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    Let's put the real name to the presets

    Hi, great! Glad someone can use IT. If you figure other band presets please post so I can update the list.
  2. Bboy19

    Let's put the real name to the presets

    Hi, attached is a file of the Factory presets from version 2.710. It is in an .xls format. If anyone can update the list, let me know I can update it as need. I use it to keep track of presets I like or want to mod at the beginning. I added a Notes column. Some people on another topic were asking for this. I will try to keep it updated for the software update. Bboy19 Helix 2.70 Factory Presets 1.xls Helix 2.70 Factory Presets 2.xls
  3. Bboy19

    Helix Newbie Question/ effects loop/ presets

    Hi Amsdenj, thanks for the information. I was hoping that the sends/returns could be used. Thank You
  4. Hi, I have a few questions. I tried searching but came up empty. 1. Is there a list of the presets and who they emulate? I can figure out some, but have no idea of the others. 2. I want to send my signal out to two other amps. I have the regular Outputs taken up with a stereo setup. Can I use the effects loop Send to the input of the other two amps? What would the best way to do this? 3. Can I use the effects loop return as input. Save cable swapping from various instrument? What a great unit! That's all for now. Thank You .