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  1. Kilrahi

    IR length discussion

    I think you brought up a great analogy to audio compression trends of the last two decades. As a lover of true lossless formats (such as Flac) it has always driven me nuts that the great compromise of the iPod era was that people embraced crappy . . . in many cases EXTREMELY crappy, recordings of their favorite songs in order to have the convenience of portability. My ears could never stand anything less than 320 AAC format and mp3 was absolutely out of the question. What's funny is that people who embraced bad mp3's staunchly argued with me that it "did not matter." I could get the emotional baggage they were carrying, as no one wants to feel like their method has problems. What's interesting is if they'd let me show them the differences through an A/B comparison - once heard, it could never go UNHEARD (and I almost invariably felt kind of bad for showing them), and in real live studies (not done by me) people do show that subconsciously they DO care because they often choose to listen to better recorded audio for much longer than trashy mp3 recordings when subjected to them in blind tests. Now that memory just keeps getting cheaper and cheaper, we're seeing a push towards higher quality audio. Is that good? I think so. Quality DOES matter, at least to the point that our human body becomes the biggest obstacle to experiencing better versions of things (and who knows, maybe then we'll rip out our original eyes and ears and start implanting them with higher quality synthesized stuff). However, I get cruisinon2's point - look, the Helix does not sound like trash. It sounds beautiful. Nobody realizing longer IRs bring more to the table should look at their Helix, feel threatened, and never want to turn it on again. At the same time though, I do not expect the Helix to be THE last, or even MY last, modeler. I do expect Line 6, or Fractal, or whoever comes next to one day pull the next big rabbit out of their hat and it will no doubt embrace, and SHOULD embrace MANY advancements. It will have a FAR better processor (I mean, come on, processors advance so much just year over year and the old stuff gets cheaper and cheaper), FAR better memory and ram . . . honestly it better have crap I can't even dream up yet. Those engineers are going to need to be aware of the modest improvements that can come from things like the videos above show. I demand that of them and so should you. In the mean time though, those of us not involved in the design of these things can choose how interested we want to be in knowing about what those improvements could be. In cruisinon2's case, that probably won't be all that much. Me, I DO want to know about them because I just think it's cool lollipop. Still, just like cruisinon2, at the end of the day my biggest improvements are going to come from my practice time, not what modeler I buy.
  2. Kilrahi

    JTV-69S Review

    Yeah, I'm kind of a blue collar guitarist myself. I've taken far uglier girls out on a date, and proudly too, than the Variax, so I'd have no problem with her. I own a 59, but honestly, I think she's pretty attractive. Those Fender American Deluxe Strats seem like really arrogant snobs to me. At least, every time I made an offer on one they hard passed.
  3. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp aux in volume too low

    Instead of changing them from instrument to line, switch to to "auxiliary." Try that and see what it does for you. Mine could blow my ear drums out.
  4. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp FAQ

    But the wah wah engages just fine if switch 5 is not engaged? That seems like a glitch as it should work. Can you share your patch so some of us can look at it?
  5. Kilrahi

    Not Helix... but still nice to see

    Because he's smart enough to see that at this point any claimed sound difference is smoke and mirrors.
  6. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp flaw, no sound sometimes

    I've had the same thing happen twice in 6 months.
  7. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Supposedly it gets better with 2.8 update, but yeah, 6 blocks is a big problem. Helix presets don't specify how many blocks are used, so what would the Stomp do if it tries to download one with more? There's no way that can work.
  8. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp and Boss Katana 50 - sounds bad?

    The Katana is not a flat response speaker system. Your best bet is to go clean if you want to use amp settings on the Stomp, but your best bet with the Katana is just effects, particularly effects that aren't time based. You will not get them to sound like the videos of those using the Stomp with a flat response system.
  9. Kilrahi


    It IS in the manual. I don't have either the Stomp or the manual handy right now, but it's in global settings I think under footswitches. You can set it to touch, press, or both. You want press.
  10. Kilrahi

    NEW HELIX OWNER 5/16/19

    Also, just to be clear as mud, if it's the actual King of Tone pedal model you want that still isn't quite available yet. It's set to be brought with update 2.8 which is expected some time in the next few weeks.
  11. I've controlled it with an S7. Do you have the cord connected right? Plug the adapter into the S7, and then the USB cord into the adapter, and the cord into the amp.
  12. Kilrahi

    From Helix to Helix LT ?

    As long as you don't need the ports of the full unit, yes, yes it is.
  13. Kilrahi

    hx effects to FOH, possible confusion

    If you are planning on going to the FOH, and if your existing amp on stage doesn't have an adequate front of house send, then in my opinion you should choose the Stomp over the Effects because it has the amp models in it along with the IRs.
  14. Kilrahi

    6 Switch Looper for HX Stomp

    What do you mean by "delete everything?" If you are referring to the loop, the Stomp can only store one loop. Rather than choose "delete everything," if you want to record a new loop just push the record button. It deletes the old loop and records a new one.