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  1. Hi, ok,so same functionality, minus jacks that makes sense, plus I/O meters and works in a DAW. Thanks Bboy19
  2. Hi, thanks for the information. Now that tells a little more on how it is used. Take care Bb0y19
  3. Hi, thanks for all information, links and philosophical perspective. I will have to do more research. To bad Line 6 did not create a table of features for both apps. like they do for the hardware. Thanks Bboy19
  4. Hi, I'm debating to get Helix Native to use in Cubase. I have the Helix Floor and Edit. There is a good price now. I trying to find a chart with a feature comparison. Is there one? I know it resides in my DAW etc. What are the real advantages to using it. I guess I'm trying to justify if it is going to be use full to me. Home studio, guitar player etc. Any help would be appreciate. Thanks for your time. Bboy19
  5. Hi Silverhead, your welcome. Initially yes but now just updates. I have visited the it is pretty good. Take care
  6. Hi, attached is a spreadsheet for the 3.70 update. Let me know if there are any errors or omissions. Enjoy Bboy19 Helix 3.70 Amp Cabs Effects List xls.xls
  7. Hi Martha, I have book, but did not see anywhere it said which was which in the breakdown of each pedal. The link to Helix help was better. Take care Bboy19
  8. Hi, thanks for the links. I will check them both out. I have the book.
  9. Hi, is there a list of the pedals (fuzz/booster/distortion) that indicates which pedals has either of these components. I have little experience with FDB pedals and cannot tell by the descriptions. Thanks for you time and patience. Bboy19
  10. Hi, great that this is of use to people. Take care
  11. Hi, attached is an xls. spreadsheet reflecting the latest update. You can sort the models etc. Let me know if there are any errors or omissions. Enjoy Bboy19 Helix 3.60 Amp Cabs Effects List
  12. Hi, sorry for the long title. Just a lot of questions. I want to capture a couple of acoustic guitars and Uke IR's to put in to my Helix floor. I have been searching for the past few weeks for software and I have seem to have narrowed it down to a few. To capture instruments I seem to be leaning to MFreeFormEQ from It seems easy. Has anyone used this or can recommend something better?? Also looking at blending speakers/making speaker IR's. I have landed on two for now. MCabinet speaker IR. It seems to do what I want. Has anyone used this or can recommend something better?? Celestion Speaker Mix Pro. I like the GUI and how things are presented in a logical form. I think it is limited on mixing speakers and using your own IR's. Instructions not really clear and I may have to contact them for details. Has anyone used this or can recommend something better? Imix. I have not tried any of the software. Only watched videos. I hope this is the right forum. If not please move it. Thanks for your input and recommendations and time. Bboy
  13. Hi, great to see people finding it useful. Take care
  14. Hi, attached is an XLS. spreadsheet. You can sort the models etc. any way you want. Let me know if there are any errors or omissions. Enjoy Bboy19 Helix 3.50 Amp Cabs Effects List xls.xls
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