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  1. Hi, Can be daunting trying to dial in a great 'lead' tone, especially when your used to your valve Marshall's. I've had L6 stuff for years and years and just bought a Helix (rack) two weeks ago..I have to say I wish I'd bought one sooner. I like the EVH/Splawn/Friedman sound and struggled to get that...so cheated! I'm not encouraging you to spend money or am affiliated in ANY way but I bought a pre made 'pack' from Choptones and downloaded it onto the Helix...very very good. I would suggest taking a look at what they have to offer either via their website or check out their various 'pack demo's' on youtube in the first instance...they do some Marshall packs. They offer a great starting point with tone and you can then also see how they go about using the 'blocks' and what eq they use etc to get the tone. If you go on their FB site they have a 40% discount code which you can use. I haven't used any of the free downloads from users on the L6 website yet but will try a few out this weekend, some will work for you I'm sure. The Helix is great, will I ever get rid of my valve 5150iii...no. But once you've found the patch for you, you will be really pleased with it. I've had Kemper & Axe FX...I think the Helix wins..IMO. Cheers
  2. Hi Guys, thanks for the info. DunedinDragon: In one simple phrase you have expertly described what an IR is and what it does. Someone at L6 should take that phrase 'The easiest way to think of IRs is they are "pre-cooked" cabinets´╗┐. In other words when using a Helix cab block you specify what cabinet you want, what mic model you want to use with it, and where to position that mic relative to the speaker. An IR has all of this sort of information already baked into it, but it can't be modified. Therefore each variation of mic and mic position on a specific cabinet will be a different IR' and post it on their page for people like me, great explanation. Also thank you Zolko60, glad i'm on the right lines! Cheers\m/
  3. Hi all, Sorry for the question as i'm sure its been asked. So apologies. Long time L6 user first time Helix user..rack version, love it. Impulse Responses...my question: If I use an impulse response block, I assume I don't add it to a patch with a Amp & Cab block in use, or a patch which has separate Amp and Cab block...just use an Amp (amp on its own) block and then an impulse response block? Going into studio monitors and will go direct into house PA. Just wanted to get a handle on how to use them in a very simple basic set up ie wha>eq>Amp>IR>delay>reverb...NOT wha>eq>AMP+Cab>IR>delay>reverb. Sorry for thick question, any basic help much appreciated. # Thanks guys/gals.
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