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  1. I had the same thing happen back in 2010. The guitar was 3 or 4 years old. Sounded absolutely amazing. Line 6 just shipped me a different one. I didn’t even ask, they just did it. It had to be the Achilles heel of the design. But I’ve never heard one that sounded bettter than that early in the line guitar. The one I have now never has touched it. Still I love it. But I need to get Workbench going again. That was key I think. Does anyone know the last Mac OS that the Workbench interface was compatible with?
  2. Here’s how: Start with unit off (TRS cable and/or Variax Digital cable) unplugged from guitar). Rotate the model selector to the SITAR position. Press and hold model selector (as in Save routine) while inserting TRS cable or Variax Digital cable to power up the unit and perform reset. that easy
  3. I have a theory about what your experiencing. It’s a used instrument right? The previous owner very likely used Workbench back when the Acoustic 700 was still supported. That allows the user to change models. Overriding the name on the dial. That gets stored in the guitars memory. There is nothing wrong with the instrument. And when he sold it that edited setting was still in the guitars memory. Trouble would be, workbench doesn’t work with most operating systems. BUT….the news is still good. You can restore it to factory settings. In 10 seconds I bet the sounds line up with the dial.
  4. I would greatly benefit from some pointers on how to create some good basic Pod Go patches for my acoustic. My questions include: which preamps to use, which reverbs, eq's etc. There are so many options and I'm getting bogged down by not knowing all the models. What sequence should the effects be placed in. Thank you in advance.
  5. I have had a similar journey w my Acoustic 700. I’ve been using it as my main gig guitar for 16 years. I still love it. However it was abandoned by Line 6 and it seemed they resented the guitar itself. No support, no referrals to service centers, no parts. The guitar remains the best and certainly the most versatile of its kind. I need several parts to even take on a gig now. It's a bummer. I have purchased new items at Line 6, but I wonder how well they will support them
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