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  1. So... yes... I just gave up on my Helix. I tried a lot to make it work for me and my setup but I always got back to the old tested and thru G-Major 2 for delays and specially harmonies. Not Helix fault as its an incredible product, with lots and lots of flexibility but my entire fault to not be able to get the most out of it. I couldn't go before saying THANK YOU to all. I specially have to mention @theElevators, @codamedia, @PierM, @rd2rk which always reply to my doubts with videos, opinions, etc. But, of course, to all this extraordinary community, one of the best! I will keep an eye on the evolution of the Helix and one day.. one knows... maybe I'm ready for such an amazing piece of gear. I just realized that I'd spent lots and lots of hours to get the same sound as I had, instead of concentrating in improving my playing :) As I said, not blaming the unit but my poor lack of skills to master it. Enjoy playing and see you around!!
  2. Thanks for the detailed explanation. I will try it definitely and let you know!
  3. Using a VOX AC30 - quick question: can I use the Fawn model and use just the AC30 cab as a cabinet? I guess connecting the Helix to the Return of the FX Loop, thus bypassing the AC30 preamp completely? In this case - I can "simulate" 4CM just by putting wha/ods before Fawn block and the rest after? Oh and I too use a Red Special!!!
  4. Ah and also (and this could be the culprit): at home volumes it actually sound "nice", a bit of artifacts but nothing major. At gig volumes it sounds unpleasant...
  5. yes that's exactly what I do. I use 4 CM and my amp haves FX Loop. I connect exactly that way, still can't make the Dual Pitch sound anywhere as good as the Twin Harmony.
  6. How can I put it at "end of chain" if I use a physical amp? Meaning how can I avoid that "distortion"? That's exactly what I hear, like I'm playing some detuned double stops... Many thanks!
  7. I have a preset where I use the Twin Harmony and it sounds great in the mix - present, clear, no artifacts, etc. This a specific preset where I need an harmony setting the keys. On all other presets that use harmony, I'm using the Dual Pitch block where I set +3 for Interval 1 and +7 for Interval2. These are the harmony intervals I need - but this block doesn't sound ANYWHERE near the quality, clearness and overall presence in the mix (and also add some artifacts!) as the Twin Harmony. I use 4 CM with a physical amp. Pitch blocks are on amp effects loops, on Path 1B with 100% Mix. I tried the 50% mix but the harmonies become almost inaudible (I practically only hear the guitar notes). Can I use the Twin Harmony block for the same purpose (fixed intervals) not depending on a specific key? Or any other alternatives? I cannot make the Dual Pitch sound good no matter how I try. I also tried it on Path 1A, etc to no avail. Many thanks in advance! EDIT: I'm using a LT.
  8. I think this is called 3 CM. When I used a G-System I connected like this because the G System input was buffered and I my Treble Booster thru it sounded awful. So I used the G-System in the amp loops only... Guitar -> TB -> Amp Input G-System Input -> Amp FX Loop Send G-System Output -> Amp FX Loop Return
  9. Have you set the Stomp Mode Switches and are you in "Stomp footswitch Mode"? I think the Floor even supports 10 switches for Stomp...
  10. To add that the "only" unit that's 100% compatible is the Floor IF you have any presets depending on inputs that the LT doesn't have (for instance the "Mic" input). If its Guitar In, Send1/Return1, etc, yes you can use the LT as it's more portable and lighter.
  11. Thanks for your work!!! I usually use this site (not mine), which I think is also nice for this: I think it also reflects the 3.60 update.
  12. Many thanks @brue58ski Lots of great info. Yes, unfortunately I don't have the chance of creating patches using full gig volumes. But I might have to rental a rehearsal room and take my amp as well, so I can drive it at gig levels and don't have any surprise when playing live. On gigs its hard to take time at soundcheck to do these adjustments...
  13. I connect my LT in 4 CM thru my physical amp. On a preset that I have a Dual Delay (on path 1A) using 50% Mix so I get same level of guitar tone and same level for repeats, I noticed that, on lower volumes (as I program the Helix at home) the repeats are noticeable lower than the guitar played note. On gig levels I didn't noticed this but this makes it hard to program the Helix at home when I cannot be sure the output at gig levels would be the same. Also, on gig levels, if I overlay a lot of notes (thus repeating themselves) I clearly hear a unpleasant distortion on the repeats. Also (and I think it might be related): using Twin Harmony block at home levels - If i put the block on path 1B at 50% mix, it sound's great and I hear the same amount of guitar note and harmonies. At gig levels I can barely hear the harmonies. Surely my fault as I'm missing something. The signal path is quite basic. FX Send/Block first in chain and all effects after this (as it just delays, harmonies and reverbs - I don't use Helix OD/DS). Many thanks!
