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  1. well... I tried the solution but its a mess... maybe is a bug I don't know... but when I change between snapshots the pedal doesn't do what suppoused to do.. the volume go down, etc... I removed the snapshot bypass from the volume block as well, but no... it's not a coherent
  2. I found it! right click on the block pedal!
  3. I was looking for the option you said in "Pod Go Edit" and I couldn't find it. The trick is like you said, directly in the "Pod Go"'s buttons... thanks!
  4. thanks all for the trouble! maybe I don't explain the problem very well. The situation is that the wah pedal should be disabled in every snapshot. and when i'm playing in a live situation, I activate the wah pedal with the toe switch. then maybe I want to quikly change to another snapshot And keep using the wah pedal.. so I need that the "wah pedal state" reamins the same trough the all four snapshots, whether be on or off
  5. hi all! just like the title, when I turn on the wah pedal lets say.. in snapshot 3, and then change to other snapshot, the wah pedal turns inactive and the volume pedal turns active. there is a way may be in the global settings or other config to avoid this? thanks!!
  6. Hi! I appeal to your experience once again. when i'm using headphones I hear an annoying high pitch bell, mostly using distortion, in the ROOM Reverb block. anyone can hear it? Thanks!
  7. did you check the usb cable and ports? I'm using win10 64bit with no problems.
  8. Nice man!! thanks! I try this concept with a jazz chorus (realy clean) and add dist pedals (ts 808 + classic dist) before the amp for gain levels. the clean works great with some modulation effect (chorus) the classic dist really can get heavy!
  9. Yesterday I received the Update message from the pod go Edit. Adds support to mac users and minor fixes.
  10. apparently the error is in the pod go edit. according to jason, if you edit the preset on the pod go, it goes down to 400Hz... maybe they fix this in the next "Pod Go edit" update..
  11. Hi! I just realize the "change" or improvement in the Low/High Shelf's EQ block says this: "High Freq parameter now goes down to 400Hz" well... in my device doesn't goes down to 400hz... (obviously updated to firmware 1.21) anyone else can confirm ?? thanks!
  12. cool you solved the problem! just curious: what is "demo mode"?
  13. like said avobe, turn off the ripple parameter! good luck!
  14. Exactly!!! and if you connect the headphones, the main out will automatically be stereo! So the left output will be the left channel Very simple. Good luck!
  15. Hola! Ademas de actualizar el firmware como ya lo hiciste, tenes que instaler el Pod Go Edit nuevo, la version nueva es la 1.21, como la del firmware. aca esta el enlace https://line6.com/software/readeula.html?rid=10398
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