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  1. Kilrahi

    Should I buy helix native or hardware?

    It kind of depends on how much you want to spend and how many options you really want, but in my opinion one of the best decisions I ever made gear wise AND budget wise was the purchase of the HX Stomp ($520 after coupon) + Helix Native ($100). Seriously loads you up with insane options.
  2. Kilrahi

    Should us "hobbyists" be doing so many updates?

    As a fellow hobbyist, aren't we the ones who have the least to risk of all? And as for that "risk," I really don't think it's very much risk. I updated to 2.71, 2.8, and 2.81 day one, without hesitation (will, I had to wait for work to end, sadly). If you live in the US, Line 6's customer service is practically bullet proof at this point. If tomorrow my Stomp becomes sentient and tries to kill me, I really have zero fear that Line 6 will send a swat team over to take it out and then replace it with a new one.
  3. Kilrahi

    How to hook up an MXR Talk Box to my Firehawk FX?

    That's one way to do it. Or simply put the Talkbox in the FX loop and turn the FX block on, but then if you use it it will be impacted by reverb. So if you don't want that, then do like your idea above and chain them.
  4. Kilrahi

    My update story

    I am not doubting the experience of people like the OP who say that their update process was a hairball. However, I can only speak from the perspective of what I've experienced. The Line 6 products I've owned are two Spider amps, a Pod HD500X, a Firehawk 1500, and a HX Stomp. Every single update has been a painless process. I got KIND of apprehensive when I was doing the 2.8 update for the HX Stomp, even though my thinking was that if I were to run into problems, it would probably be on the devices that were not already on HX Core. However, despite my apprehension, it went off smoothly in a matter of minutes, and I was cranking out that blessed KOT sound in no time. However, I tried to plunge a toilet the other day and that was a very lollipop ordeal, so I don't lead a charmed life if that makes you feel better.
  5. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp Analog signal only coming out

    It kind of sounds serious, unfortunately, but if it were me I would try a factory reset. Turn the Stomp off, and then turn it on again, BUT as it boots hold down footswitches 1 and 2 as it boots up. If still no dice, yeah, the support ticket is the next step . . .
  6. Kilrahi

    That Revv Model Tho!

    Yeah, I finally tried it on a whim the other night. I really had been pretty focused on the King of Tone model, but WOW . . . that thing is awesome. I may end up loving it more than the King of Tone (and I love the KOT).
  7. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp UI freezing

    I haven't had anything like this happen, but I haven't tried to do the exact setup you are trying either. Since you've done a good job of documenting everything, I would open up a Line 6 support ticket and get their take on it.
  8. Kilrahi

    4 cable methode and Di box into PA

    It depends on what you're asking. Firehawk goes great into a PA, and great with the four cable method into a real amp. If you're wanting to do both it can get harrier, especially if you're wanting to use the Firehawk's modelled amp and cabs for the PA (in which case I think you have to choose one or the other, real or modelled, not both).
  9. Kilrahi

    Firehawk FX with Powercab 112 (Plus)

    Well, that kind of depends on what you want. What if I asked you, "Are all speaker types and brands the same thing?" Right away you'd be thinking, "Uh, not even close . . ." Now, are there tons of great FRFR options out there? Absolutely. Powercab is my favorite, but if people are on a budget I recommend the Headrush 108 for 112. Seriously though, there are a lot of solid FRFR options out there. The advantage to the Powercab is it comes closer to nailing that "amp in a room" sound that a lot of people miss going with modelers.
  10. Kilrahi

    Helix Stomp with TT-2 & SP1

    You can't do that. It's one or the other.
  11. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp configuration with pedalboard

    Could you provide a few more details? What other pedals are you hoping to combine with the Stomp? Including those pedals, what is the actual exact signal chain you're wanting? (Example: Boss DS1 >>> HX Stomp >>> Amp >>> Strymon Timeline)
  12. Kilrahi

    Time to BULLET Proof the next upgrade for Humans

    My school focused on problem solving and critical thinking in a way that, in my opinion, is not taught anymore. I usually solve my own problems or find existant material that does and I think some of it came from that. This most recent update was clearly a hairball brought about by L6's discovery of a way to improve their product in a way that they never originally envisioned. I don't know that there was an easier way to bring it about or I'm sure they would have done it. No company WANTS a complicated update.
  13. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp - CanĀ“t send program changes

    I wouldn't say it's THAT big (though I understand everyone is different) but it is very close .... very ... close ....
  14. Kilrahi

    Hey L6 - renumber Native, wouldja?

    There's an ideascale on this if you want to vote for it.
  15. Kilrahi

    Firehawk FX with Powercab 112 (Plus)

    Yeah, it does go a bit faster, but there is still a bit of a delay.