  14. Hola! Welcome to the forum ;) I understood your question but others might not :) This is mainly a english language forum so you have better chances of getting a reply if you write in English ;) To answer your question: LT does not have the Mic input the Floor haves but, in theory, you can connect a mic using a jack cable (XLR from mic->jack to LT) on one of the return loops (assuming you are using the Guitar In for guitar) but this will be unbalanced. In theory it could work but I don't think the sound would be satisfactory.
  15. @ACSlater I think that you can only adjust the brightness of the led switches but not of the screen itself.
  16. Did you performed a factory reset after the update as recommended?
  17. Are you using a unit with dedicated volume knob (LT/Floor...)? If so just turn the volume knob all the way down like this as you browse presets:
  18. if it's distracting, you can switch off the led on TAP TEMPO (pag 68 of the manual -> Global Settings > Displays) LT 3.0 Owner's Manual - Rev D - English .pdf
  19. Hello and welcome to the forum. Commercially speaking, I don't think that your suggestion is viable. In the range of the Helix family, the HX was specifically created for those who want to use their traditional amp and just take advantage of effects - if they put amps and cabs on the HX, then the HX stomp or even an LT would be almost redundant. I'm a former HX Effects user and loved its form factor but there's many more things going on between the HX and the LT (which I now use) besides the lack of amp + cabs: LT has dual DSP, HX Effects just one DSP; Expression pedal on the LT; Variable impedance selection on the LT (which makes a HUGE difference for me), the HX is fixed an 1M and always sounded bright/tighter to me; Editing is a breeze on the LT, for the HX I always needed a computer to change/create patches, it's not that you can't directly on the unit but it's cluttered and difficult. I actually use the LT just for effects, as I use in 4CM with a traditional amp and, at the moment, I don't use any of the amps+cabs but I like to know that they are there just in case! On the HX - you can use one of the drive pedals as preamp and put an IR on the signal chain to play direct. I think others did this way with good results. But I do recommend that, if you want amp+cabs, to make the jump for the LT. I also had the doubt of "it's heavy and big", but actually its not a big deal. Of course, in the past, I used a G-System which was extremely heavy and big - for me the LT size/weight are actually nice!
  20. Thanks for the info. By the way - how can I replace the Dual Delay for two blocks of mono delays, without any of them affect each other? I tested putting them on different paths (Path 1A and Path 1B) but I cannot make the volume for both to sound exactly the same. I want the two single repeats to come out at the same volume as my played note/chord. Any ideas? I tested different paths, etc. I need two repeats (one at 800 ms and one at 1600 ms).
  21. MayPRS

    3.60 update

    Did you perform a factory reset as advised (make sure you have a full backup of your Helix before doing so in order to restore your presets)?
  22. I bough mine new this year and it came with 3.11 installed.
  23. On the same subject but slightly different issue/discovery I made: I ran my Helix in 4CM with one amp. I setup'd the Helix using the stereo versions of all effects when needed, thinking that they would just sound like the mono versions, since I'm using the L output only. I was totally wrong. When I start changing the blocks for the mono versions (I did this with all blocks except one where I need a Dual Delay and that's only offered in stereo version), the sound is much more dynamic and present, more defined. I don't know if the Helix was designed to work like this, but I always thought that using stereo blocks panned to center, would sound the same as the mono blocks, but they don't.
  24. Context: for gigs I use 4 CM with my amp (as it haves an FX Loop) and it works great (Helix LT). On the rehearsal room (rented) I use whatever amp is available and usually none of them haves an FX Loop. What I did - I created a copy of the setlist I use live and removed the FX LOOP block so I can use as traditional pedalboard (directly to amp input). As I use a very specific DS pedal on the Helix input (I cannot reproduce this particular sound on the Helix), specially the harmonies come out with an unpleasant distortion and very harsh/ugly sound. Sure must be a problem with my signal path, I must be clipping the Twin Harmony block. Maybe putting it in a parallel path? This happened yesterday (first rehearsal with the Helix) so I didn't have the time to test alternatives - just asking here to check if someone faces/faced the same issue that can guide me in the right direction. Many thanks in advance.
  25. Just my two cents: I had a HX Effects and couldn't make the HX sound good on 4 CM. I then bought an LT and it sounds amazing on 4 CM (same guitar, same amp, same cables, even same patch cables!). Don't know why, I guess the HX should sound at least near, but no, the LT is night and day, on my personal experience, on 4 CM. Maybe I had one of those units with mismatched components? Although I don't think so, since mine was bought in 2021 and it was a relatively new stock unit.
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