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  1. The Klon pedal is probably what I would use. It gives a great edge of breakup tone with lower drive settings. A few of the other overdrives also are good for this, but with slightly difference characteristics.
  2. One of the prominent Youtuber's stated this was an oversight and would be corrected by Line6 later.
  3. Thanks, I'll give a try to using a simple switch like you mention and see how I like that option.
  4. You are right, that is confusing. :) But thanks for the explanation. I guess the manual could be more clear here in making that distinction, as it seemed to me perfectly logical to want to be able to set the polarity one way when it's being used as volume, and another for wah.
  5. You know, I didn't know I could do that. I'm not sure how it's done, but I'll look into it. Using the PC editor, can you just drag the min or max over the other one? At any point I think I'm going to rethink how I'm doing a volume boost, and just place the volume pedal at the very end of the chain instead of just boosting the last effect in the line.
  6. Hmmm, ok. But then the manual says that EXP1 is assigned to the Wah block and EXP2 to the Volume block, and you use the "hidden toe switch" to toggle between them. So then why would EXP2 change? Is it because I'm assigning it to control an effect's setting?
  7. Brand new Pod Go user here. Windows 10 and working 100% fine for me using Pod Go Edit. Maybe actually read what Voxman55 took the time to explain to you before simply disregarding it as not being a problem on your end?
  8. I've a new unit I just purchased a week or so ago, so maybe I'm missing something here.... In the global settings there's a setting which allows you to reverse the pedals. IE: normally the pedal full forward is 100% open and back is 0% closed. I've been trying to set the volume pedal (EXP2) to control the volume of the compressor in my chain. I remove the assignment from the pedal and bypass it so it doesn't control volume at all. And now assign it to the compressor as normal and set the min/max on the compressor volume with the sliders. It works and changes the volume as it should, except I'd like the pedal itself to be reversed so it's full on when back and off when forward. Setting this in Global Settings, EXP2 polarity, has no effect whatsoever. However....if I set EXP1 to reverse polarity, then it works. Except this isn't EXP1, and then the Wah Pedal is reversed too. So it seems this is a bug? Or am I missing something here somehow? I should also add that I am fully upgrade with the newest firmware.
  9. I would start with the free Allure IR pack Line 6 offers: https://line6.com/allure/. There's some pretty good cabinet sounds in that pack.
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