. Cheers Jay
  22. Hi, So, no flexibility improvements then. Most users don't care about more effects and amps, they want more functionalities. Again, one example is the possibility to turn cabs on/off globally and to be able to choose if we turn it on/off on the main output and/or on the amp out. The way we can tap the amp out signal before or after the cab is unusable when gigging. You send the main outputs to FOH with cab on and stereo effects, and if you want to send the amp out to an amp on stage for monitoring you can't turn off cab, you can only tap the signal before the cab.........it means no effects in your monitoring. Cheers. Jay
  23. Hi, Helix-for-the-rich products have had a big firmware update with 3.0. I understand that Pod Go won't get this kind of improvements but, anyway, when are we getting a new firmware ? Waiting for ability to shut CABS on/off globally, and possibly only on the amp out as a whole, not just tapping it before/after the cab sim. I have to double every single preset, one with cab on, one without cab on. That's annoying. Cheers. Jay
  24. ceedjay

    LedRing colours

    Hi ! Thanks. This is how I already do, but......dark yellow and bright yellow leds.....are they serious ? It looks exactly the same in the dark (or not). I mostly use the screen anyway, but wanted to know the default colours. Cheers. Jay
  25. ceedjay

    LedRing colours

    Hi ! I have a problem with colour recognizing (especially with low light or - on the other end - heavy light) and I have difficulties asserting if ledrings are green for delays and yellow for EQs, or even for distortions/overdrives. To me they all seem to be green. Can someone tell me the default colours for each type of effects ? And, do you think we'll ever have the possibility to change these colours ? Thanks. Jay
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