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  1. Hello! for me the problem is due to a factory fault related to the input impedance.
  2. sebabetto

    Amp out

    Related to this matter, why if I set up the amp out echoes the main out, the main out reproduce audio , like USB audio from PC , while the AMP out doesn't? anyone can confirm this or is just my unit.
  3. hi! I don't know how to set the leds in snapshot mode behave like in stomp mode. when I'm in snapshot mode, playing with no stage light is difficult to see the stomp switches.
  4. Hi all! happy to hear about a new update. according to the suggested use to Rachet delay, it says "switch momentary". how can I use a switch in momentary mode??
  5. Hi! seems to me is the same preset in the 2 pictures? selecting the preset in the User/factory preset list doesn't change the preset actually, you need to double click.
  6. oh! what? I was expecting to see something like what anyone can see on any product page... boss, zoom... etc. something like this: since it is an audio interface, it is normal to want to see that data.
  7. hello! I wonder if any of you know where on the LINE 6 page the technical specifications of the Pod Go can be found. I need technical data, especially the audio interface. I can't find them in the user manual - Rev D.pdf Thank you!
  8. Hello everyone! I want to tell you my experience guys/girls. I hope this is helpful to someone. I bought the Pod Go in February 2020 if I'm not mistaken. I have been with this unit for a long time, playing and tuning almost every day. After all this time, I always felt like something was missing, but what do I know, right? so keep tweaking my presets and playing around. Ever since I bought a Stratocaster... when I bought it, second hand, I played it for about half an hour with an old amp and it sounded amazing! But when I got back home and plugged in Pod Go... WTF. that guitar was lifeless! So I was out of ideas until I saw this impedance issue on the forums, and after a while I decided to try the famous BOSS buffered pedal. FINALLY today! A BOSS CS3 OFF does the job. No need to turn it on. The stratum is alive again. the difference is huge i can tell. I don't mind having another pedal, it's not ideal, but hey, this sounds amazing now. In summary, I can confirm that the impedance problem is real, and that a boss pedal turned off enhances the sound much more. good luck!
  9. the link:
  10. Hi! probably your Pod Go EDit Software version is lower than the firmware version. Download and install the last Pog Go Edit software.
  11. @lazar0s I 'm not the owner of the video, I just quoted @ben_craven I don't have any buffered pedal like boss eq or polytune. do you recomend to buy one and put it in front of the pod go?
  12. wow! I'm not an expert in electronics, but I think any Line6's ingenieer would corroborate your experiment. If is all accurate, man! a lot of difference between 1M and 360k. Maybe the folks of Line6 are confident about the input is 1M, but the mistake is on the manufacture.
  13. I have this problem and for all I know, doesn't have an easy fix. If you think in real amps world, doing such a drastic parameter change will do exactly what Pod GO does... a volume bump. changing snapshots or modifiing the last output parameter doesn't solve the problem. changing between preset is not an option due to lag. I managed to tame the bump using a Deluxe compressor just after the cab. so The bump is not so drastic. good luck
  14. like voxman said, there isn't. another thing you can do is wipe out the factory presetlist, so you can have two presetlist and throw the preset you like the most (favourites) in the factory list. remember alwas to do a backup :P
  15. Hi! In my personal experience, I found a simple hack in the web (theres is a youtube video too) wich allows you to free three more blocks deleting the wah pedal block, the volume pedal block, and the loop block. I delete the fx loop block and the volume pedal, sinces de volume EXP 2 pedal can be assigned in other parameter (outpul level for example). keep the wah couse I like it. I been using this for a month and no problem. obviously reaching the DSP limit is Up to you. but the free blocks are there, and if you use light dsp effects, you can add ODs and delays and modulations in ONE preset. Just no undestand why line 6 doesn't allow us to do this "legally" by the interface. lot of us dont use the fx loop block, or the volume block. is a really easy mod. I can share the modded preset if anyone is interested.
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