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  1. So, I love my POD Go to death, but I can not lie when I say I am frustrated to see no firmware updates since August of 2020. While the package does feel complete on it's own, and I love mine to death as I said, I do feel kind of shorthanded by the fact Helix will probably be receiving updates, and new models for the next 3 to 5 years, while POD Go owners have not even seen more optimizations or patches in over 6 months. Its not something worth throwing a massive fit over, but I am irritated enough to up and just ask what the plan for future support is for the POD Go and exactly what we can expect to see further down the line if anything from it.
  2. These are things which make me feel hopeful for a good level of support on the POD, not to mention the Red Llama model which also sound stellar and was also released before it was on helix. Just really crossing my fingers we see proper support for all ends of the spectrum, low and high level. But Line 6 really does seem to start to be recognizing the need in the market for a consistent, affordable, high quality amp modeler with decent support thus far with the POD Go.
  3. So one of the big things i love about Helix is how we see a new update every 6 months or so with new amp models, stability enhancements, and fun features But this begs the question, will POD Go users be able to expect the same type of support in the future. Such as new amp models and DSP Appropriate FX Models, and if so will these firmware updates be released alongside the future Helix Firmware updates. For example, I know Helix 3.0 is set to drop either late this year or early next year. So when that drops, will POD Go users be able to expect the new goodies along with helix users, barring super high DSP models like the new Legacy Drive we just saw introduced in 2.9?
  4. So this might sound like a stupid question, but i am fairly wary of using the on board expression pedal of my POD Go too much at the moment in fear of possibly wearing it out, can somebody confirm or deny if the pedal is Optical or not? Any information would be greatly appreciated as i do not want to have to buy an external expression pedal if the one on the unit wont wear out.
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