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  1. Normally on a pedalboard with effects going into an amp (valve-amp at least) the chain would be this: Wah --> Compressor --> Overdrive --> Equalizer --> Pitch --> Modulation --> Level(Volumep) --> Echo/Reverb Which --> Chain --> Of --> Effects --> Pedals --> Makes --> Life --> Easier Analog speaking I have: George Dannis GD40 Wah --> Empress Compressor --> Paul C:s Timmy --> Sweetsound Moj Vibe --> TC Electroninc Flashback -> T-Rex Room Mate But what order should I chain my effects in - inside the HX stomp: 1) To go directly into my amps 2) To go into the FOH mixer Does it matter or is it solely a matter of taste. Of course going into FOH I would likely us up one or two blocks for amp/cab block/blocks Cheers: Dixiechicken!
  2. DC here! [CAVEAT] mixing consoles for professional applications come provided with a signal path / level normograph, depicting all paths and levels across inputs, outputs, insert points, matrix, auxes and subgroups... as do quality audio interfaces, too. which i rate Helix Rack to be, to an extent - it's just the lack of this documentation from its Manufacturer to push me into thinking the "professional" adjective attached to the text on its user manual is misplaced, or used for mere marketing hype. [END CAVEAT] That can certainly be true in - I suspect a large part :) - there is seldom a manufacturer "badmouths" their own products. Peronally I do like a thorough technical spec sheet. Then I will have a yardstick to measure that against my own tastes & hearing. (just my two cents) Cheers: Dixiechicken!
  3. DC here! Thanks for the input interesting results & food for thoughts - lols Hava a great day! Cheers: Dixiechicken!
  4. DC here! Yes you have a good point there! The shape of the slope - aka the steepness - plays a very important role of course. The 6 dB/Octave slope will attenuate all the frequences at a much slower rate than a 12 dB 18 dB & 24 dB By varying cut off points and slopes- you might expect - at some point - that the amplitudes and frequencis & overlaying harmonics to be roughly the same. ( probably very roughly is my feeling ) And thus you'd perceive the sound to be the same - YMMV Soundperception is a very personal thing of course. :) Cheers: Dixiechicken! PS Thanks for the info btw on the cag IR slope versus the EQ block slops. DS
  5. DC here! That's because the difference in the slope in the cut curves. Setting a cut off 12 dB/octave slope at 5KHz would mean the the volume is down by 12 dB at 10 KHz. Setting a cut off 12 dB/octave slope at 5KHz would mean the the volume is down by 24 dB at 20 KHz. Setting a cut off 24 dB/octave slope at 10 KH would mean that the volume is down by 24 dB at 20 KHz ( a much steeper slope ) The sound you percieve from your instryment is dependent on: 1) the total overal volume - ( the Fletcher Munson curves ) 2) the combination of the root frequency + the overtones and their relative volumes (the second third fourth fifth etc etc order harmonics) Cheers: Dixiechicken!
  6. DC here! Yes I've looked at some videos at You Tube. Check this link below as an example: That supports your statement that the EQ-blocks roll off curves - are steeper than the cab-blocks roll off curves. Cheers: Dixiechicken!
  7. DC here! By all means ride along -lols. I have a few of the Waveart plugins to my daw. The Trackplug have the option of tailoring your eq i various vays. Parametric with deamless variotion of the Q-value and gain. Shelving low & hi cut & brick wall etc. That would be useful info to have as regards the HX Stomp. Cheers: Dixiechicken!
  8. DC here! Anybody know how steep, the high cut & low cut controls, in the amp and cag sims are? 6/12/18/24 dB/octave? Cheers: Dixiechicken!
  9. I've have the exact same problem with my HX stomp. Has happened three times now. This happens after I shut down the HX stomp and turns it back on. Seems to me like a glitch in the HX Edit app and/or the HX stomp itself. The casing of the the HX is warm to the touch after while - more than luke warm. Almost as warm as my Melitta machine espresso (51 degrees celcius) Maybe its over heating......? Factory reset will get the factory presets back BUT ANY UN-SAVED presets are lost. After a factory reset I'm able to open the HX Edit app and import my saved preset back into the HX stomp. But if you go to clubs/stages with the stomp as your rig then it can't be trusted if the the presets disappears when you boot the unit up. You'll only get the factory presets back not your own. Cheers: Max BTW: Firmware of my HX is 2.92
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