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  1. Nothing to actually do. Plug it in, and that's exactly what the Midi Mouse does, and nothing else. Just preset scroll up/down, and you can use Active/Search modes. The midi mouse doesn't do anything else, doesn't require any setups, has no available configuration to change. You do not need to know Midi either. Just make sure its midi send Channel is set to your HX Stomp's (1 on both units by default).
  2. I actually ended-up getting quite the Arsenal for the Stomp... Boss FS7 MC6 MC6 additional switches Tech 21 Midi Mouse I did figure that I do not want the MC6 to control individual effects/blocks, as this requires a lot more programming. Rather, I am using the HX Stomp in Stomp mode, and use the MC6 so that each bank can be: * 4 x Presets * Snapshot Up * Snapshot Down (+ Tuner on Long Press) The Tech 21 is just when I'm too lazy to wire everything. I've not used the MC6's additional switches yet. And the FS7 means I can control 5 stomps at once.
  3. Boss FS6 (battery) and FS7 (wall-wart) work a charm.
  4. I've not tried it yet on a Midi controller, but on HX Edit you can assign a Bypass control to FS4/5 even without anything plugged into the external controller input. This opens-up possibilities: I could plug my Boss FS7 into my MC6 to add a dedicated FS4/5 footswitch which would work on all Presets! With the free external controller input, I can now also use an expression pedal. Is anyone running their Helix Stomp this way? Am I correct in my assumptions? EDIT: this does not appear to work as desired with a Boss FS7, which only gets recognized as an expression pedal. More digging is needed... I THINK it may be because I only have a TRS->TRS cable for the FS7, while in this case I'd likely need two mono cables or a TRS->Mono x 2 cable. EDIT2: yes, using two simple patch cables from FS7 to MC6 enables both of the Boss units' footswitches. BUT... the MC6 still thinks they're expression pedals, and effects are only triggered momentarily; likely they're not the right type of switches to work with the MC6. Shame. EDIT3: I got an auxiliary switch from AmericanLoopers: This will be dedicated Tuner + FS4 + FS5, and I will also plug in the expression pedal (a Moog EP3) into the MC6. I could still use the Boss FS7 into the HX to be fair, and the Expression pedal through the MC6. To try this weekend.
  5. I've never run into any Blocks count blockers with 6 blocks, since I don't really use effects (Comp + OD + Vibe + Trem on cleans, and... that's it. No FX on OD tones). However, I DO run into DSP constraints on the HX Stomp whenever using two amps (or 2 x (amp + cabs) or (2 x amps) + 1 cab etc...). HX CAN take it, but it ruins any capabilities for effects. on top of it.
  6. In case someone runs into the same problem: the solution as given by Morningstar FX themselves is to do the Snapshot command at Release, vs. Press. I have yet to try it. A Long Press will ALWAYS also trigger a Press. So having Main function = Release, Second function = Long Press, the two are decoupled. Looking further into it: the main function could be triggered on Long Press Release (e.g. when timing is critical) and the second function on Press, which keeps them decoupled as well. On the 'to try' list!
  7. Midi controller question: how to play nicely with both a Snapshot Down (Press) and Tuner (Long Press) commands on a Midi preset? I use a Morningstar MC6 for reference. I first tried with the Snapshot Down first on Press, then Tuner on Long Press, then Snapshot Up on Long Press. This way, using the Tuner automatically puts me back to the original Snapshot (the HX Stomp only has 3). Then I remembered I could swap the commands: the Long Press for tuner first, and then the normal Press for Snapshot Down. Problems: * The second solution here did not work. The Snapshot still gets changed * I also don't know how to make either 'Tuner' or 'Snapshot Down' display on the Midi unit, base on whether I used a Long or normal Press trigger... Any thoughts? Thanks! Another issue I couldn't fix in my Midi adventures: using the Record command on the Looper automatically triggers the Play command. I may be able to go past it by... not having a Play button, and having a dedicated Stop and Undo button, rather than Toggles. To-be-tried.
  8. That doesn't work either. If I have Timmah or kinky boost in front, I can do 2 x amp+cabs, or 2 amps + 1 cab, but either way I can't add anything else to the chain... not even a looper! Same with two clean amps. Just room for an OD, and two amps, and that's it. So it's fairly limited if you wish to use effects. For a good, dry tone however, it really opens up a lot of options.
  9. See Stomp Manual - English .pdf for the relevant tuner and bypass commands. Not sure of the disaster area can send fully-customized Midi PC/CC as the Morningstar can though...
  10. Thanks for clarifying! I think I applied the word 'learn' to something less specific than it really is. I thought it meant that an external controller couldn't use these controls at all. Re-reading the instructions and applying your clarifications, 'learn' here refers to attempting to assign a preset MIDI stomp through the Bypass assignment setup. That's fantastic news! In particular, the ability to both assign Snapshot up/down AND 4 presets per bank on the Morningstar frees-up using the HX for stomps, in Stomp-mode, and brings a TON of flexibility (using multiple banks of presets instead of banking up/down using the HX).
  11. Just got some time and tried it. It works. Mixing Mardhalls and non-marshall models work pretty well! More to come. The AX8 doesn't allow you to do that. The HX Stomp does. So much to explore just from that... It does, however, seem to use a TON of CPU... I only managed to put an OD and 2 x amp + cabs on my preset. Not even a Reverb fits.
  12. Yep... Even with a more dynamic controller, it seems we can't send the reserced CCs. I'm confused as to why... Maybe it's a MIDI limitation but then, can't another CC be allocated for external MIDI commands to the same control?
  13. I'm still a little confused about the Reserved Midi CC sections (p49 in Stomp Manual - English .pdf). Does it mean I cannot configure an external Midi controller (got a Morningstar MC6 on order) to, for example, always have the Looper controls on bank 1? Or, for that matter, to change Play modes (Stomp/Snapshots)? I am trying to decouple the Midi controller from Preset-specific messages as much as possible. I.e., have the controller control as much of the macro-actions (tuner, looper, presets, snapshots) and the HX itself control the micro-actions (blocks on/off). But even with a flexible unit such as the Morningstar, it seems there's limitations to that specifically...
  14. You could, but you'd need to program the Morningstar for each Preset, the way I understand. There is no way to calibrate a Midi controller to always turn on Blocks 2, 3, 4 etc... They can only toggle specific effects or parameters, within a Preset. The way I was thinking of setting-up my Morningstar was (and I am not 100% sure I can do this just yet, but we'll see): * Bank 1 = looper control * Bank 2 = 6 presets * Bank 3 = 6 presets * Each Preset button takes me to a dedicated Bank, with blocks toggle buttons (i.e. I select a Preset, and the same action also changes to the Bank with the Preset's stomp or Snapshot settings) * Leave the core Unit in Snapshot mode Or, it may make more sense to leave the HX in Stomp mode, and toggle snapshots only. I got a Boss FS-7 to add two footswitches to the HX, which work as FS4/FS5 for ALL presets (I could, for example, ALWAYS map blocks 4 and 5 to be OD + Mod, and always mapped to FS4 and 5, though the process is roughly the same as if I were to do that via MIDI). The extent of my Midi knowledge was gathered last night while pondering exactly what you're asking, so I may be wrong :)
  15. I'm not home and can't try it, so I'm sorry for being impatient and asking on here :) Can the HX Stomp run 2 x amps in parallel? I saw nothing prevent it from happening. DSP limitations will come into play, but that's not a huge deal for me. I come from the AX8 where this isn't possible at all, hence my curiosity.
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