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  1. HX Effects doesn't feature the amp + cab section of the HX Stomp or Helix - only the effects section. So any presets with amp + cab can't be imported (I think - never tried!)... or it imports only the blocks that exists on HX Effects...
  2. So I finally tried and perform an entire gig in 3CM - I was NOT hearing things... at gig volumes WHAT A SOUND! Now I have "the" tone I want, indeed the V-Stack works best when connected directly to amp input. So, with this pedal, which in ON all the time, I'm better off with 3CM - oh and the HX effects (delays, harmonies, etc) sounded awesome. Thanks for all the input and help!
  3. Thanks! The OD sounds indeed more "open" but I actually preferred the "old" tone.. or it can be my mind playing tricks. I have to really A/B at gig volume which its not easy at home. On the G-System it was a WORLD difference - I almost returned the G-System because I started by connecting it in 4CM and the V-Stack on G-System input sounded really "dead" - once I tried the 3CM - I stick with it for 12 years! :) On the HX I don't hear a HUGE difference but I can swear its there... I will try and try to see if I can get to definitive conclusion. The thing with TB is they are designed to work well between Guitar -> TB -> Amp... as I put it on HX path I'm converting some analog signal into digital right? Kudos to Line6 as I don't hear a world's difference, but maybe that's what's happening?
  4. I'm using my HX Effects live from some time now... I use it in 4CM and I have the "feeling" that my external OD pedal sounds "thinner" than connecting it in 3 CM. I experience the same thing on my previous unit (the G-System) but on this one was the difference was HUGE. On the HX Effects sometimes I experience the same issue... I compare 4CM with 3CM (HX Effect only on amp FX Loop and OD connected directly to the amp's input) and, to me, it sounds warmer and with longer sustain... but not always and more present on the low strings (low E especially)... the OD I use is kind of a Treble Booster + Vox AC30 sound emulator (V-Stack BHM). I'm not sure I'm hearing things or I'm indeed losing "tone" using this OD in 4CM. This OD is soooo tricky... as a real TB I also cannot use wireless system... I can swear I'm losing warmth and sustain... the difference is not HUGE but it really sounds a bit more trebly... The thing with 4CM is that I use the excellent HX Noise Gate to remove the noise from the V-Stack... if I connect directly I probably would need to get my ISP on the pedalboard no? Anyone experience this issue on 4CM? Many thanks in advance.
  5. Have you try to uninstall the software and perform a clean install? Maybe a corrupted file is preventing it from opening...
  6. Lol - yes I thought -10 db/+4db and wrote the other way around... Great advice! I will try it! Thanks. I will.
  7. I have a VOX AC30 amp and I use the FX Loop at - 4 db (it haves a switch to + 10 db) but I always used it in -4db (it was recommend for my G-System, the previous multi-effect I used). Questions: Should I use +10 db instead? What's your experience with Helix family on your amps regarding the FX Loop level? The Output Level for FX Loop (Send/Retrn1) set on "Inst" adds a bit of hiss. I changed to "Line" and the hiss disappeared while the tone seems to me remained intact. Is this related with the -4db/+10db level set up on the amp? I use the HX Effects in 4 CM. Many thanks for your advice.
  8. So... it was just all a terrible coincidence... besides the amp RCA cable shown in a above post caused the stutter on the amp, the clipping/distortion was caused by one of the cables connecting the HX to the amp FX Loop. The cable was malfunctioning (a broken wire inside the jack) thus causing the distortion/clipping. I now use two new cables for the amp FX loop and yesterday had a problem free gig! Great sound - now I just have to balance some of the presets in terms of volume for boost/solos - sometimes the snapshot with delays in it seem to be not as loud as it should be. But other that this small issue (unnoticed by bandmates or audience) but that I feel is not perfect yet, the gig went flawlessly. Ah on a curious note: I had a G-System and I thought the preset change was gapless... man with the snapshots I now realize what is really gapless! I have now to get used to only press the switch on the time I really want to kick in a harmony or something (on the G-System I pressed it some seconds early). I still have the habit of press it some seconds early and, on harmonies for instance, it kicks in a bit sooner that I want.
  9. Did you perform a factory reset after the update?
  10. Thanks. I didn't had the time yet to test as I've been on mini-holidays but I suspect the Noise Gate (+3b for solo boosts) might be the problem as I don't experience the issue when using the "rhythm" snapshots where the Noise Gate is at 0db. I will try it today to see if that's the problem.
  11. Could it be due to the fact that I'm using the first block (Noise Gate) with +3.0 db to boost for solos? What is the best method to raise volume for solos (in a snapshot)? A "level" block at the end of the chain? This would raise FX loop volume right? Before the HX Effects my previous pedalboard (a G-System) was used in 3 CM (only in FX Loop) and when I boost for solos, it would raise (of course) the FX Loop volume. Never had clipping/unwanted distortion with this method. Many thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks for the reply. Channel volume. Do you think I need to adjust the FX loop volumes?
  13. So - it was not related to this, just a terrible coincidence. This happened to me in the past and so I went and check the RCA cables inside the amp, as this caused the same symptoms in the past... and voila... nothing to do with the HX Effects this particular issue: Still have to figure out the clipping / distortion. :)
  14. So Saturday was my first gig with the HX Effects. Tested at home with no issues, great sound and good results so I was pretty confident taking it finally to a gig. I connect with 4 CM like this: Guitar -> OD/DS pedal -> HX Effects input HX Effects Send -> VOX AC30 input HX Effects Return -> VOX AC30 FX Loop Send HX Effects L Output -> VOX AC30 FX Loop Return I used a "4CM..." factory preset as base to add my blocks. First block in the chain is the Noise Gate (which takes the noise out my OD/DS pedal). I also use the Noise Gate volume in the snapshot to add a "solo" boost (0 db for rhythm, + 3db for solo snapshots). As I turned the amp up at gig volumes (at home it was impossible to do so) - especially on the "solo" snapshots I can hear a non musical distortion like the amp (or the HX) are clipping. As the gig went on the amp also started to "stutter" (volume drop then came up again) which I suspect might be related to this. I think the FX Loop block is clipping. Any experience in such an issue? How do you solve it? FX Loop block is with 0 db at Send and Return. Should I turn it down? Many thanks for any help!
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