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  1. Hi Horseflesh, great to hear that it is helpful. Bboy19
  2. Hi, Soundog, you are welcome. Put it to good use. Bboy19
  3. Hi, attached is an XLS. zipped spreadsheet. You can sort the models etc. any way you want. Let me know if there are any errors or omissions. Enjoy Bboy19 Helix 3.10 Amp Cabs Effects List xls.xls.zip
  4. Hi Sliverhead, thanks for the information. One less think to connect. Thank you
  5. Hi Silverhead, Thanks for the information. Yes, audio outputs of Helix are connected to Scarlett. Midi in/outputs of Helix would be connected to Scarlett Midi in/outputs. The thought came up from a Cubase lecture I attend. They showed keyboard audio and Midi data being recorded/captured. Stating that you can edit the Midi data easier than audio. Like a wrong note, timing etc. This is where the idea originated. Keyboard friends seem to be doing this also. So my questions is does Helix produce and transmit this data? How do I capture in my DAW using Cubase? This maybe a question for another forum. Thank you
  6. Hi, I have searched this topic and have found little information. I would like to know if the Helix Midi data can be sent to Cubase and be recorded? This would be for latency issue/editing. Keyboard friends seem to be doing this. The chain of data would be Helix to Scarlett Interface to Cubase 10.5. Could someone please let me know if this is possible and point me to any links. Thank you
  7. Hi, thanks for the info. I will re-read the instructions. Thanks Bboy19
  8. Hi, thanks for the info. I checked to see if the new amps and effects are in the Helix and they are. Just wondering if there is indeed new presets. Line 6 did you create new presets? Thanks Bboy19
  9. Hi, I have just updated to 3.0.0. I would like to know if there are any new factory presets for the new amps and effects? Do I have to reset my existing presets to factory to get them if they exist ? How do you reset the factory presets only without losing anything else? Thank you Bboy19
  10. Hi, glad you find it helpful. Bboy19
  11. Members 8 20 posts Registered Products:1 Report post Hi, attached is a XLS spreadsheet listing the updated models. You can sort the models etc. any way you want. Let me know if there are any errors or omissions. Enjoy Bboy19 Helix 3.0.0 Amp Cabs Effects List xls.xls
  12. Hi DannyMcO, that is great I will look at your files. Take care and your distance ! Bboy19
  13. Hi JazzInc, great IR's! Thank you. Just wondering what some of the names represent ie speakers etc. I'm new to the Helix world. 50mu67-40web121-10eqkm84, weberbluer12basketg12m25u, OWNHAMMER 412 SLM M75 MIX. MANY THANKS Bboy19
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