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  1. ibalashov

    Aux in?

    Yes. If I remember correctly those settings gave me the results between quiet and ultra quiet :-) In the end I discovered that I can just connect my iPad via USB cable and playing backing tracks from there, which is what I use now.
  2. I am not sure if this is the same problem, but yesterday while switching between presets I noticed that sometimes I have to touch the pedal in order for its value to be applied. E.g. in one preset the volume is set to 50%. I switch to another preset it goes back to 100%. I slightly touch it and it gets back to 50%. It's not easy to notice sometimes because presets are very uneven in volume, and unless the volume in selected you don't actually see the current value.
  3. Ok, let's hope for this in case of Pod GO. But generally this is not true at all. Bad software can easily damage hardware, unless it is 100% bullet proof and bug free (which rarely happens in real life). But if everybody is optimistic, let's assume it is indeed safe :)
  4. Ok, thanks! Your confidence is reassuring, but 'it cannot in any way damage Pod Go` is a very bold statement, and unless you're very deeply involved into the development of the unit (both software and hardware) I wouldn't declare anything like that. My concern is that I can easily get to unit freezes, erratic navigation jumps, the display glitch that I mentioned above etc.. The only thing that comforts me a bit is that if everything goes bad then I can do a factory reset.
  5. Just discovered the possibility to free up some blocks with JSON hacking, but noticed a weird hardware display issue for the modified presets (in the image, only modified presets are affected). The preset seems to be working fine except the display glitch, but it gives me a bit of uneasy feeling about the whole thing. The glitch appears even if I remove only one block (not the maximum four). Also, when toying around with this I managed to reach a preset state where PG becomes completely unresponsive upon selecting the preset and you need to hard reboot it. That and the display glitch gives me the feeling that the whole process is rather not safe. Not sure if I should continue experimenting with it, don't want to brick the unit. Just wanted to share. ps. 1.40
  6. To be fair such design problems should be fixed regardless the warranty period. The warranty covers incidents that happen during the use of the device. Factory defects should be fixed unconditionally. Of course this my logical thinking, layers might disagree.
  7. I'm new to electric guitar, but in the last update I was hoping to see more usability improvements, while it was focused only on adding more effects. I was kind of under impression that POD GO already had more than plenty effects compared to the competitors, and generally as well. Is it what needed by the community the most? More effects? Just curious.
  8. Interesting, I will take another look at it. So far I've been moving around snapshots by pressing the up and down switches on the left, and I see no color (or any other) indication, except the little snapshot number in the top right corner. I need to check the docs. Thanks!
  9. Just a silly observation. While exploring presets it's not clear if there are any differences between snapshots, and often I just cycle-though them for no reason. Just wondering, is there any way to know this currently? But I suspect no, probably should add it as in idea to ideascale. Would be great to have snapshots colored differently according to the state of their settings, e.g. the same color if they are all the same, or all different colors if they are all different.
  10. Haha, sometimes maybe yes. But I noticed a slight, but noticeable discomfort in my ears after I got pod go, that's for sure. I'm taking a break from using headphones. What I did lately is to turn down either pod go volume or at least guitar volume before switching. Maybe it's a good thing to do anyway.
  11. I recently bought the Pod Go, and while exploring presets I noticed a silly, but rather annoying problem. The volume of the presets varies a lot, especially when you switch from clean to dirty. For the past week I developed a "fear of switching a preset", when if not paying attention, it may SCREAM at you, which is especially painful in headphones. I'm not sure if there is any solution to this. Ideally, the headphones should limit the max volume, but in practice they obviously don't support this. I own the popular Audio-Technica M50x and they can easily damage the hearing. I wonder if we could limit the max possible volume in Pod Go which would work equally to all presets? But probably not. Another, rather hacky (but can also be universal), solution I'm thinking of, is to add some sort of limiting device before the headphones. Something like a "max volume" pedal (not sure if such a thing exists). Does anyone have same concerns? Any tips on saving the hearing?
  12. ibalashov

    Aux in?

    Just want to confirm that Aux In is super quiet. Tried with bluetooth receiver paired with iPhone. Even with all the volume maxed out it was barely matching the volume of the guitar with clean preset. I wish we could regulate it somehow, eg. some knob in settings.
  13. For those opting out for external looper, just an obvious remark that you need to have an external output device, compared to headphone output of Pod Go. I was quite dumbfounded having Pod Go + external looper at hand, and still not being able to loop conveniently without Yamaha THR (small practice amp) which I use just as a socket to headphones, how silly is that.. ps. What an implementation of the looper in Pod Go! There is a looper, but sometimes you cannot use it just because there are no more slots in the preset. Even if you're in luck, and there is a free pedal, you have to add it manually. Wow. Ok. That reminds of an old engineering joke, if you have a hammer at hand everything looks like a nail. If you have already "block" available in your design, let's model everything like one. pps. Is there a way to rearrange pedals between footswitches, so that the mighty looper would stay at the bottom line of the foots witches? (Is it in the manual?) Ok, found the way to do it in the manual. ppps. If only there was a screen available to display the current playing position within the loop. Or even blink some LED. Maybe we can add another block, loop position ;-)
  14. While researching Pod Go issues before the purchase, I discovered multiple reports on difference in sound with same presets compared to Helix. Apparently this is known issue, and many solve it with placing additional pedals before guitar input. Here is the main thread: pod-go-impedance-problem Here is the video highlighting the difference in sounds: Just wondering, is there any official response to this issue? Is it confirmed/negated by line6 anyhow, anywhere?
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