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  1. all Of the preset names have to be typed into labels when you build your template. The app can’t go retrieve preset names from helix. easy to highlight a label in the software and type a new name as set ups change. Of course you can also have as many templates as you want representing different use scenarios to recall at will.
  2. I agree that this approach really shines for the stomp, which is difficult to access presets directly without midi. I will mainly use my iPhone 8. The TouchOSC looks great on it. Plenty easy to see on the smaller screen than the iPad and disappears on a small mic stand mount much more than an iPad. I will say, that even for the helix floor, I’d rather see my preset list on my iPad or iPhone right in front of me and with on finger tap, directly go to a preset. It’s still much less hassle than hitting bank footswitch to get out of your current preset and then re entering your new patch with another press of a footswitch. And if you have to bank up or down to get to the next rig then it’s not even close in time saved toe tapping. Again YMMV, :)
  3. Well, we got two expression pedals to change stomp parameters . Since expression pedals are just sending real time midi info, it seems an encoder or fader type set up sending midi could control stomp parameters from TouchOSC. Must give that some thought
  4. it will def work with a cam kit out of an ipad....i just dig the wireless option. i use a simple app called "midimittr" to check the midi connection between the ipad and my stomp or Helix. not exactly sure what you were referencing when you refer to a DAW since there is no traditional DAW workstation in play, just the touchosc app sending midi via ipad to my units. i will PM you my helix template and it will get you started, just replace the names of my presets with yours and check to see that the program change info is pointing to your preset location. you can see that easily in the preset scroll window on the helix.
  5. I saw a post where a guy had programmed the TouchOSC app for wireless bluetooth midi on an ipad communicating with a Yamaha MD BT01 plugged into a stomp. I went down this rabbit hole and I am blown away by how good it works and how pretty simple it was to create my own template and program it. I think it is a great way to control the stomp without bending over to use knobs and having the tuner and tap tempo control at my fingers frees up the FS3 to control an additional stomp. i have templates for my ipad and for my iphone to choose presets. I also just completed a template to control my helix floor as well. As a general rule, I do a preset per song for whatever show I’m doing plus a couple standard rigs that get me through multiple situations. With the Touch OSC I have them right on the screen in front of me graphically and just push the song name and the preset immediately comes up. I also programmed a horizontal fader where I can just swipe my finger and scroll thru all the presets. It has been bullet proof so far and has become a big answer for using my stomp as a standalone rig for fly dates or for gigs where the floor just doesn’t make sense. YMMV
  6. thanks, i have a full mono path, so it makes sense that Land R would be identical....also agree on the DI, id just rather be in charge of that and let FOH take and xlr out of my radial
  7. looking for a way to route my all mono guitar path to two identical outputs on the stomp. one for my FRFF stage monitor and the identical signal to go to FOH. don't have any blocks left to create a send/return scenario. with out this block ,is there a way to get what i am looking for other than just using the pass through output on the back of my Alto312 to feed my mono signal it receives to FOH ?......thanks.
  8. I am planning on setting up my iphone/ipad with touchosc as well. I have just started researching this and haven't even downloaded the app yet. my yamaha wireless midid is on its way. i would love to get your (Moose) template if possible....id like to have tuner and tap on my ipad and then, i think, just a simple list of my named presets on the screen so i can change to the presets i have set up for specific songs or choose a general rig if i don't have something programmed for a song in my set list. Also, can midi commands from the touchosc determine the state that a preset shows up in? There are some presets i'd like to load in stomp mode and some i'd like to load in snapshot shot when they come up on the stomp. Thanks.......M
  9. Hey. I absolutely use IRs in addition to stock cabinets. The stock cabs do cool things with mic choices and early reflections etc. and something like a Michael BRITT IR can sound awesome. I regularly use both in a series. And feel free to swap em around. Remember, it’s all just tone sculpting, there is no right or wrong, but there is alike or not alike if you are trying to replicate a real amp. For instance, My high cut on both my IR and cab on my go to 65 deluxe reverb patch in helix is at 3.4 k. I set up an A/B switch with my actual vintage 65 deluxe and helix thru an alto 312. No effects just the dry amp sounds.It took about 3 hours of tweaking. But they are basically identical. Sitting side by side and tipped back right at me you can’t believe it’s really the original and then the model going back and forth with the A/B switch . Same with my 79 JCM 800 thru my mid 70’s 2x12. They are too close to even tell. Both use a stock cab plus a Michael brittt IR, plus hours of subtle eq shaping to achieve that, but you can get to the “ close your eyes and you can’t really tell the difference place” comboing cabs and IRs is a good way to get really close with less eq which is never as authentic if you really have to boost or cut to match.
  10. same issue here....JTV69 via VDI into Helix 2.60. some custom tunings do not switch with presets until i "Clear" the JTV by rolling the tuning knob into a different tuning and then back to "Model". then the preset seems to find the programmed tuning that was input when creating the preset. i have a couple of patches with a drop D on the low E string programmed and when i select a new preset that is in standard tuning , often times the E string remains detuned to D until i do the clearing procedure as well.
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