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  1. Wow, some great boards there! I have a really simple setup, I hit the API comp / EQ pedal first, then the stomp for everything else. I play rhythm guitar only, so HX for my amps, cabs (unless I bring a tube amp out) and basic effects: reverb, delay, boost, etc...even then I don't use a lot of effects so the stomp works out perfectly.
  2. *Looking to get the longest subject title award, hoping its a Helix LT, is it a Helix LT? I decided to try the ole 2.8 update shuffle late last night. In under 10 min, I was up and running, I had probably an hour or so where everything was running smoothly, imported my setlist and all was well. I was really digging the Grammatico so I built a preset around it for my Strat and SG, nice! Holy smokes that amp sounds good! Sometime after I kept getting the "Failed to get preset names, DSP overload" error, as I would try to save presets. Now all my presets were gone in HX edit and in the Stomp, they were named (genetic) New Preset 1, etc - I could no longer back up anything or use HX edit. I have gigs coming up so I had to rock n' roll it on back to 2.7. Is this just the DSP limitations of the Stomp itself, perhaps it needs to rest and I pushed too hard, I am quite a mess don't you know. Or perhaps something was going on with the update? I had just discovered the ability to assign gain controls of the amp to a footswitch with the min/max values and was having quite a go at all that, and also had just added the higher quality IR at the time of failure. I'm new to the Helix world so I'm not sure what to expect in terms of DSP power, etc. Thanks for any help, ~delton
  3. I spent a few minutes playing the Grammatico (i couldn't stop), geez that amp sounds great! I'm not really a high gain guy, but I look forward to trying the Revv. I did try the KOT, it sounds really good! That was about all I had time to futz with before I had to roll back to 2.7.
  4. Like fer sure! I am thinking of ways (gear I can sell) to upgrade as I type this! I also really like how easy it is to futz with stuff, menus and such.
  5. Second post here on the forums, I played my first gig with just the HX stomp, wow! Well, I did have my API Tranzformer EQ /comp and my trusty Shure GLX-D16 wireless. I am a sound engineer for a living: touring, local, corporate, etc. Mixed a lot of shows with Line 6 gear that sounded less than great, PODs and other things that I'm not sure of the name... probably more to do with user error than anything I guess, but I have to say that all my past experiences with Line 6 products have been bad! I guess now I see what all the fuss was about! They had to drag me kicking and screaming into the digital world in terms of sound, and now guitar! I wanted to buy a Kemper, mixed a lot of shows with those over the years, and they always sounded great, I just didn't want to spend that much. I work at a church on Sundays and the guitar player came in using the HX stomp, so I had a chance to place it in the mix. That's usually where I have issues, a good amp will just sit right, after he dialed in the HX it sounded great! I didn't have any experience with the Helix line so I assumed Line 6 / yikes. My band is playing more covers now and mixing in our original material, so I needed something to switch up quickly - all the normal shenanigans that happen in a cover band I guess. I would normally play either my Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini, Morgan Abbey C, or Tone King Gremlin depending on how I was feeling. I was able to create patches that sound great with very convincing recreations of my various amp setups, and of course, beyond - the flexibility is just insane! Well done Line 6!
  6. Hello all, first post here, @amsdenj - I would like to know more about this as well. How did you interface with your phone into the HX? I think the app is called: http://uwyn.com/midiwrist/ I just bought the HX Stomp and played my first gig with it a few weeks ago, fantastic pedal! I have the Mission TT2 setup but I would just like something simple to switch patches without all the futzing with footswitches. Thanks, ~delton
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