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  1. I played around with the new update for a while and so far I think this is awesome! I absolutely love ADT and I'm super happy to see it available - in fact, years ago I wrote an essay on Revolver, the album which presented ADT for the first time! It sounds best when you output in stereo of course, but even in mono via a single amp it can still create some very interesting sonorities. The Metal Zone emulation is pretty solid, and the Tesselator is fun to play with, though it might require more experimentation and time to fully use it to its potential. Surely excellent to create wild soundscapes, especially when combined with other effects/filters. I'm loving the Ampeg Liquifier as well. The BOSS CE-1 emulation is my go-to chorus pedal, but the Ampeg sounds fantastic too. I prefer using it with the Headroom increased by a couple dBs to have a "cleaner" effect. I very briefly looked at the rest, unfortunately I don't have much time to play today, but first impressions were very positive. We had to wait a long time, but it was worth it!
  2. https://line6.com/software/index.html?hardware=All&name=POD Go Edit&os=All&submit_form=set
  3. Hello, I'm loving my new Pod GO. However, I noticed that unfortunately the drivers are not compatible with Windows 10/11 if you have the Memory Integrity security feature on. In fact, I receive an error message as soon as I plug in the Pod to the computer and the USB audio interface capabilities are disabled. My laptop is a Surface Pro 8, and by default the Memory Integrity option is enabled and cannot be turned off through normal means for security reasons. Since I am not willing to compromise the security of my device, this can only be fixed by the manufacturer making a compatible driver. Are Line 6 aware of this? Any official word?
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