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  1. If I download HX Edit for Windows 10 can I open a helix file to view it even though I don't own a helix and it would not be plugged into the USB? I'm interested in recreating HX Edit presets to Pod Go Edit presets. I don't mind spending the money on some good preset packs for the HX Edit and copying parameters over to Pod Go edit. Of course due to DSP limitations I'll have to make compromises. But I need a way to open the HX Edit files even though I don't own a Helix or HX Stomp but rather the Pod Go. Does the Helix or HX Stomp have to be plugged into the USB to view the contents of the file?
  2. Hello everyone, I own a Pod Go and have been looking for presets to purchase and tweak to my liking. I've purchased many different presets, and really like them but I've also noticed that there are not many people selling presets for the Pod Go. Usually they are recreations of one of their Helix/HX patches adapted for the Pod Go. Lately, I've been watching YouTube videos of Helix and HX Stomp users making presets and giving their tips etc. On to my question... The Pod Go Edit software does NOT have the ability to open Helix/HX Stomp preset files, only Pod Go Edit files. Being that I don't have a Helix or HX Stomp is there a way I could purchase Helix/HX presets and view the amp/cab and other pedal settings? This way I can recreate them on the Pod Go. I'm not looking for freebies, but I just need to see the numbers to recreate them on my Pod Go. Is there software that might allow me to view the preset settings of the Helix/HX Stomp files? Thanks in advance for help with an odd request!
  3. Yes, it was something that was in the manual and not obvious to me. After, doing a factory reset and reloading my back up I couldn't figure out how to get back to the snapshots screen. The fix: Press the UP & DOWN arrows on the left at the same time.
  4. I was able to get the issue resolved after contacting support. I was not aware that to get to the snapshots screen the bank up/down buttons needed to be pressed together. Thank you everyone for helping! :D
  5. Ok, so I did a factory rest twice and my Pod Go still will not go into the SNAPSHOTS screen! I've tried contacting support and get "no one is available at this time"! I have a gig tonight!!! How do I fix this!?
  6. Yes, that was the first thing I did. I'm going to try doing a factory reset tomorrow morning and then loading the back up file. Fingers crossed.
  7. Just installed Update 1.30 and everything went smooth except one thing... I can no longer get back to the SNAPSHOTS screen!!! I had this same issue when I installed the last update as well but after restarting the Pod Go and tinkering with it I was eventually able to get back to the snapshots mode. Here's what is happening: When I try to select a patch it is supposed to show the 4 snapshots on the screen. When I tap the button or click on a given patch in the software it no longer switches to the screen where the 4 snapshots are selectable. Instead it just keeps switching from preset to preset loading whatever snapshot the patch is programed to load up. I can't switch snapshots because it just keeps going from preset to preset. I've tried... Turning it on and off several times. Unplugging the power and usb cables and counting to 10. I tried turning it on in stomp mode and then switching to snapshot mode. I use snapshots more than anything else and love that we can now name them! HELP PLEASE!!!
  8. Hey y'all, I recently purchased some patches from for my Pod Go. I REALLY love their patches! However, I am having an issue. P&W patches are very ambient a wet. Often the delay and reverb is backed off on the rhythm parts but not turned off completely. For the lead tones the delays and reverbs are much more present. No shredding in P&W generally speaking. On to the issue... The snapshots are as follows: 1 = Clean ish Rhythm w/minor delays and reverb 2 = Gain Push 3 = Ambient Lead with Long Delay/Reverb 4 = Clean Ambient Swells When switching snapshots there is a very audible sound anomaly whenever there is a large change in the delay/reverbs. It's hard to explain what it sounds like. It's like an alien spaceship sound. The pitch also changes temporarily. It's not like this on every patch. It seems to happen only on the wet effects like delays and reverbs. The other weird thing is that on some patches the sound anomaly is still there but more faint. In other patches it is very noticeable. It's annoying when at church we finish a rockin' part of a song and we bring down the volume to transition to prayer and lush ambient swells. But then your congregation is chuckling trying to figure out what that weird alien sound was. Are there any of you having the same issue? I imagine you David Gilmore fans might encounter this issue as well? It seems that the more FX parameters that change at once from snapshot to snapshot the more likely the sound anomaly will be to show it's ugly face. @Line6 Tech Support, will there be an update to fix this issue? Thank you all for your input. My equipment: Pod Go + 112 PowerCab Epiphone Sheraton II Pro Fender Strat w/Fishman Fluence SSS
  9. I'd LOVE to see a firmware update to include: 1) Naming snapshots instead of just numbers or letters. 2) The ability to add an additional impulse response block. This would allow me to switch between cabs or even use an acoustic impulse response in conjunction with an amp/cab of choice. Or even an electric IR like making a Les Paul sound like a Tele or making an acoustic sound like a banjo etc. This would open up A LOT of possibilities and functionality imho.
  10. Hello all, I notice on the software "Pod Go Edit" on (Windows 10) the menu it has an "import set list" option. It uses a file type called .pgs if memory serves me. I contacted Line 6 support asking how to use this function but didn't really see to get an answer that was helpful. Does anyone have experience using this function? There is nothing in the manuals that I could find either. How do I create a .pgs file and what does it do? Thanks in advance y'al
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