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  1. I use a 2-step-boost: fixed boost with Minotaur, additional variable boost with volume pedal. See pdf attached. Solo Boost.pdf
  2. Thanks for your advice, theElevators. Interesting approach. It’s like I played years ago using my 1 amp with cab + pedalboard. I play in a cover band and use - similarily to you - only 6 presets for our 90 songs with the following cabs/mics: 1x10 US Princess Mic: 67 Cond Clean + Dirty + ZZ Top Loudness: -7 dB 1x12 US Deluxe Mic: 57 Dyn RocknRoll Loudness: -4 dB 4x12 Greenback 25 Mic: 67 Cond Rock Loudness: -7 dB 4x12 Greenback 25 Mic: 57 Dyn ACDC Loudness: -4 dB The only ribbon mic with an appropriate volume level is the 160 Ribbon (-7 dB). The other ribbon mics are much too quiet (-11 up to -14 dB). The max cab level ends at +6 dB – so the level of all presets must be a adjusted. Depending on the number of presets this can become an annoying job. Some PodGo YouTube videos recommend ribbon mics so I tried them out. Unfortunately very disappointing.
  3. Dear PodGo users, V2.0 introduced new cabs and mics. Since then I have a big problem with the Ribbon sims. With the exception of 1 model all ribbon mics offer a much lower volume than the rest. So I analyzed all the new mics with my DAW to verify the facts. Result: Only 160 Ribbon offers a approximately volume comparable to the other new mic sims if I raise its level. The rest of the Ribbon mics are unusual for me because of them missing sufficient volume. Please see the results attached if you like. Do you have any ideas or suggestions how to solve this problem? Do you experience this problem, too? Is it a firmware bug? Does perhaps my PodGo have an issue? Thanks for your help in advance.
  4. Hello erhold, I don't speak French and translated your topic into English. Where did you connect your Pod Express? If you connected it to a USB Hub try to connect directly to your PC.
  5. Hi PodGo players, I updated to V2.01 fixing just 1 bug: „Audio could ramp up upon preset load“. Don’t know exactly what that means. Anyway. I expected a short update process because it was just 1 bug fix. But the update process lasted surprisingly long – felt like 5 Minutes or so. After turning on my PodGo I was very astonished about the different sound my ears heard. Much fuller and more differentiated. Suddently distortion pedals sounded good with amps which didn’t before. I am very happy with the sound improvement coming with 2.01. Did my ears play a trick? Did anyone else make the same experience? Thanks to L6 if the sound improvement was intentional!
  6. The first time since V 1.20: Horror Update to Version 2.0. My queasy feeling didn't deceive me: the update was a gauntlet. First of all, the connection between my PC and PodGo was constantly broken, so I had to start all over again. After a few failed attempts, the editor was finally updated. But now the creation of the backup constantly stopped at the same position. It was only after I changed the USB port on the PC that the backup was able to go through. I had to do that never before in the past. Anyway. To update the PodGo itself, I had to log into my account. This only worked after umpsteen attempts. Then, during the hardware update, the connection to the L6 server kept dropping. I sweated blood and water so that nothing was corrupted on my PodGo. After about 3/4 of an hour (!) the drama was finally over and I succeded to update to V 2.0. One thing you have to give L6 credit for: despite these problems and the constant interruptions, my PodGo seems to be running stable fort he moment. Thank goodness a happy ending. Phuu. I.e.: presumably... L6-Server-Problems? PodGo Edit bugs? Don't know. See screen shots of the error messages attached.
  7. olerabbit


    Hi, L6 says Version is compatible with Win11 - see L6 download page. Do you have this version installed?
  8. PodGo can work with any wav files without problems. L6 modifies IR files to especially work with Helix or PodGo eg. These modified files have a specific file extension like hir. Standard wav-IR files can be used with most of the MFX units. These special L6 hir-files can only be used within the L6 family. You can buy Celestion wav files directly from eg.
  9. Can you hear a sound if you plug ear phones into the PodGo?
  10. You can contact Thomann's customer support via Email: They answer in English and might be able to help you solve your problem. Good luck!
  11. The PodGo requires 9V 2,5 A MIN. If I take 2,5 A serious I know 2 power supplies with this feature: Thomann Power Supply Uni 5-15V DC 3A 19,90 € Thomann Power Supply 5-15V DC 3A Uni 29 € MyVolts offered a suitable power supply before but actually I cannot find it again. Thomann also offers some 2 A power cords but they would not be my first choice. This would depend on an attempt.
  12. Sorry: forgot to mention that PodGo can add post effects, too. Like Delay, Reverb Modulation.
  13. I think the Champion has some kind of a FX loop: Pre Out: sends the Champion‘s preamp singal to an external device tob e processed. PWR In: sends a received external signal into the amp’s power amp stage If I am right you have 2 options: Sending the Champions preamp singal into the PodGo via Pre Out. PodGo adds pre effects like wah, compressor, distortion. In this case you have to deactivate the PodGo’s amp. + cabs. Because you already use the Champions preamp section and cab. Now the PodGo sends the processed preamp signal back to your Champion via Pwr In. The Champion makes it loud with the power amp section. This is called the 4 Cable method. Replacing your Champion’s preamp by the PodGo. In this case PodGo makes the sound and your Champion will only make it loud. I don’t know your amp but you could try connecting the PodGo’s Output to the PWR In slot. If this works PodGo will be the preamp (sound) and your Champion 100 will be the power amp (makes it loud). This might be what you mean with the 2 cable method. Hope this works.
  14. Product info on L6 website concerning Pod Go Edit 1.40: „18 additional effects—most from the FX Junkie model pack for POD Farm 2.5—have been added. Don't sleep on these!“ Pod Farm 2.5 was released in 2015. Surprising that old Pod Farm sounds can be loaded into a Pod Go. Hopefully we’ll get more hot Pod Farm sounds in a future Pod Go version.
  15. Look at the download page At the top of the page you can only select Mac or Windows. You may ask the support team if there will ever be a Chrome OS version and when it may be.
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