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  1. If all you need is a clean volume boost, it's easy to do by adding a 3-5dB main out level increase and assigning it to either an on-board pedal in stomp mode, or an external momentary switch which you can kick in regardless of mode (snap, patch, stomp) you're in. Simples!
  2. Yes. It's how I often use my Pod Go. I keep it in stomp mode and use F7/8 for patch up down. Details are in the manual, top of p44. Global switches and pedals, you can set how FS7/8 functions.
  3. I'm afraid not. I don't like two button presses either, but I must admit it works well with Pod Go and although I thought it would be a problem, it's worked very smoothly.
  4. I think the Pod Go is hard to beat at it's price point, but Line 6 mfx aren't for everyone. The thing about Pod Go is that there is so much in it and every update adds more. Whilst that's great for most of us, Pod Go isn't 'plug 'n play' and there's a lot to learn. Some folk want something a bit simpler to use with less 'option paralysis' and they are prepared to accept a bit less functionality as a trade off. I was very curious to try out the Valeton GP200, made by Sonicake, and I bought one on approval to put through its paces and compare with my Pod Go. I actually liked it a lot. The GP200 seemed well made, sounded as good as Pod Go, was largely easier to use, and it had some excellent features that Pod Go could benefit from. Of course it also lacked certain features in Pod Go. Ultimately I returned it because it didn't meet my gigging needs, but for home users the issues I had with it may be less of a concern. And if Sonicake can fix the main issues I had, I could well be tempted to buy it again. You can read my detailed assessment here:
  5. Yes. there are certain modified patches available where the JSON script file has been modified. This is NOT a firmware 'hack' - it's simply an alteration to a single patch file. There are various versions of these freely available and Line 6 is fully aware of these (in fact they were actually surprised folk didn't figure this out sooner!). These modified patch files will give you more 'user' blocks but at the sacrifice of something eg the fx loop or a wah pedal. This could even include sacrificing amp and cab blocks. However they do NOT increase Pod Go's processing power, but will release some of the DSP allowance previously 'reserved' for the removed item. JSON modified files that remove volume, wah or EQ won't save much though because these use very little DSP to run them. That's why you can only change the model of volume, wah or EQ in these blocks and can't eg put a reverb or distortion in them - it would be like trying to fit a football into the space set aside for a tennis ball! Some of these JSON modified files are more 'stable' than others. By less stable, these can't harm your Pod Go and they can't affect any other patch file. But for example you might find a file offering 7 user blocks with amp/cab blocks deleted might be fine with 6 blocks but give odd behaviour eg it won't let you use the 7th block, or if you put a looper in it the looper functions might not work properly.
  6. Yes, provided you don't save your changes, when you press the patch selection again it will revert to the original but your changes will be lost. If you want to toggle back and forth then you can do this with snapshots. If your parameter settings are being automatically saved, if you go to global settings you can choose for Pod Go to automatically save or not save your parameter changes. As I said, you really need to read the manual.
  7. V2. 01 fixed a single bug, which was incorrectly explained in the release notes. In v2. 0 when you changed patches there was a very slight DROP (not a ramp up) in volume. In my view it was almost imperceptible and when it was pointed out to me I had to go back and listen carefully to hear it and even then it was only there if you changed a patch whilst eg holding a chord or holding a lead note. Line 6s 'fix' was to replace the split second of volume drop with a split second of silence. I'm still not sure which is preferable but frankly for the odd occasion when you might want a seamless patch change, using snap shots might be fractionally faster. BUT even then it depends on how many and which parameter changes you've made. Particularly when changing delay parameters and multiple parameters, Pod Go does this in an order sequence and because of its more limited single chip processing power, even with snapshots you'll sometimes hear an odd artefact for a split second. Only mfx with significantly more processing power like Helix or the Boss GT1000 can deliver truly 'instant' switching with no lag, at least not that the human ear can detect.
  8. It's unlikely to change as even Helix doesn't have this.
  9. I strongly recommend you invest time to read the manual and watch some videos. The manual explains that you can use snapshots to tweak parameters and go back and forth with the original to compare your changes.
  10. Just the volume on the FRFR - the FOH main board controls the XLR signal
  11. You could connect a 2 in 2 out simple switch box that acts as a kill switch. Any decent tech could make one up for you if you can't find one ready made.
  12. There is no problem with Pod Go Edit or updating through it. The problem is with your computer, USB port, cable or a combination. It sounds as if there might be some conflicts happening and or possibly file path corruptions. Your computer might benefit from maintenance including disk cleaning, defragmenfing, and if its a PC running disk check.
  13. Almost certainly you are experiencing strange behaviour due to code conflicts between old and new firmware. Did you reset back to factory after the update? It's very important to do this because it's like a clean install.
  14. When you say it's gone, do you mean it's greyed out and not available to select, or do you mean the icon itself has gone. If so, just in that patch or in every patch? Is it the same in both Pod Go Edit and the unit itself? UPDATE Just seen your pic and post on Facebook. As I suspected, you meant It's greyed out not disappeared ie you ran out of dsp to select it. First, you must make your posts clearer as you'll confuse people. Second, you really must read the manual and watch some vids to help you better understand how Pod Go works.
  15. It's TRS so it should be balanced - but odd the ad doesn't actually say balanced (you'll notice the GAK link made it clear), hence I'd be inclined just to double check with them.
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