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  1. Unfortunately I love the Legacy effects ( M series) and use the DM4 and DL4 sounds as part of my sound. The reason why I bought the Pod Go cause it has all of this in it and more with ease of use and compact size. I guess I’ll have to wait on the bugfix.
  2. I have the same issue and already got a reply from Line 6 through my support ticket. It is indeed a bug that needs to be fixed. Line 6 has promised me that it’s on their “ to do list” to be fixed with an update. The same problem occurred a while ago with the Helix and was solved with a bug fix so they are aware of this. Basically when you are working with delays, and it doesn’t matter if you are in snapshot or preset mode or even press the same preset every time( so there is no delay time change and in preset mode the sound should start from scratch), you hear this weird artifact sound, which makes it impossible to use in a Live situation. ( imagine this sound through a big PA system) when changing presets/snapshots. Since I am a The Edge/Gilmour type guitarplayer, delays are part of my sound so I’m waiting for this bug to be fixed. I love the Pod Go and want to bring it on our European tour in 2022, I assume it will be fixed by then.
  3. It's remarkable that your Helix rack has the same issues (Tonesuck and hiss noise), but I already discovered that this goes for more Helix serie machines ( pod go is also helix technology). If you want to get most of your original tone and dynamics back, I suggest you to put a good buffer pedal between your guitar and your Helix Rack ( I use a CAE booster/linedriver ON but boost knob at 0 db). The hiss noise I'm still waiting for my reseller to send my PodGo back with comments. I'll keep you posted. Maybe these Fender amps are more bright so that it's more noticable, but running it through an old AC30 tb which also sparkles had the same negative outcome sound wise/hiss wise.
  4. Yess! I use the Custom Audio Electronics booster/line driver as my buffer for quite some time now. it indeed brings back the sparkle of my amps( I'm not boosting, just using the buffer). on my quest to this problem I noticed that in almost every forum concerning the Helix type processors there have been similar experiences, so even the Top segment Helix has it. I'm affraid this is an hardware problem which for some reason can't be solved and only goes for people who use the machines in a traditional way ( guitar-pod go/helix serie-guitaramp) At the moment my Pod Go is back at the reseller cause there is a " hissing noise" when I put my pod inbetween my guitar and amp which doesn't change even when I put my pod go master volume at zero, bypass all effects, line/instrument level, global noise gate on/off, etc. Again this noise isn't there whenI connect my HD 500, AX8,M13 or just plug in straight into my tube amp. I'm awaiting their diagnose if I have a faulty Pod Go or is this again something to accept from this machine. also concerning this I have read similar experiences from other owners concerning this hissing noise, therefor again maybe it is like it is. I would love these problems to be solved cause I still think the Pod Go is a true GEM, sound wise, user-friendly, portable..... cause I find this an iconic machine with iconic effects( DM 4, DL4, Verbzilla)
  5. Hi, thanx for writing your comment. You seem to have the same problem as I have. I use the Boostcomp standard but that doesn’t make anything right for the loss of “ sparkle” of my Fender tweeds. And like you said; you don’t havecthe severe amount of tonesuck with your other “old” effect machines. I don’t know if you have the same, but the standard “ hiss” that comes out of my amp when the Pod Go is inbetween is also very noticeable when compared to my other effect machines. Today I have decided to contact my reseller am going to send to pod go back to find out if mine’s faulty. If it’s not I’m thinking of letting the pod Go go cause then it’s obviously not fit in a conventional set up, which Line 6 says it’s made for as well. I will wait what comes out, and hope ( but am affraid it is what it is) it’s a faulty machine. I love the concept of the pod go a lot; easy to use, all the sounds, expressionpedal and very leightweight, but the base of this machine can’t be that it consumes so much high end/sparkle when used with a guitaramp and the amount of standard hissing noise compared to all my other line 6 , AXE FX ergo “ older” machines who don’t have this.
  6. Thanx for your reply cristt. I tried different cables including TRS cables, but there's no difference. I will submit a support ticket. The thing that surprises me, is that there has been no comments from others about this. The difference in tone is quite severe.
  7. Hi there, First of all I run my Pod Go through 2 Fender Tweed Amps, clean. (main out L+R to the front of both Amps, no Eff. send/return ), amp models/cabs off, so only using the effects. the reason I chose the Pod Go cause of it's simplicity, all the effects I need, expressionpedal, master volume....in other words a brilliant device which is portable and light. To go back to what I've been playing on the last 10 years; same setup, but first with a M13 and then a POD HD 500( which I Love both cause I love the M Series effects that they both use and are also part of the POD GO effect list). Now here is my problem; When I connect the Pod Go to my amps the tone is altered severely ( you can hear it even more clear when you bypass all the effects). I feel al the sparkle out of the amps have gone. With all my other machines ( M13, Pod HD 500, Axe AX8) it doesn't affect my amp tones so the typical sparkle of my amps stay. When I A/B the direct amp sound against the bypassed Pod Go sound it's a huge difference. I should think that a new machine shouldn't be giving these changes if 10+ year old machines don't have this form of tone suck. I have tried everything I could think of to see if there would be changes, DB changes, line level, EQ,Global EQ, connect to one amp, amp out, etc. but nothing changed. I almost start to believe I have a faulty POD GO( it's updated and even tried a factory reset) Is any one out there that has the same issues with a conventional AMP(front in)-POD GO-Guiar setup or have heard the tone suck when A/B Amp versus Amp with POD GO? Or maybe someone has a solution which I overlooked.... I hope some Line 6 experts are reading this post too, cause I know a lot of people use the POD GO with the Amp/Cabmodels into an FRFR or go directly FOH, but the machine is also marketed and promoted for conventional use. I hope there is an explanation/solution for this problem, cause I was planning to take the POD GO on our European Tour next year( if Corona permits) I hope to hear the answer to this problem! Many thanx in advance, Hans Diener The Essence
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