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  1. I am seeing my Windows 10 PC reboot when using the HX Stomp (fw 3.10) and jamming along with youtube songs. I would suspect a driver issue but when the PC reboots I hear what sounds like the PC power supply cutting out. The PC keeps trying to restart but cuts off almost instantly and repeats. If I power off the HX Stomp the PC boots fine?? I know the HX Stomp driver is not involved at this low running level (BIOS). I have other USB interfaces and have never seen this problem. Is anyone else seeing a similar issue? PS - Love this pedal. Thanks, Ken
  2. kzmaier

    Reverb Models

    I would also like to see improvements to the reverb options. I do like the Spring 63.
  3. I have the hd500 and the gt001, I think the gt has better clean tones and the hd better crunch (low gain to breakup). They both are similar in the high gain dept, to each there own. I don't have the hd model packs so not sure about those. I also like the gt001 for bass over the hd. Just my 2 cents.
  4. I missed the sale too. Still waiting...
  5. If I remember correctly, it was achieved by plugging in a wah pedal backwards. Input to amp output to guitar, I think there is a youtube video showing this?? Would be cool effect.
  6. I was hopping to see some interest in repeating the sale for those who missed it. Anyone???
  7. I didn't check my email in time to catch the sale. I'm hoping there's another one soon. Would like to checkout how this works. Thanks Line6!!! You rock!
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